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Found 38 results

  1. Pure Farming update 1.1.2 is now available on PC. Again, we have focused heavily on fixes and improvements request by players. Here is the full list of bug fixes and feature changes. Changes directly requested by players are underlined. Bug Fixes Fixed issue where Field of View (FOV) resets to default when controlling drone Enabled workers to turn reflectors on in vehicles Changed fodder palette position near barn 2 Decreased animation speed of transferring eggs/boxes from warehouses to machines Decreased font size on the credits Decreased font size on save game slots, and changed font type Set default starting timescale in Free Farming to x24 Improved concrete textures Improved tractor data changed to be more realistic. Adjusted speed reduction when engine is damaged Added 16:10 screen ratio support Added ability to sell trailers with produce in them Improved how pedestrians walk in Japan Disabled gamepad vibration while the game is paused Fixed issue where vehicles would fly into the air while in a carwash Fixed issue with potatoes passing through the belt when loading from storage to trailer Enabled hired workers to be able to work with front loaders Changed the timer on Farming Challenges to use real time Fixed issue where objects would be suspended in the air on the Germany map Fixed issue with loading manure using a front loader bucket Removed an exploit with selling cherries in Japan Removed various issues inputs with using the tablet Removed an issue where DLC resources were visible in the UI when that DLC was not owned Gameplay changes Added adjustable key bindings Changed post processing for improved graphics Added support for Logitech G920 steering wheel Added support for Thrustmaster T300 steering wheel Optimized SSAO for improved performance JCB Fastrac 4220 max. Speed increased to to 70 km/h Improved front loader controls Adjusted speed of front loader Added ability to see what weight of crops can be harvested from a field, or taken from a silo Improved hired worker AI Added option to remove visual ‘fog effect’ Increased capacity of potato storage Added more customizable rear hooks for tractors to the Importer (existing imported machines may need some adjustment) Added ability for workers to use imported machines Added vehicle shop icons to textures in the Importer
  2. Here is the full list of bug fixes and feature changes added in version 1.1.1 on PC. Features directly requested by players are underlined. Bug Fixes Tablet data accuracy fixes Level design collision fixes Minor translation fixes Small audio bug fixes (e.g. chicks now sound more like chicks) Fixed water particle effects in greenhouses Connection physics minor tweaks Tablet "Notification" tab bug fixes (sometimes fields would show incorrect crops) Fixed occasional visual bugs when building/upgrading buildings Fixed occasional button prompts appearing in the wrong situation Initial vehicle/device positions adjusted (sometimes they would be floating slightly) Improved menu button sensitivity Better looking water particles for hand washer Fixed pad vibrating randomly while driving damaged vehicles Game says "Wrong Loader" instead of "Wrong Vehicle" when a loader and attachment are incompatible Occasional invisible fruit on orchard/plantations fixed Headers no longer rotate when detached with no fuel in combine Minimap targets were incorrectly displayed in rice sowing challenge Icon "Wrong Vehicle" no longer shown randomly on game load with specific machine layout on the map Fixed notifications sometimes overlapping one another Fixed ambient lighting sometime changing abruptly Fixed issue where some tablet windows would not scroll Fixed occasional issues with dropping grain into Sipma NS1600 Improved how sunshine reflects on windows Bears warning in Montana map no longer shows "10 kms" but "10 miles" Fixed UI overlapping in some resolutions Fixed issue with Redlands Champion tire marks being invisible Fixed DB8 floating part Fixed button prompts for accepting not always working Fixed issue where orchards would show zero irrigation when flying over with drone Workers in My First Farm mode now available in quests that do not require you to do the field work yourself. Tweaked reflections Radio can now see subfolders in the music folder Dollar symbol is now in the correct position Farmer now looks back correctly when reversing Removed a bug that made it possible for vehicles to accelerate very quickly Fixed issue with cisterns sometimes floating Fixed issue with vehicles sometimes braking randomly Fixed open tablet option sometimes disappearing Fixed issue with buying Simpa Maja and Sipma Dromader shortly after one another SSAO frame drops should be lower/gone Farmer will no longer sometimes appear in a random spot when turning the drone on while in vehicle Fixed issue with Imported models having wrong/invisible tire marks Gameplay changes Visual polishing of foliage and terrain in general Visual polishing of vehicles Minor audio tweaks More smoke present during Jungle Fire New minimap icons for pallets Tablet now says "Hello <username>"! Tutorial emails now better explain how to use loaders with keyboard and mouse controls Tablet now only shows only completed/active tasks Player can now see all in-game resources in the stock market All tractors that support Front Loaders now have mounts for them on the hoods You’ll see more variety of vehicles driving around on roads Pesticide tanks are now present next to fertilizer tanks Timescale adjusted - lowest is true x1 (1 minute in game - 1 minute in life); highest is x600; default is x24 (previous x1) Travel time between countries reduced from 6h to 2h Vehicle lights no longer turn off when you get out The task to find Potato Storehouse should now be clearer The Farmer now fades when the camera is close to him (no more clipping) Braking assistance - players can choose, if reversing is a handbrake until button is held or will only be a handbrake for a second (as it was previously) Minimap zoom in/out added (using PgUp/PgDn) Tablet in removed from vehicles Player can now start with 1,000,000 or 5,000,000 cash in Free Farming FOV slider added to options Maximum camera zoom distance doubled Added an option to adjust steering sensitivity on keyboards Radio is on in all vehicles by default Workers are now paid every real life minute - connected to the time scale adjustments Days are a bit longer Added option to change fuel consumption rate. The price of fuel scales accordingly Added option to sell all rabbits at once
  3. OK... It turns out I am not able to fix the "instant tackle" and "instant spit stick" without a full patch The good news is that there is a new tuner released that does make the following changes: NIGHTHUNTER Increased duration of Sense Suppress Spit Increased damage and duration of Toxic Spit Increased NightHunters energy regen speed while ducking Increased NightHunters knockback impulse from melee attack Reduced Elemental damage on NightHunter Reduced Arrow and Crossbow damage to NightHunter body (BODY:5 hits, HEAD:3 hits) HUMAN Increased Human respawn times in 3v1 and 4v1 Gift "Zaid Flares" on respawn in BTZ Changed Flare cost and cooldown (2 flares thrown within 10 secs will incur a 30 cooldown) Added cooldown to Molotovs Increased cooldown on Potions Reduced damage from charged melee attacks on nests Reduced elemental damage on Nests Added 3 second cooldown to nightsense pulse GENERAL Reduced damage while in PVP paired anim states (NightHunter and Human) After you've had a chance to check it out, let us know your thoughts on the new tuning in the comments below!
  4. Please, PLEASE devs, make a PS4 Pro Patch! The boost mode hardly makes a difference to the game and it gets way too glitchy and framerate varies way too much. With double the GPU hardware there should be NO struggle. If you are going to continue making DLC, please consider making this something to work on. It should not be a big job and would make, I'm sure , many ps4 pro owners much happier! Also: I am posting in the be the zombie thread as apparently there is no option for me to start a thread in general discussion. If a mod sees this post, please move it to the appropriate section.
  5. Hey Everyone! I'd like to share a couple of changes we just released yesterday. These changes are based on feedback we've received and game stats that we've collected. 1. BTZ matchmaking reduced to 2 pools again. 2. 3v1 and 4v1 Damage Scaling. (Survivors damage output is scaled to 2/3 damage in 3v1 and 4v1) 3. Removed added headshot damage from arrows/bolt. (This was never communicated clearly and added damage from special bolts/arrow allowed 1 hit kills)
  6. Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition Hello, I absolutely love the game (over 90 h into it) but the 1.02 patch doesn't work for me. Things I've noticed: - low res textures or long hi res textures loading time - glitches: flying corpses or items - zombies you can't hit - see the video: - night time alarm beeping in the neverending loop (had to restart the game to make it stop) Anyone feeling the same about the update? Dying Light is on my top 5 best games list, so it really breaks my heart.
  7. Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know of some BTZ fixes that will be included in the next patch: 1. Fixed issue where bombers deal less damage than they should 2. Fixed issue of Hunter spawning in safe zone 3. Fixed issue of Hunter being able to spawn a buggy 4. Fixed issue of Bombers not spawning in certain areas 5. Fixed issue where Volatile spawn is locked in a train car 6. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly pounce after a spit 7. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly cancel out of the start of UV Heal state 8. Fixed issue allowing Nests to be killed in 1 shot 9. Fixed issue causing Hunter to sometimes move backwards in tendril locomotion 10. Reduced and fine tuned rubberbanding values across all settings from 1v1 to 4v1 Thanks to everyone who helped bring some of these to our attention quickly! Cheers!
  8. So, my feedback is on how extremely weak the bows are. I bought the vendor blue Bow and made some arrows and starting testing the effectiveness. Coming from someone who actually fires a 45LB double recurve IRL, I was seriously disappointed. The dropoff is ridiculous, you can literally throw flares farther than this bow can shoot. The range needs to be increased, or make arrows throwable, (atlatl?). Second is the arrows don't do chupacabra for damage, even on headshots. I know I am playing on hard, but I'd appreciate it if the old concept of total brain destruction by steel shaft would still remain viable. I have video of zombies with multiple arrows in their heads still walking around. Let me know what you think. I'll check this thread again soon.
  9. (THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT SURVIVOR SENSE, IT IS ABOUT THE THREAT DETECTION ICONS THAT APPEAR WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE SPOTTED) I absolutely love the look and feel of dying light. Unfortunately the game holds your hand no matter what difficulty you have it on. I waited so excited for "nightmare" mode and the ability to FINALLY turn off the HUD. Only to discover that the eyeball icons which warn you that you are about to be seen, still appear. I would say 75% of the fear of a monster comes from NOT knowing where it is. Unfortunately dying light does all it can to warn you of every little danger. Even if you turn off the hud for an absolutely beautiful game that feels immersive, the eyeball icons will pop up ruining that immersion and spoiling what could potentially be a scary situation. The enemies are so easy to avoid with all the warnings the game gives you. The game now has four difficulty settings and it holds your hand in all of them. So I beg you to please PPPPPLLLEASE get rid of the icons that let you know you are about to be seen. Also pllllllease consider AT LEAST putting a background timer on the x ray super power that lets you magically know where monsters are. I DON'T USE IT AT ALL THOUGH. Not that it matters with the icons warning me all the time anyway. Dying Light is an amazing game. I could see myself having tons of fun playing it if it didn't hold my hand like an infant. I waited so excited for this no HUD option and when I saw those eyeball icons still popping up, I wanted to cry. As it stands now, I will delete the game and try to find something else to do. Telling me where the monsters are literally kills all the fun for me. I don't mind having a warning OPTION, however that assist seems to be manditory no matter what difficulty you play on. It's amazing how something so little can literally ruin the fun. Please please please please please consider patching it so I can TURN OFF THREAT INDICATORS!!! If you do that, I will be addicted to an otherwise great game. If not, I probably won't ever play again. Thank you for your time. PS: This post is NOT about survivor sense!!! this post is about the threat detection icons. They are eyeball icons that appear over the heads of enemies when you are about to be spotted. These icons warn you of danger also while giving away enemy locations. They are NOT optional. You can NOT turn them off. Which is what this post is about. I do mention survivor sense because I believe it is a bit excessive. However that is not what this post is about and I do not use it.
  10. Witam, mam pytanie. Czy Dying Light doczeka się patcha z obsługą DirectX12? A może już jest tylko ja o nim nie wiem? Ktoś ma jakieś informacje?
  11. Since the new update was released I've seen quite a majority of Survivors getting on the forums recently saying that the Night Hunter is overpowered now. In my opinion I think some of them are just complaining because they can't try to hunt the Hunter 24/7, all Survivors that are complaining about this need to get over it and just go with the update.
  12. I have the ps4 version and was waiting with anticipation for the ' hard mode' patch. I recently downloaded it and now my previously fine game has developed two bugs that is driving me crazy. 1. Every time i bring up the menu with the touchpad button the sound cuts out for a split second. the backround ambient music or character talking just stutters every single time! 2. Everytime i open a locked chest or a tool box he grabs the loot but then immediately after the camera does a strange fast bob up and down as if he's trying to headbutt the chest! I guess it's because you changed the game to be still active when you go into the menu for glitch number 1. You also changed how much stuff you find in chests so that's where glitch 2 must come from. I hope this is a known problem and is going to get fixed soon because these little annoyances everytime i open a chest or bring up the menu is making me not want to play it anymore. I was loving it before this! Please fix it!
  13. Hey all, just thought I'd throw out a quick request for a detailed overview of the newest patch regarding the "Be the Zombie" changes. The enhancements look extensive, and I'm sure many of us would love an overview similar to what what provided during the last patch! For those who don't know, the Devs here were kind enough to give us a very detailed overview of the details of the last patch. What was previously provided was much more detailed than the actual Patch Notes, and I know I was sincerely grateful for the detailed description of the changes. Since it appears there's a big change in the way the Night Hunter is played, a rundown of new abilities and what this means for current Hunter players would be greatly appreciated! We can use this thread to discuss changes (but let's keep it civil!). It's wonderful that the Devs would put these kinds of core-gameplay changes in, and the request is simply so we all have the most information possible. TL;DR: After the previous patch, the Devs put out a detailed review of the "Be the Zombie" changes on this board. Devs, would you mind doing so again for the new changes?
  14. Sup guys, so like in the other patch thread i make 2 months ago, just 2 photos to let people know the changes in the new update...IMO (In My Opinion) nothing yeah Good Luck Good Night
  15. If it's not too much to ask I would like to see more detail of what is happening in the patches on this forum (before or after If possible). I know you guys can post the changes made in the multiplayer, campaign, server, etc. in better detail rather then just "And More..." It would be better for the community because they'll know what changed or what is going to be changed in the game. The community would be able to find out more problems and suggestions with the information about the previous and upcoming patches for the separate platforms. If you guys even take this into consideration can you guys please put the patch notes into separate posts (PS4, Xbox One, PC). Because the platforms don't always have the same issues and problems.
  16. Hey guys! I purchased Dying Light here in Seoul, S. Korea and am having trouble downloading the latest patch & the 3 dlcs that came with the physical copy of the game. I know that N. America and EU copies of the game have been patched & dlcs made available. Are gamers here going to receive the same fair treatment as well soon? Thanks!
  17. As topic says. There is no patch 1.03 to download whatsoever. Update check just says game is the newest version. That occurs only for DYING LIGHT (V2) what seems to be the aplication name of EU digital version. Every physical copy in my region is updating flawlessly. EDIT: I got a response from Techland and patch for our region's digital is scheduled for 14th. Case closed.
  18. All right, since patch I can't join a game trough "invite" or "join", wether it is be the zombie mode or campaign... IS THE SAME THING HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE? If not, do you have any advice to fix this please?
  19. All right, since patch I can't join a game trough "invite" or "join", wether it is be the zombie mode or campaign... IS THE SAME THING HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE? If not, do you have any advice to fix this please?
  20. Hello guys My current version of Dying Light is 1.02 on the ps4. The last patch was downloaded on the 5th march it says. Today, the patch 1.05 came out but when I press the "check for updates" option, it says that the newest update has already been downloaded. I live in EU, swiss. I bought Dying Light over the PSN store. I hope you can help me
  21. So I really love Dying light, been playing it for hours. I have my agility at Rank 22 and my strength at 24. But my survivor Rank is stuck at 24 (max is 25) it says I have 474000 XP and nex level is in 475000 and I won't gain/lose any XP for that Rank... Please tell me they will patch this right away I wish to not start over... plus this whole fear of my characters stats, inventory, and storage resetting (As people are talking about) I am eager that they find a fix for all of this right away. Anyone else having this issue? Also this happened to me on Xbox One
  22. The recent patch has caused some major issues with Korek Machete. For starters after making one it acts like its damaged. Second doesn't show rate of wear when using it what so ever or even if it's damaged. Another thing is tossing it at a zombie, automatic you lose it and can't pick it up. This latest patch seriously Nerfed it up bad. Please fix it ASAP!
  23. So my roommate has dying light and ive played it on his computer and its tons of fun so of course I want to buy it. However it runs very poorly on his computer and my computer is identical to his, so I am afraid I will have the same problems with fps. He runs with absolute minimum settings (everything possible set to off or low) even view distance. His framerate is extremely variable. In buildings like the tower, or out in the ocean, fps is around 70-100. However as soon as he goes in an area with zombies and runs around the frame rate fluctuates between 30-40 fps!! He in no way has a bad computer, here are his specs (which are almost the same as mine) AMD FX-8350 running at 4.2 Ghz CM Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 (not overclocked) (Latest Nvidia Driver) G.Skill 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Asus M5A99X EVO Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB SSD CORSAIR CX600M PSU Another note: His game is completely up to date with patch 1.4. I have done research and know this game is horrible with AMD cpus but is this normal? Is everyone else with an 8350 getting performance this bad!?
  24. Hey Dying Light Team, Today the EU Patch 1.02 got online on Ps4 (AT Version) and I have some questions about it. Can you post any Patchnotes about the patch today? Are trophy glitches patched to? Is it the same patch like us patch 1.04? And with 53mb it were very small? Thanks for answering devs. Regards Haui
  25. I have completed all of the side quests, and I am not able to get "The Whole Story." This is really frustrating because you already released a patch -.- I also am not able to get the "Now it's Safe" achievement either :/ please fix this! Im stuck at 79% on the whole story, and on the now it's safe achievement I'm stuck at 94%