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Found 22 results

  1. improvments

    I thought of a pretty cool idea for dying lights be the zombie mode so friends can challenge each other and be competitive. A friends leader boards system. A chart that can: show you your kill/death ratio and win/lose ratio while playing as human and hunter Show your favorite attack to use (Humans drop kick, death from above, 1 handed, 2 handed, etc. And hunter spit, ground pound, tackle, etc.) Show how many kills you get using certain actions or items (Bludgeon, blade, 1 handed and 2 handed) For humans it could show how many kills you got using a Death from Above, drop kicking, etc. And for the hunter it could show how many kills you got using pounces, tackles, spits, etc. Can also have tabs for kills, deaths, wins, and loses, most kills using a certain action, etc. To see who is dominant in which skill, or even who loses the most and could use some improvement. There's nothing to be ashamed of! I came up with this idea because i always wonder where i stand skill-wise in general and with my friends and would love to try and become the best on my friends list, or see what i need to improve on. If your really feeling up to it you could even go as far as making a global leader board.
  2. update

    So after playing the game after the btz update for a couple weeks, i have a few things to say. -The DFA nerf was a necessary nerf, It never felt good to just jump off a bus and pull off a DFA, but reducing the grab distance needed for performing a DFA might have been going too far. Auto coursing (Automatically moving the player towards a soft landing such as a car) is still a thing and it is very frustrating to be robbed of a DFA because the game wants to throw you away from the hunter, rather then allowing you to sit on top of him and ready yourself for a DFA, and makes DFAs near impossible to pull off. -Spit buffs. Im not entirely sure about this one. I wouldn't have a problem with it if the telebomber glitch was patched. I think that should be #1 Priority at this point. The uv suppressor spit can easily be countered if your playing with a good teammate. Toxic spits need to be nerfed heavily. The amount of ground they cover and the amount of damage they do is absurd. 4v1 the hunter can have possibly over 5 toxic puddles around the players, making is very difficult to move around and fight the hunter because your battling against not stepping in it more then your fighting against the hunter, and the hunter coming and trying to tackle and slam you into the toxic doesn't help. Sense suppressor spits, lets be honest. These are not effective at all. Their easily countered by having good headphones/surround sound, or having good teammates with good communication. The weapon scaling nerf for 2v1s. This was needed, don't get me wrong. but its annoying and obnoxious to hit the hunter and constantly have him getting away with 3 hp. Simple counter to this is always carrying a gun on you, so not too bothered by this. The main problem with this is throwing your 2 handed weapon doesn't 1 hit anymore, and unless the hunter misses a gp, your almost never gonna land a 2 handed throw. my main way for punishing the hunter for missing a gp was tackle then throw a 1 handed, which usually killed him, but now it leaves him with what im guessing is 3-6 hp left, which is very annoying. This nerf was needed, and allows for 2 people to actually work together, and not have 1 carry the other to victory. The uv light nerf was completely unnecessary to be honest. flickering the uv light never really hurt the hunter that much anyways. nerfing it for 3v1 and 4v1 is understandable, but in 1v1 and 2v1 situations, you cant keep the hunter grounded long enough to be able to get a kill on him. Its not worth the effort to try and get the hunter to 0 energy anymore, its only good to keep him from being able to pounce you. Additional things: The amount of virals and goons that spawn in on a nest is absurd. sometimes in 1v1s and 2v1s up to 4 goons will spawn on a single nest, and we can never catch a break from the virals around it either. This definitely needs to be changed. Auto coursing was mentioned before in the DFA nerf, but i honestly feel like this game mechanic needs to be removed from the game entirely. Even playing the pve side of the game its so annoying to deal with. There is also a bug in the game where during invasions, i cant walk through teammates. This needs to be patched because it makes big issues with teamwork.\ In conclusion, with this update, winning as the zombie isn't rewarding in any way and allows for noob hunters with little skill to take down a group of well experienced players with ease, and playing as the survivor honestly isn't fun anymore.
  3. Not my scrinshots. Found in internet.
  4. I need to know what the new weapons, and missions are in the new update. Thanks
  5. 1. Po updejcie zauważyłem wzrost poziomu trudności w dzień i w nocy radykalnie nawet na poziomie normal. - W dzień na poziomie normalnym żeby był kłopot z zabiciem zwykłych gryzaków maczetą która ma 1978 hita to już lekka przesada. - W nocy ta sama sytuacja. Nawet po dołączeniu do innego gracza online broń wypas a problem z nocnymi biegaczami w Slumsach. Opinia: Rozumiem że dodanie drzewka legendarnego wiąże się pewnymi trudnościami ale jeżeli nie chcę włączać poziomu koszmar czy trudny to dlaczego utrudniliście granie na normalu. Wspomnę również że wbijanie poziomu legendarnego graniczy z obłędem. Przełączenie na poziom koszmarny aby zwiększyć przyrost punktów nawet we dwóch było naprawdę koszmarne, aż do przesady - broń po 2k hita i trzeba uciekać przed dwoma zwykłymi zombi. (Koszmar) Dlaczego w nocy zabiera punkty legendy plus punkty przetrwania po śmierci? Legendarne nawet do zera! No już byście odpuścili przy takim poziomie trudności. Od 5 poziomu pasek postępu legendany stoi prawie w miejscu a gdzie tu 24 poziom razy ilość dodatkowych umiejetności? (śmiech) Może nie testowaliście tego? Na pewno nie pociesza to mnie jako gracza. Bo jeżeli trudniej nawet na zwykłym poziomie to dajcie coś w zamian. Jeżeli tak ma być to niech broń zadaje większe obrażenia. Granatami to można rzucać sobie tylko żeby było bum. Karabin i łuk można sobie w buty wsadzić. No masakra! Na normalu zabicie dużego zombiaka - ten który rzuca kamieniami jest utrudnione przynajmniej 3krotnie. Moja postać ma 23 , 19 , 24 poziom i do tej pory było wszystko fajnie. Dużo czasu poświęciłem postaci żeby się miło biegało. Teraz mnie drażni granie. Szkoda. Wiem że wyszedł Following ale nie zniechęcajcie tych którzy jeszcze nie skończyli pierwszej części i która "daje" dużo frajdy. Wszystko w temacie. Pozdrawiam Luciusz
  6. (THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT SURVIVOR SENSE, IT IS ABOUT THE THREAT DETECTION ICONS THAT APPEAR WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE SPOTTED) I absolutely love the look and feel of dying light. Unfortunately the game holds your hand no matter what difficulty you have it on. I waited so excited for "nightmare" mode and the ability to FINALLY turn off the HUD. Only to discover that the eyeball icons which warn you that you are about to be seen, still appear. I would say 75% of the fear of a monster comes from NOT knowing where it is. Unfortunately dying light does all it can to warn you of every little danger. Even if you turn off the hud for an absolutely beautiful game that feels immersive, the eyeball icons will pop up ruining that immersion and spoiling what could potentially be a scary situation. The enemies are so easy to avoid with all the warnings the game gives you. The game now has four difficulty settings and it holds your hand in all of them. So I beg you to please PPPPPLLLEASE get rid of the icons that let you know you are about to be seen. Also pllllllease consider AT LEAST putting a background timer on the x ray super power that lets you magically know where monsters are. I DON'T USE IT AT ALL THOUGH. Not that it matters with the icons warning me all the time anyway. Dying Light is an amazing game. I could see myself having tons of fun playing it if it didn't hold my hand like an infant. I waited so excited for this no HUD option and when I saw those eyeball icons still popping up, I wanted to cry. As it stands now, I will delete the game and try to find something else to do. Telling me where the monsters are literally kills all the fun for me. I don't mind having a warning OPTION, however that assist seems to be manditory no matter what difficulty you play on. It's amazing how something so little can literally ruin the fun. Please please please please please consider patching it so I can TURN OFF THREAT INDICATORS!!! If you do that, I will be addicted to an otherwise great game. If not, I probably won't ever play again. Thank you for your time. PS: This post is NOT about survivor sense!!! this post is about the threat detection icons. They are eyeball icons that appear over the heads of enemies when you are about to be spotted. These icons warn you of danger also while giving away enemy locations. They are NOT optional. You can NOT turn them off. Which is what this post is about. I do mention survivor sense because I believe it is a bit excessive. However that is not what this post is about and I do not use it.
  7. Just got the update notification on my PS4 My digital copy started DL'ing update 1.09 at about 9:30pm est it's 8 gigs whoo hoo, so I'll be on before midnite hopefully! thanks Techland for letting us game owners start dling before 12am, hope the season pass updates too!
  8. So I got Dying Light right? On steam and It's updating endlessly, it never stops EVER and I can't paus it or anything or change anything and while Dying light is installed I can't install anything else on steam. Dunno if this is a dev prob or a steam prob. Can someone help? And yes I have done anything possible like reinstalled it and so on but it doesn't help. that's why I'm here. Thanks <3
  9. that's it, i give my opinion about the btz mod witch is a great innovation and a great add to the dying light game,honnestly. but there's some problemes with it, especially when you face good players(as the night hunter*nh) so i thought about an up for the nh where i think everyone can agree here's the problem, and down there's the figures the nh is basically too weak, a survivor can beat him by simply swing his weapon 3 time plus the drop kick, the death from above etc.., the nh have too hit a survivor more than 3 time and everyone knows that you can't win a 4v1 against good players here's the figures/ideas to rebalance the game: the nh spit cooldown*cd is damn too long, shorten it or ad more munitions or add special effects to the spits, i'll give some example the yellow one could attract more zombies, based on where you are on the mapor just regular infected and how many survivors you're fighting the purple one could darkenthe sight, disable any uv light 5 meters around the target, that would force the survivors too split once again the orange one could make survivors weaker/sick like when crain got his zombies transformation goin on, stamina lost recpvering slowly and sight gettong weird finally the green one could do aditional effect if you touch a survivor with your spit. touching a survivor with the toxic spit owuld create a toxic zone as usual but give to the human a debuf, like healing becoming useless, some damages per second since you reached your target chest with a caustic spit and this damage overtime would strike survivors near by, like 4/5 meters and if the target is take down with the spit on it, another toxic splash would appear under the survivor who's been taken down the healing debuff would last 10 sec and the damage on 5 sec, biconditional too 75 damages, it could deal less damages if your life isn't fully tucks or ad a general buff on the nh based on how many survivors you're fighting damages, HEALTH, speed, or an escape move, like eveerytime you take a hit you have a safe jump like the balverines in fable that put you in safety, it could occure every 30 sec or every 100 damages that you do, dunno or Disable the survivor sence make the zombie more discret, more able too hide his self and take a survivor by surprise, there's no way too surprise q good survivorm he'll awlays know where you are and where's gonna fall or Put more zombies around nest and specials one for the last ones like you could have heavy zombies at the 4th nest and bigger zombz for the last , or more or both, all of it would be based on how many survivors you have in the game and generally let all the zombies in the normal map, just remove the ones who are afraid from the UV light and are really powerful, i don't know their name in english it's"rapace" in french but reverso tells me that bird of prey is the translation... might ont be that or add another night hunter when you're against more than 2 survivors thanks for reading this people, that's all i wanted too tell you, ihope you'll give your opinion and that techland will do something about it, they can rebalance the game really easly they just have too change some data about life damages 'n chupacabra, too make a litle update and here we go no more 0/12 for the nh and 0 death for the survivors. youc an say what the chupacabra you want, when survivors are trained, they can counter you ad kill with so many choices that you have too change your gameplay too try too put down someone, it's sad. when you beguin against low survivor you laugh, you make theme stress and feel powerful, but you find a good dropkicker map chekker and the opposite come, you get stomped like a litle zombitch to techland: i want to have fun again, i don't want to be sitting looking the nest getting crushed and cannot do chupacabra, that's just sad lol, that's just killing this fabulous gameplay that you, techland offered to us in plus of the game, like ...DAMN i have alot of pleasure playing a mod that you created and it's like you never tried it, be the zombie against good players isn't fun anymore, it's no challenge. you spent time too create this mod, keep watching it, you just have some programmation data too change and make a quick update, that's not soo much work by comparaison too the huge mod you created... please make something, or i'll be wasted
  10. Hey Everyone, Just want to let you all know that we have been going over all the data regarding BTZ matches and have decided to push out some new "tunables" today! I also want you to know we have been reading the forums and do appreciate your input! Keep it coming! To sum it all up, the Survivors are showing a slight advantage in equally skilled matches although Hunters are still winning the majority of matches overall. Here's a list of tweaks for those that are interested (These should be live now!): Decreased UV light distance by 20% Increased Hunters UV light resistance( these values vary from 1v1-4v1 but he has been given a slight resistance buff across all modes) Increased Flare Usage cost: (was 40% per throw, now 60%. If you throw 2 flares too quickly you will hit the cooldown) Increased Explosive Resistance: (1 Explosive arrow will not quite kill a Hunter with full health. Propane tanks etc. damage reduced to 66%, was 100% for Nests and Hunter) There are a few other behind the scenes tweaks as well but these ones listed above should be the most notable! Happy Hunting!
  11. Sup guys, so like in the other patch thread i make 2 months ago, just 2 photos to let people know the changes in the new update...IMO (In My Opinion) nothing yeah Good Luck Good Night
  12. Hey guys, so I was thinking not too long ago about how back in Dead Island you guys made a DLC where you would play as Ryder White in order to see more of the other side of the story. Although it was very linear, it was also very cool. What I am aiming for in saying is that making an update letting you play the lives of the other characters would be really cool. For starters, I would love to play as Brecken since the original game trailer showed him traversing Harran instead of Crane. Creating a story as to how The Tower was created and what Brecken went through would be just awesome especially if it would include everything from the original trailer. Also the whole thing with the Brecken and the doctor's off screen relationship could be implemented as well ;p Jades story would also be critical in developing the story of the game too. Since we don't really work with her in game, it would be great to see what she was upto before Crane showed up and what she was doing while Crane was doing his work and then while she was hiding from him in Old Town. Rias story would be interesting to see. Obviously it would have to take place before the main campaign. It would be similar to Brecken's story of how things came to be. The last story I could think of that could be added would be something about Troy, but she does't have any major holes in the original story that Brecken, Jade, and Rais have. These could be added as a mix of free and paid DLC's and something I feel like a lot of active players would love to see and players who have just quit playing due to being over-repatative would return for an all new experience. This thread is open to suggestions on what others would like to see new in-game as well as for devs to say what they think of doing a throwback to this kind of expansion like we had in Dead Island.
  13. Since the last update, many of my friends and followers on Twitter were wondering when the update for the Bozak Horde will be coming out. If someone can give a good estimate of the date, I would be most appreciated. Hope to see you fellow members in Harran, and like always, GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK
  14. Dear Techland, I just wanted to say Thankyou for your hard work and 100% Dedication towards the Dying light Community, you guys are just awesome!, here's is a list of things I wanted to thank you for. 1:- The latest Update patch (Which fixed SO many problems such as (Coop,BTZ,etc) for a lot of people, including me.) 2:- New Outfits, (Love them!) 3:- New Weapons, (Thankyou!!) 4:- Hardcore mode, (Now for this one I want to give you a special Thankyou!!! for making it 100% FREE For the community to play and enjoy!) 5:- Cooperating with and Responding to the community, (You guys do an outstanding job with hearing out our issues, suggestions and complaints here at the forums and I really wanted to thank you ALL at Techland for that) ~Thumbs up for appreciation to Techland!, and thankyou for reading.
  15. Behold my fellow agents. Future endgame!#@bbq With hard mode nearly upon us I wanted to throw an idea at the Dev team for the next release of content. The thing is with us gamers is that the more DLC we get the happier we will be. See attached graph for a visual representation. What I therefore suggest is the "next installment of endgame" End game is what Dying Light needs above all else. It has a story, solid game play, beautiful scenery and a angry yet beautiful presumably turkish chick #Jade4eva. Currently the replability of the game is being enhanced via replaying the story, which is fine as we know that can work great. Diablo 3 for eg. But..... What if? The quarantine zones become larger scale with a weekly reset and a Chance at unlocking loot, skins or extras. Yes ladies and gentlemen what I am suggesting amounts to a Raid based system, but if made hard enough and fun enough it could mean getting together with 3 other friends once a week to work at a chance of glory for a few hours. There are currently plenty of enemies in the game to make it tough. 3-4 large enemies and a few spitters amounts to a boss fight. Waves of virals could easily be another. Ps. I know there is a forum thread for ideas, but wanted to the chance to debate this. See if others feel the mmo style end game content would suit dying light or not? - Or perhaps you prefer the campaign replayability?
  16. Hello, i bought this game yesterday, i live in France. When we'll receive 1.4.0 update like other countries? My game is still 01.01 update thanks
  17. The 1.4 update has helped me with some of my issues, but there are still some problems that need to be fixed. 1) Film Grain: The film grain option has been wonderful. It get's rid of the thing that graphically ruins the game. I used a film grain mod in order for it to go away, but with the update, i know the mod won't work with 1.4. The feature to turn it off works great...that is unless you switch zones or sleep or anything that reloads the map in some way, then it comes back even if the option is selected off. Conclusion: Useful feature that doesn't work right. Please do something about this guys. 2) Toygar Quests: Toygar's quests are pretty simple, but at some point there is a glitch where you can no longer talk to him. I have three different quests to do for him as well as a reward to pick up from him. Although I can join a LAN game that isn't that far and wait to redo the quest that way, it's too much work for something so simple. With this glitch that I have had since 1.3 at least, He has a that little target picture as well as a trophy picture in his location saying that I have to receive a reward as well as turn in some stuff for other rewards. Sadly, when I come up to him, the game says to press "X" (I'm playing with a controller) to interact with a small black empty box next to it. When I press "X", nothing happens. He does all his automatic lines that don't require interaction, but anything else to do with him doesn't work. Conclusion: This is annoying and I have seen questions about this before. Please look into this as this is not a new issue, simply something that should have been fixed for this update. Closing statements: There have been some good things in this update and the game is getting closer to something that should be worth the money. With the way this game was released, it has been pretty embarrassing on you guys to call it a sellable product. I personally love it for what it is, but in the future, please consider making sure the most simplest/important things work right before putting it on the market. That way you don't get trash talked by fans when the product is garbage compared to what was expected.
  18. After the update i connected just fine two times and was playing for a solid minute each game, but the game still crashed. I'm also still experiencing trouble with the whole story, and the now it's safe trophies. Any help is much appriecated. Thanks to everyone in advance.
  19. Dear Dying Light Support Team, Since the Dying Light Pre-order allowance on steam, I have been waiting on this game for a long time. However, when the game finally came out, I found that the requirements for the game had been changed to OVER 2.20 GHz to a MINIMUM of 3.5 GHz. I acknowledge that the game was just released and that they will update to reduce it, but I would like to point out that if it is not reduced to 2.20 GHz minimum anytime soon, that many buyers who have spent $60-$100 on the game and DLC/Season Pass will begin to talk down upon your company, games, and services, and, to sum it up, your company/companies will lose money. Also, many people will attempt to sue you (I don't know if this is allowed or not for lying on game specs) or will try to get their money back, wasting your time on making new games for the public. Sincerely hoping this problem can be fixed (PLZZZZZZ), Ch0pSh0t
  20. I have been playing Dying Light since the release and i have absolutely loved and got addicted to it but during late nights sessions some times i just want to roam around and hack at zombies while scavenging for weapons and items. During these times i have noticed that the USB Music Player is not compatible with Dying Light, as soon as you go in-game the music just pauses. Is there a possible update where the game would be compatible with the the Music Player?
  21. so tonight I just saw that the game is Updating, anyone knows what it is? Is there an official word about it, like day one patch?
  22. Skip this if you don't like reading: One man on Steam asked that he didn't receive a key to Dying Light. Yet at least. That happened to me also. It was known you receive the key just after you pre-order it. Although Techland has changed a few things and decided to focus on the game I guess. So there will be no keys yet. They will be sent near release of the game. February 2015, keep that date in your head fellas And to all who hate reading, gonna make it quick here: The key to your pre-order of Dying Light will be sent to you by email on close release of the game. So be patient everyone, Goodnight, Good luck This is RunnyPilot6, big fan of Techland, signing out :3