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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys, first i should say sry for my really bad English, i hope you can understand this Text/Question My Problem is i farm now since 10-12h Gold Weapons with a Tutorial, sleep open 3 Hard Chests dont pick up the item if it isnt a Gold Weapon, and sleep again and open again the Chests, and i have opened x Police vans but i dont got a Gold Weapon I was playing now coop Story mission with a Player from Game and he gave me 1 Gold weapon but its a Crowbar modifed, my problem is i just like Machete/swords or other Gold weapons i really hate Crowbars and his dmg isnt really good, My Lila machete has more dmg. I would ask is a player here for trade Gold Weapon vs Gold weapon or other Items? It would be very nice if someone could help me, I honestly did not want to spend more hours trying to get a gold weapon. Sry again for my English My Psn is Hazebuster_1996 but i can add you too I play on Hard Mode Surviva 25 Agi 15 and Melee 22 ( idk this skill in English xD)
  2. Hi! I might be an idiot who don't understand how this works, but if so. Please just help me in the right direction. Me and a friend has had the game for a year, got the season pass and started playing the following, so far so good. But when we try to play with another friend who just got the Enhanced Edition (he did not have the old game at all) we can't find each other. And when we look in the party we created (we're on PS4) to chat, the games me and the first friend are playing are called Dying Light. Whlie the new guy's game is called Dying Light: The Following (or Enhanced Edition, can't remember exactly). So what I wonder is; is the old game with a season pass really the same game as the new game? It seems as if playstation don't see them as the same game anyway.
  3. I had bought Dying Light the hard copy awhile ago and since then I have changed hard drives in my Playstation and have bought the digital version Dying Light EE. I am trying to transfer the save data to the new Dying Light EE an it keeps saying it cannot copy because the original Dying Light isn't on the system. Can you please help me with updating my old dying light save file please.
  4. Mahlzeit, falls noch jemand, auf der PlayStation 4, Mitspieler für den Koop Modus sucht gibt es eine PlayStation4-Community für Spieler über 20. Schreibt mir einfach über PSN: SarthoDE
  5. Do you play Dying Light on the PS4? Find some awesome PS4 Players and even join in on our Events, Competitions, Contests and Giveaways! Come join us! Right now we're giving away a few Dying Light: Season Passes to our members in friendly competitions! We support this game wholeheartedly and will continue to help the game and developers, Techland grow whatever way we can.
  6. Hello Techland, I appreciate that you guys have attempted to fix the multiplayer issues via patch 1.03 HOWEVER, if I had seen an improvement as you have listed I would not be here writing what I am about to write. In fact, knowing how many issues there were, I tend to focus on the good and applaud the work that many do to satisfy their consumers. Within an hour time frame I have timed out and was sent back to the main menu of PS4 (game crashed completely) a total of 4 times. This is actually WORSE than what it was before. I know there has been wild fire on social media about these issues but this HALF chupacabra'd attempt at shutting them up (this is my opinion on your "patch") is now really pissing me off. For someone that is usually less vocal about this, because I have worked in the technical industry before (and customer service for that matter), this has been the worse experience I have had for a game. Not only have you ignored and not acknowledged complaints, but at this point, I'm thinking there's NOT MUCH YOU CAN DO that will not prevent people from using your game disc as a coaster for their dog's food bowl. Just for those that might come back and BLAME THE CONSUMER for these issues... Trust me, I know the term P.I.C.N.I.C. very well (Problem In Customer Not In Computer) here is a list of things me and my husband have done in attempt to trouble shoot this issue. -deleted the game, and re-downloaded it -deleted the game, and re-downloaded it, then waited for the download to complete before tried to start up the game -changed the router settings -restored the router and used the port settings that you have suggested -complete restore of PS4 (two different playstation) -we are both hardwired (50mbps down, 50 mbps up), but switched to wifi for chupacabra and giggles with no change. -rented a disc version and tried it -played with only 3 friends instead of 4 -played alone works! BUT if you try to stream it through a capture card the game takes a chupacabra -played alone and tried streaming through the PS4 via Twitch the game will still take a chupacabra -played co-op online with just each other and it takes a chupacabra -played co-op online with OTHER people (just me playing with an online friend) and it takes a chupacabra SO PLEASE. Don't you DARE give us more troubleshooting because I have LOST FAITH in any troubleshooting. I am going to give you guys the line that cowardly jerks use: It's not me, IT'S YOU. Someone needs to STOP passing the blame, and I hope PLAYSTATION is reading this also. If you guys cannot WORK TOWARDS A COMMON GOAL and FIX THIS for the consumers that create jobs for both of you guys... might I suggest that you take the CASH you are paying the people that are responsible for software patches and feed the hungry children in 3rd world countries instead. At least then, you can at least feel better about yourselves as people and not as technicians. Yours truly, Mrs. Ballz
  7. Hi All, Hoping someone official from Techland can confirm this for me or someone else who is in the know but what is the actual digital release day for Dying light on ps4 digital in the UK? Originally it said the 30th January on their psn store, then after Techland's announcement of a "global release on the 27th January" the store date was updated correctly to show the 27th for release. Now today the date has changed again to the 28th January. After calling up Sony's not so helpful helpline in the UK they said "because the store says it's the 28th it must be correct".!/en-gb/games/addons/dying-light-preorder/cid=EP1018-CUSA02010_00-DYINGLIGHTPREOR2 To be honest I have little faith in the store or Sony so can anyone confirm officially what day this game is actually being digitally released in the UK? If the European digital release day has been delayed to the 28th just so that the Americans can have their usual "get everything earlier than everyone else" time this is completely unacceptable in my opinion and Techland should have ensured this did not happen. Especially considering we have already had to deal with physical copy delays in the UK.