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Found 5 results

  1. IDEA: Yellow Early Concept Bombers that appear at Night only when 4 stars are active(can climb) ●explosion emitts temporary toxic fume IDEA: Add five stars to night chases in which all zombies in players field of view become Night Walkers ●Add ESCAPE theme song from EXTRACTION mission to intensify and signal five stars HOPE YOU GUYS take something from this :)
  2. Upgrade some skills that exist already for NH •horde:choose between bombers to infected to sentinent or normal volatile(1 per spit) NOTE: to switch between variants, tap left d-pad •spit: choose to tri shot that costs 3 available spits u have. NOTE: only one spit variant is used to tri shot ●A way to counter drop kicks just how humans can counter tackles ●mutation lvl 3 spikes on NH back can be used to repel drop attacks by spiking out. This will cost one UV block. LEAVE FEEDBACK PLEASE HOPE SOMETHING RINGS A BELL
  3. I have tried coming up with NH abilities that are not to overpowered yet not also underpowered: ●TENDRIL LIKE NOOSE: can grab a player within the same range as maxed tendril locomotion. NOTE: Easy to break free for player but tendril pull is fast USE L2 AND R1 SIMULTANEOUSLY WHILE POINTING AT PLAYER ●Good for seperating survivors who like to stay in groups RECHARGE: The longer the reach the longer the recharge similar to how the grappling hook work SHARE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS/OPINIONS/FEEDBACK =)
  4. There are some things from the game's early development that should've been kept like wall run and knife through chest.
  5. I saw the early version of the volatile from wiki which looked menacing; what made you guys scrap this design out? Wouldn't it be more scary, challenging, and refreshing if this was implemented now as a third variant of the volatile just like the alpha volatile?