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Found 7 results

  1. My issue shouldn't even be an issue. I feel lied to. They said we would be able to disable the hud. It's simply not true. You can disable most of the hud, not all of it. During the day your game will be hud free. However, at night eyeball icons will appear over enemies heads. These icons warn you that you are about to be spotted while revealing the enemies location. These icons are very much part of a "heads up display". They are in fact, giving me a heads up while appearing on my display. I don't know if this is an over-sight, a glitch or just plain laziness on the developers side. Though I feel obligated to say... Don't get my hopes up by telling me that I can disable the hud if I can't disable ALL of the hud. Those icons at night ruin the game in a very fundamental way. If you play the game on nightmare and disable your hud. You will discover that day time is now more difficult than night time. Why? Because virals move fast, climb buildings and you get NO WARNINGS! At night, the most dangerous creature in the game is constantly being tagged before it becomes a real threat. I find myself experiencing some relief when the sun goes down because now dangerous enemies will be tagged for me. Even though I really really really don't want them to be. So I request that you FIX the BROKEN "disable hud" option. Thank you for your time. PS: I just want what you said I was gonna get.
  2. I walk down a scary street at night. Not sure what horrors await me behind any corner. The atmosphere is perfect. I turn off the hud and don't use survivor sense to really immerse myself. As I move through the dark I'm suddenly my.. hud? Eyeball icons pop up over enemies heads. They warn me of the danger while also tagging enemies for me. I can't turn it off... I CAN'T TURN IT OFF! ..... I don't want to know where the monsters are. I don't want to know when I'm in danger. When I turned off the HUD, I want the ENTIRE hud off. Why are these icons still warning me of monsters? WHY CAN'T I TURN THEM OFF!? So as I wander in the darkness, spoiler after spoiler pops up. Monster over there.. and over there.. and over there. Oh wow, I wouldn't have seen him.. that would have been terrifying. ..... but that wonderful eyeball let me know well in advance. My pulse never climbing. No adrenaline rush. No sense of fear. These MANDATORY warnings ruin the game for me. I just want to turn them off so I can enjoy being in danger WITHOUT KNOWING IT! I want to suddenly hear the gurgles of a monster in the dark. Knowing that it means I've been spotted but having no clue where the monster is. I want panic to set in from being UNAWARE! However any time I actually am spotted. The game let's me know not only that I have been spotted, but who spotted me and where they are. Please please please, make it so when I turn off the hud... make it disable THE ENTIRE HUD. Please get rid of these eyeball icons on my screen. I don't use survivor sense but it doesn't matter. The game insists on warning me of danger. Constantly giving me information I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! It literally is the only thing standing between me and enjoying this game. Please make it optional, not mandatory. Thank you for your time. (This issue was posted on before however there was confusion regarding it. This is a repost to better clarify my issue and desire.) PS: This literally makes or breaks the game for me. If these warnings are never made optional. I just can't see myself enjoying the game. It will end up never being played all because of a simple hud element that could easily be made optional.
  3. FEATURE REQUEST!! (Bow / Crossbow) [impalement Mechanics] I wanted to say that I've truly enjoyed this game SO. MUCH. since it came out, and I wanted to thank you for taking your jobs seriously unlike a few Game Companies out there.. It's really nice to have some Decent Devs these days. Free Enhanced Edition and all? ♥♥♥♥ Yes, I'll take that, and you really see the difference between normal and enhanced! Atleast I know I did So here's the thing, it's about the Bow & Crossbow. You see, The Bow & Crossbow were pretty hard to get but in the end.. somewhat didn't feel like it was worth getting. It's lacking something... It's lacking.. Impalement Mechanics. There are SO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES when there are Impalement Mechanics. Funny Glitches (Don't Fix Those, lmao) and everything, it's just so much fun, but with these kinds of weapons, Impalement Mechanics are pretty much the only thing that REALLY makes it worth using. I wish more games had Impalement Mechanics.. but those games don't listen to their community. I don't know how many times I will have to ask you, but I know one thing, I Won't Stop Until This Happens!! I don't want to be a bummer for you guys but you know, you're amongst the few most Decent Devs out there and it's a really nice thing to have around these days. Please grant my request!! (Sorry Bad English) =SOMEONE MAKE A DAMN HARPOON GUN - WE ALL KNOW THIS HAS TO HAPPEN= - A Fan Whoever wants to see Impalement Mechanics on the Bow & Crossbow, help make sure this Post reaches the devs!! Thank you all <3
  4. (THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT SURVIVOR SENSE, IT IS ABOUT THE THREAT DETECTION ICONS THAT APPEAR WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE SPOTTED) I absolutely love the look and feel of dying light. Unfortunately the game holds your hand no matter what difficulty you have it on. I waited so excited for "nightmare" mode and the ability to FINALLY turn off the HUD. Only to discover that the eyeball icons which warn you that you are about to be seen, still appear. I would say 75% of the fear of a monster comes from NOT knowing where it is. Unfortunately dying light does all it can to warn you of every little danger. Even if you turn off the hud for an absolutely beautiful game that feels immersive, the eyeball icons will pop up ruining that immersion and spoiling what could potentially be a scary situation. The enemies are so easy to avoid with all the warnings the game gives you. The game now has four difficulty settings and it holds your hand in all of them. So I beg you to please PPPPPLLLEASE get rid of the icons that let you know you are about to be seen. Also pllllllease consider AT LEAST putting a background timer on the x ray super power that lets you magically know where monsters are. I DON'T USE IT AT ALL THOUGH. Not that it matters with the icons warning me all the time anyway. Dying Light is an amazing game. I could see myself having tons of fun playing it if it didn't hold my hand like an infant. I waited so excited for this no HUD option and when I saw those eyeball icons still popping up, I wanted to cry. As it stands now, I will delete the game and try to find something else to do. Telling me where the monsters are literally kills all the fun for me. I don't mind having a warning OPTION, however that assist seems to be manditory no matter what difficulty you play on. It's amazing how something so little can literally ruin the fun. Please please please please please consider patching it so I can TURN OFF THREAT INDICATORS!!! If you do that, I will be addicted to an otherwise great game. If not, I probably won't ever play again. Thank you for your time. PS: This post is NOT about survivor sense!!! this post is about the threat detection icons. They are eyeball icons that appear over the heads of enemies when you are about to be spotted. These icons warn you of danger also while giving away enemy locations. They are NOT optional. You can NOT turn them off. Which is what this post is about. I do mention survivor sense because I believe it is a bit excessive. However that is not what this post is about and I do not use it.
  5. If it's not too much to ask I would like to see more detail of what is happening in the patches on this forum (before or after If possible). I know you guys can post the changes made in the multiplayer, campaign, server, etc. in better detail rather then just "And More..." It would be better for the community because they'll know what changed or what is going to be changed in the game. The community would be able to find out more problems and suggestions with the information about the previous and upcoming patches for the separate platforms. If you guys even take this into consideration can you guys please put the patch notes into separate posts (PS4, Xbox One, PC). Because the platforms don't always have the same issues and problems.
  6. Hey guys, blown away by the game. Any plans to give us a PS GOLD sound mix to fully immerse in this awesome world! Love you guys!
  7. Hi. I love to be invaded randomly by strangers, but only want to do quests and stuff with people i know or actively invite. It would be awesome if we could set our game/party as private (invite only) / friends only / LAN for coop BUT AT THE SAME TIME time publicly visible for invasions. The 'always' / 'at night' / 'never' option for invasion is perfect to fit the current mood, without changing the party settings. Adding an "invasion max frequency" option could be cool too, like it's done for the challenges. Something like 'once a day/night only' / 'several times a night/day' / 'no rest' (current setting i guess, several times i've been invaded as soon as the previous invasion ended) What do you think ? Thanks.