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Found 47 results

  1. Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know of some BTZ fixes that will be included in the next patch: 1. Fixed issue where bombers deal less damage than they should 2. Fixed issue of Hunter spawning in safe zone 3. Fixed issue of Hunter being able to spawn a buggy 4. Fixed issue of Bombers not spawning in certain areas 5. Fixed issue where Volatile spawn is locked in a train car 6. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly pounce after a spit 7. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly cancel out of the start of UV Heal state 8. Fixed issue allowing Nests to be killed in 1 shot 9. Fixed issue causing Hunter to sometimes move backwards in tendril locomotion 10. Reduced and fine tuned rubberbanding values across all settings from 1v1 to 4v1 Thanks to everyone who helped bring some of these to our attention quickly! Cheers!
  2. Hello, how can I restart The following story without losing my character? I tried advanced settings, where I switched to restart from some mission (i had tried all missions) and in each start, it was 100%... Thank you
  3. Hello, how can i switch DLC The Following to New game+? If I delete my save in this DLC and then I start new game in this DLC, will i have my character with items and tree of drive which i gained in deleted save? Thanks
  4. does new game plus reset the following? I want the trick or treat outfit, but It won't be worth it if the following is reset. Also how hard is hard plus? My weapons do 4800 damage to 7093 damage. I'm legend lvl 250 so will those weapons be enough?
  5. Good say. I recently purchased The Following and have been really enjoying it. This is also the first time back playing the game in a few months. During The Following I encountered a few bugs. The most noticeable bug is enemies clipping in to walls or buildings. On a few occasions where I had to either kill a zombie or human, or had to talk to someone in order to progress with a mission, the Zombie or person bugged in to a wall or building leaving me unable to interact with them. I had to reload the game to fix this, or hope to hit them through the walls. Another issue I have, although I may only be misunderstanding the system, is the new Legend Rank system. I do understand that the Legend Rank is an endgame system for you to work towards, it seems to be taking a very long time gaining decent amounts of experience to get to the next level. Given the fact that with each level more and more experience is required to to level up, it really starts to take absurdly long. I feel that some adjustments need to be made to the Legend Rank system.
  6. Hi all. I'm new to the forum but not the game. I love Dying Light and the Following. I've beaten both campaigns on all difficulties and still continue to explore the open world. I went past the field in the countryside with the blue mist and the huge demolisher. I had always wondered if you could kill it, so I got to work and threw everything I had at it. After about 10 minutes, the big guy finally fell. Has anybody else done this or attempted to do this? I just thought it was kind of cool. Cheers.
  7. Currently the buggy grab has some issues: - The controls are a quicktime event, this is just clunky. And people with membrane keyboards don't perform as well as people with mechanical keyboards. It's just not precise, also it's very slow to hop off after you hit it. - UV block doesn't block the UV headlights. The attacks should be a single press, just with a short cooldown, and it shouldn't take so long to be able to jump off after an attack. And of course, UV block should stop the UV headlights from being activated.
  8. Potrzebuję Pomocy w spawie dodatku sezonie przejściu nie Dying Lighta. Chciałem zapytać CZY Jak kupię sezonie passa na Steamie do dostane Dodatek następujące gratis, CZY muszę iść Kupić osobno. Prosze odpisać Jak najszybciej.Z góry dziękuję za pomoc.
  9. Hello, So i just bought Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition and my friends have the normal disk edition and i have the digital copy for the ps4. I really wanted to know if i could play with my friends online that have the normal Dying Light. Im hoping they arent seperate games but please get back to me if you have an answer. Thanks so much! -AristocratWolf
  10. There don't seem to be any night walkers in the following. Night walkers would really be pretty cool, because seeing one of those herds of biters start transforming into night walkers would just be amazing. I wonder if this is related to the really weird day-time night walker mutations which create night walkers with viral AI that happen sometimes in the following. (link) Maybe this is intentional, but who doesn't think it would be awesome to run through a herd of zombies while being chased by a volatile and then have them join in the chase?
  11. Hi, i need help for starting (again) The Following. I've got the game & all DLC. All legit (from steam). Savegame is as well from legit copy. I already played and finished the game (twice) & the Following (once). Played like 220 hours with the same character. My game was a new game plus (difficult) when i finished. I restarted a new game (not the following) weeks ago, with all my skills & inventory (with the same character). Played solo & online. Got no problem. I leveled up my legendary skills. No problem. Now the problem is: when i want to enter "The Following" maps (Play -> The Following -> Advanced -> etc.) the game load my character at "shantytown" as if I was not allowed to play the Following. If i try the following with a lvl1 character (a new fresh game), it says i didnt finished the prologue. Normal. If i try the following with a dowloaded savegame (from Internet, 100% completed with lots of gold stuffs etc, whatever), i'm able to enter the Following. How could i use my own savegame (which seems to be "broken") to play again the Following? Need clues? Thanks for your help
  12. I consider myself a good NH, and I've played quite a bit of both sides, it's obvious that the night hunter is at an tremendously extreme disadvantage. The NH defenses have very long cooldowns, using both spits will essentially leave you vulnerable and pathetic for around 90 seconds, this leaves more than enough time to clear a nest. However the humans have no real disadvantages when they use up a defensive ability. Out of UV? Throw a flare. NH trying to ground pound flare? Pull out the gun, take a step back, and blow him away while he tries to recover from his completely under powered and slow ground pound. Night hunter tries to tackle human? HAH! LOL!... LMAO JK. Who gets hit by tackles anyways? It takes a new level of bad to be hit by a NH tackle. Its sad to say that the human is actually faster than the NH on short distance sprints upon taking an extremely common speed potion. This makes it very difficult for a NH to escape a clutch situation, and leaves no room for error, since there is a cast time for tendril locomotion, ground pound, ect. Even with UV immunity. Speaking of which, why can't the NH use melee attacks? Sure sure you are thinking "But Jayce the NH does have melee attacks dur". Yeah? Really? Tell me how many times you have dealt more than 25 damage against a human in a head to head melee brawl. I mean sure the NH shouldn't be better than the human at everything, but at least let him hold his own! I mean really, a runner zombie deals more damage with his melee attacks than a NH. TLDR: My suggestion. Remove both hunter vision, and Zombie sense. OR Add a 15 minute timer to human players so that they cannot just camp a single area until the NH has been killed, and then move up. OR Make the NH more responsive (Faster cast times, better projectile speed, Faster movement, and less ability interruptions) OR My personal favorite. Remove the ability to counter the NH so aggressively. Take away the ability to dodge his tackle, increase NH health so that making a mistake doesn't mean certain death, and make it so that landing yellow spit on the player actually does something useful. I cannot tell you how many times I have done everything right, landed that yellow spit, and remained completely unable to get a kill because there are so many ways to exploit the NH abilities and counter him. Anyways, we all agree that the NH needs a lot of works/buffs. I'm surprised techland hasn't done anything about it yet.
  13. so i was like halfway done with the story missions in single player(i know i was past the pipeline mission) but when me and a friend played co-op he was just starting so it put me in the place where you start "the following" campaign but it reset all my missions too. so it basically reset my single player "the following" campaign but let me continue from where i was in the story on co-op with my friend so we are both progressing through the story on multiplayer the game just reset my data in single player. please i need help
  14. I didn't like the Map that Techland gave us, so I tried to put a few Screenshots together but this didn't work out quite well, since the map has this stupid perspective. So I worked a more than a few hours in photoshop (I don't really have skill in this) but tried the best I could to make it look kinda ok. I'm planning to add every Blueprint, Outfit, Mystery Box, Nest, Freak, Collectable, Flag, Mask and everything useful to the map - for now there are only the Paintjobs, Blueprints, Unknown Stones and a few other things. I still have 100 of Screenshots of Places that I will put on the map in the following days. If you have something that I should add just copy the URL here and add it to the Map (especially for Flags, Racing Trophies and Notes) You can right click Item to mark then as collected (the counter on the sidebar will count) If you want to share Links just right-click anywhere and share the URL Press F5 from time to time - you may find new Items, since I'm adding them over time
  15. Hey, So for The Following expansion i'm on 98% overall completion. I don't mean story progress, i mean overall progress. The last 2% is no where to be seen... Does anyone know what i might be missing? Do i have to obtain all the collectibles (paintjobs, masks, notes etc to achieve 100%)? I'm open to suggestions. I'm 100% on the story, i've done all the nests, done all the side quests, done Bilal's race quest etc.. Better yet, does anyone have a completion checklist?
  16. Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition Hello, I absolutely love the game (over 90 h into it) but the 1.02 patch doesn't work for me. Things I've noticed: - low res textures or long hi res textures loading time - glitches: flying corpses or items - zombies you can't hit - see the video: - night time alarm beeping in the neverending loop (had to restart the game to make it stop) Anyone feeling the same about the update? Dying Light is on my top 5 best games list, so it really breaks my heart.
  17. I fee like I'm about to end the original game, and I can't seem to find information on what happens with the following. Do I take all my equipment with me into the following? I have some kings saved up that I wanted to use on a gold weapon (which I have yet to find), and I have disaster releif packages I haven't turned in yet. Will these be there when I start the following? Will items on my person be there, items in my bag, or neither?
  18. I am the worst with horror games. This was no different, especially with flashbacks of PT memories coming back to me as I wandered through the house. Have you guys played it? What did you think? Did you manage to make it to the end?
  19. I just bought Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition for week ago and I've play The Following DLC for a while. But since game updated on 18 Feb, I can normally start the game but I can't play The Following DLC. Then I look on DLC on steam, it show that Dying Light - The Following is not installed.
  20. Here is a short location guide on how to obtain the Origami 101 Gold Tier blueprint! Hope this helps anyone!
  21. Definitely my favorite blueprint so far! We finally can play with Link's toy sword! Enjoy guys!!
  22. Here is a quick guide on how to find this mysterious blueprint called Tolga's Folly!
  23. Hi! I might be an idiot who don't understand how this works, but if so. Please just help me in the right direction. Me and a friend has had the game for a year, got the season pass and started playing the following, so far so good. But when we try to play with another friend who just got the Enhanced Edition (he did not have the old game at all) we can't find each other. And when we look in the party we created (we're on PS4) to chat, the games me and the first friend are playing are called Dying Light. Whlie the new guy's game is called Dying Light: The Following (or Enhanced Edition, can't remember exactly). So what I wonder is; is the old game with a season pass really the same game as the new game? It seems as if playstation don't see them as the same game anyway.
  24. Guys, Every time I get on this game, there's something else wrong. I was about to get into doing multiplayer stuff since I beat The Following, and yet I can't have fun when I'm not getting XP. My whole thing with games with online is I level up before playing, so to get good at the game and have a fighting chance. It seems that every time I don't play the game for a day or sumn, less and less things give you survivor points, that are supposed to give you survivor points, because since ya'll added the annoying Lose Points for Dying feature, and its really easy to beat the game and still not be leveled all the way up with the main skill tree's. First it started off as Bilar or whatever the quartermasters name is, will not give points for turning in drops... Literally the only point drops are still in the game. Second; Small things started to not give points, like saving survivors sometimes won't reward you at all Now Third; I was just getting on literally just to drive the buggy at night and level up my survivor points by surviving the night, the main way to get survivor points in the whole game, survive the night, and guess wtf happened. I went out in my car for the majority of one night, I ran over zombies and volatiles without dying once, escaped several level 3 chases and one level 4 chase, and even leveled up my Legend once, got to the safe house around 4:30am in the game and figured it wouldnt be worth losing all the points, so I slept to gain all the survivor points, and got no such points or even Legend points. Nothing. Nada. No chupacabra what so ever. Just the feeling of being chupacabra on. This is just one of several problems, I've made other posts about bugs, and haven't heard about a patch yet. Thus I'm not gonna play the game at all until I see Dying Light Update Installed on my PS4. I love the game, and its probably the best game on modern consoles, I've said it several times, so not to sound like I'm coming down or anything, but I don't see a point in continuing playing until these simple, basic functions of the game are fixed. List of problems encountered: 1. No survivor points rewarded in The Following from basic functions of game listed above 2. Survivor Points lag and sometimes don't get rewarded at all or not until 3 hours later 3. Must deliver drops in OG game to get Drop points 4. AI Character glitches in movement and appearance (only seen when playing in multiplayer) 5. Mission Going Postal is not complete-able considering when I try to unlock the van, every, single, time, I open it just to find another set of the same doors, with the same license plate, except you cannot open the door, so you can't get the package and complete the mission. I picked up keys from the store and from the dead guy behind the van, and still this happened. 6. Controller to game doesn't work sometimes Ex:Trying to jump up a building and Crane either won't grab the ledge or doesn't jump to grab it, really can't say if its the game or the controller though These problems are essential to me not playing the game because they all relate to the game's main functioning, level all the way up, and then do multiplayer stuff
  25. The Following has wide open areas, but the balance around this is a bit lacking. The spawn rate of volatiles is comparable to inside Harran, but line of sights are much larger in The Following due to a lack of buildings to obscure vision. Additionally, safe zones are extremely far apart. There's nothing inherently wrong with either of these things, but both volatiles and virals have been lifting weights and are even more dangerous than they used to be. Chiefly: 1. They both can keep up with the buggy without nitro (and even with nitro, at least for the first few levels). 2. Volatiles can spit on you from extremely far distances. It also seems like they do not miss unless there is something blocking their line of sight. 3. It is almost impossible to deagro volatiles once you are detected by them, short of reaching a safe zone. There's simply not enough buildings to juke them unless you happen to be near a more urban area. 4. The slightest bit of noise seems to trigger virals from impossibly long distances. It takes far more noise to kill them, which in turn tends to attract even more virals. Things are much more spread out in the countryside, so it makes sense the agro range for virals is much larger. However, if you do almost anything, a swarm of 5 virals will attack. And then many more, when you make even more noise dealing with the mess. For example, I was killing a single lone zombie near a police van. I did so fairly quietly (a few melee hits), and then I start picking a lock. There are no zombies within 100 meters of me. Next thing I know, 5 virals are attacking me, seemingly from the noise generated from the lock picking. And they inevitably drag more zombies to them. While on foot, I was evading volatiles at night (can't really do that with the buggy). I was doing so fairly successfully, but somehow one of them went off. No matter, I'll just use the hills and ridge to lose them. I clear a ridge and have a decent amount of distance between me and the volatiles (50 meters, at least). And then they both spit on me and I die anyways. Never mind the fact I'm moving on foot and very quickly, then both hit me with laser accuracy. This is probably the best case escape scenario you can get in the countryside on foot, and it is essentially rigged in favor of the volatiles. So to sum things up: Techland way overbuffed volatiles, and to a lesser degree the virals. There's almost no incentive to be outside at night on legendary, where even if you do manage to outrun them, you're probably going to die anyways because the odds are stacked so far in their favor. I typically die in less than a minute if I get spotted in the countryside, and the nearest safe zone is usually at least 10 minutes on foot and 2-3 minutes with driving. And safe zones are effectively the only reliable way to get away from volatiles since there are not enough ways to escape volatiles with parkour.