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Found 96 results

  1. Hi guys I'm wondering can you unload the coffee to a trailer? I tried with the 10ton trailer but nothing. I think it would be more efficient to use a trailer next to the field and transport the whole load. Not only 7000kg in a slow harvester.
  2. How do you hire a worker on the PS4?? When I drive up to the field I don’t get any options to do it. Someone please help!
  3. Does anyone know if there is a way to view your wokers in 3rd person mode, cant seem to find a way to do that. If not, then they should put this feature in the game. To clarify what i mean is to view your worker while he's performing task, from above the equipment he is operating and be able to zoom out some.
  4. So 2 times I tried to store more vegetables. First cabbages and now tomatoes. Looking at the capacity from the 100% I used 39%. So I should have space for 61% tomatoes... yet I can't seem to store them. Load, yes but store not a option. Sure I can sell, but I like to have my storages at 100% and sell the rest. So that I have back up to sell when the price is right... investment in the future, sort of speak. (yet) another bug, or? Should we tag the Community Manager with bug reports/finds??? Or just create a support ticket after posting here? Can't seem to find the forum etiquette.
  5. Need assistance in night invasion? Stuck on a mission? Then ask for my help! Me and my friend help people out with anything in dying light. You can message me at Enraged_Child on the PlayStation 4. The price can be negotiated in game. I am legend 250, and I will have another player with me. We are not very expensive, since we get the chance to redo nests, and other things. Good night and good luck.
  6. The game fall on PS4 very often. If i do not save the game, i'll lose my position. It is very frustrating. Please fix it. Thank you
  7. Between the time of 1/27/2015 5:40:34 P.M. to the time of this post I have encountered this error a total of 38 times. Typically this will happen every few minutes if I attempt to play co-op. With two people I may get lucky and last an hour without being booted but that is incredibly rare. I have yet to blue screen while playing solo so that is something I suppose. The PS4 error is CE-34878-0 It is interesting that if I play with three people as soon as the third joins I instantly get the blue screen error. My first attempt to fix it was to delete and reinstall the game. When that did not work I deleted it, restored my licenses, then reinstalled it again. I have reverted to a previous save (to test it) with no luck. When these all failed I deleted the game again, went to to download the game from a website (found this supposed fix online) which also did not help me in the end. Not sure if this helps but the majority of my kicks happened while a lot of things were going on in the game. For instance surrounded by zombies, taking damage, dealing damage, with two people results in me being kicked a lot of the time. However, sometimes we could just be free running in the dark, with little to no zombies near us and I will still blue screen. I have yet to see anyone who has this problem as much as I do. I am using the digital copy purchased from the PSN store. A few friends of mine have been blue screening as well (they own physical copies) but no where near as frequent as I do. I see this game as being a co-op game, and I am unable to do this because I am afraid of being kicked which is a total bummer for me because a lot of my friends have been inviting me and I am unable to accept them because of an unknown issue with the game. I honestly would have taken it back by now if I owned the physical copy. I never do see any frame-rate drops, or any other visual indicators that it is going to happen. It just happens. PSN: XV_Drop_Shot_XV
  8. Okay forgive me if I am way off base here but I love Dying Light. I don't have a PC but I have PS4 and I love console games much better then PC(sorry) Its just my preference. I love the idea of making custom maps and playing others maps, unfortunately this feature is currently only available on PC (Steam). I would like to know why this wasn't made available on console. We love to have this option and I really think it should be available to all platforms. I don't know much about coding so again forgive me however I have heard its not possible. That said I do not see how it wouldn't be possible. Little Big Planet 3 has a feature where you can create your own little planet with various levels. I know little Big Planet is a much smaller game but is it really not possible to bring in something similar to Dying Light on console? Please Techland bring this feature to console!
  9. Okay guys the wait is over for content drop 0! It is finally here on consoles!! And the intro video is pretty cool, I recommend watching all the way through.
  10. Hey, I need some help completing the Bozak Horde on ps4. My gamer tag is MrMaddest-Hatter. Prefer someone with a microphone. If you can help me beat it in under 31 minutes tho, no microhone is fine. Thanks!
  11. I play my game on PS4. I can not redeem my Dying Light Bonus Docket, but it pops up saying techland is offline. I am linked to and ext..Any help would be greatly appreciated. oh and my psn gamertag is: Gunmagic01 Thank you Lea Browning
  12. So after all these years the game is still perfomance wise 'broken' on PS4.. did you ever played the PS4 version yourself Techland? the framerate is jumping from 30 to 40-50 fps 80% of the time and damn this feels so laggy Frametime is all OVER the place Please just add an 30fps lock or something this isn't to hard for you right? I'm sure you still care about your customers/fans so please don't ignore this Techland If this is not gonna be fixed i feel like i just throwed my money out of the Window unplayable at it's current state. Thank you.
  13. Please, PLEASE devs, make a PS4 Pro Patch! The boost mode hardly makes a difference to the game and it gets way too glitchy and framerate varies way too much. With double the GPU hardware there should be NO struggle. If you are going to continue making DLC, please consider making this something to work on. It should not be a big job and would make, I'm sure , many ps4 pro owners much happier! Also: I am posting in the be the zombie thread as apparently there is no option for me to start a thread in general discussion. If a mod sees this post, please move it to the appropriate section.
  14. So I am a big fan of dying light yet my pc does not have enough power to run dying light and I don't know how to build pcs...that angers me because I LOVE the dev tools and I am sad they are not on console. I understand that you didn't make the game on consoles so it can't be realeased but all I want is a simple map creator like the ones from farcrys 3 and 4 please make this happen and lots of console users would be really happy and it would make dying light relevant again. Thank you for your time
  15. Last year, I played the game with DLC Following and saved the game on line This year, I buy a new ps4 pro When I insert the same game dvd and installed the game again And installed all the DLC inclouding Following Then I try to download the save date from the PSN net It always told me I can not use the old save what's wrong?? What should I do ?? Help me ! Thank you very much
  16. Most of them are well known by now. I'm playing on PS4. 1. Glitched Trophies -"Now It's Safe" and "It's All In the Writing" are the glitched trophies I've encountered so far. Some people say that "Polyamory" and "Homo Homini Lupus Est" are also glitched. A lot of people are still wondering that "The Whole Story" trophy might be glitched as well since there's like maybe a few ones that might have it or none actually at this time. PS: It would be a big "BS" move if ever "The Whole Story" trophy/achievement requires the paid DLC missions. Here is a list of side quests that I've already compeleted, notify me if I missed some side quests: 2. I can't max out my survivor level which is level 25. -The exp meter is stuck at 471500/475000 exp and it doesn't go up beyond that. Both my agility and power levels have already been maxed out without problems. By the time I completed the story quests, I was below Survivor Level 24. Some people said that they can get to Survivor Level 25 as long they haven't finished the story quests to 100%. 3. There are times that zombies get glitched through a wall. - There's a rare chance that some zombies go through a wall like they had a momentary ghost mode. 4. Broken counters in the personal statistics under the Extras menu. - I've noticed 2 counters are not registering the progress I've made, one is for the Safe Zones and the other one is for the Quarantine Zones. Both of those stay at 0, I've already got the "Trespassing" trophy which require to complete the quarantine zones. 5. Teleports me into different areas/locations when continuing my game. - I noticed that every time I quit the game when I'm in Old Town so I can save my progress, the next time I continue to play the game it loads my character to the Slums instead of loading Old Town. I'm looking forward to a fix to the glitched trophies.
  17. Hey guys, I'm looking for a group of players to help collect 3 trophies (Polyamory, Lucky 7 and Harran Athletics)! Anyone else need help? I'm in the EST Timezone but if anyone is online, that's cool too! PSN: xINVIOLABLE
  18. You are making multiple updates to the PC as a tool for developers and that update April 1. But what about the console? Most players are playing in the PS4 and Xbox One and we have no more updates. We have to wait months for DLC that comes with little content. If this keeps up who plays on the islands will no longer play the game. Dying Light was the best zombie game I've ever played, but unfortunately missing content for consoles. We have no updates for a long time, even buying the season pass. Why not Providing this creation tool for those who bought the season pass on the console? I know it's more complicated to put this tool and mods on consoles, but if they do so the game will die. More updates to the islands, please do not leave us the islands without constant updates, you are destroying the game as well. I hope you can solve this.
  19. Please make many advanced settings for the console versions of dying light I have one recommended setting its an FOV setting and maybe a weapon FOV setting too please make these settings because it seems like the FOV is so squished. Please update the game devs.
  20. I had a DY on digital copy in ENG version PS4, i finished the have without any DLC, now i bought the physical DY Enhanced Edition PS4 in POL version i can't see any options to import save.Need i finish the prologue and enable the The Following story to import in that menu or maybe get the original DY disc install some one DLC and after that i can import the save - like i see some post at forums? Or in my situation won't work?
  21. Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition Hello, I absolutely love the game (over 90 h into it) but the 1.02 patch doesn't work for me. Things I've noticed: - low res textures or long hi res textures loading time - glitches: flying corpses or items - zombies you can't hit - see the video: - night time alarm beeping in the neverending loop (had to restart the game to make it stop) Anyone feeling the same about the update? Dying Light is on my top 5 best games list, so it really breaks my heart.
  22. The Survivor skill Lucky Repair states "Get better at repairs. Repairing a weapon will often not use a weapon's repair slot." Well, I've done over 20 repairs since acquiring this skill and they all used up a slot. Is this a known issue?
  23. I only play on the PS4 myself, so I can only give examples about Dying Light button mapping on the Dualshock 4 controller. For example the square button on the Ps4 is used for a lot of things, looting, reviving, changing arrows. So there is a change you keep changing arrows when you actually try to loot, and you loot a zombies corpse on accident when you actually try to revive a teammate, etc. Some buttons on both controllers don't even have a function at the moment, and I understand the idea behind how the controllers are setup, but in the heat of battle it doesn't always work out.
  24. Hi! I might be an idiot who don't understand how this works, but if so. Please just help me in the right direction. Me and a friend has had the game for a year, got the season pass and started playing the following, so far so good. But when we try to play with another friend who just got the Enhanced Edition (he did not have the old game at all) we can't find each other. And when we look in the party we created (we're on PS4) to chat, the games me and the first friend are playing are called Dying Light. Whlie the new guy's game is called Dying Light: The Following (or Enhanced Edition, can't remember exactly). So what I wonder is; is the old game with a season pass really the same game as the new game? It seems as if playstation don't see them as the same game anyway.
  25. I had bought Dying Light the hard copy awhile ago and since then I have changed hard drives in my Playstation and have bought the digital version Dying Light EE. I am trying to transfer the save data to the new Dying Light EE an it keeps saying it cannot copy because the original Dying Light isn't on the system. Can you please help me with updating my old dying light save file please.