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  1. Im at Lvl 54 with the title of Ultimate Survivor for a Night Hunter. Just starting this thread to see what others have
  2. I've posted this in a few forums in hopes that people might respond to give their opinion on how to fix the night hunter game mode, but no one has. I'm hoping to get some input because I think these are legitimate options to help balance the game without making one side more powerful than the other. I know this is a long post, but I would REALLY like your input. I believe I've targeted a few problems that make playing as the NH against experienced human players VERY difficult, and given solutions that don't make impossible for newer or less experienced human players. I don't believe that ALL of these mechanics need to be added to make the game balanced, but I believe that some can change the dynamic enough (while others just make the game more fun and give it more play-ability) Problem: Most good human players have mastered the "complete" dodge, (can dodge pounce, tackle, ground-pound, AND spits) leaving the NH vulnerable and without any good attacks to take down the enemy. Solution: Give failed pounces a damage amount. This would give you SOME advantage for sneaking up behind and grabbing them quickly (even if its blocked in the end), and I think its not unfair to say if you do that 3 times and they haven't healed that you can knock them unconscious like 3 successful tackles. This also gives the NH an attack that CANNOT be blocked for once. Much like the drop-kick or death-from-above on the human side, this would do high damage, but require multiple contacts to kill. Problem: If you are playing an experienced player or ANY player if there are 2+ people in the lobby, coming in close to kill someone can often turn the hunter into the hunted. It doesn't take long after a failed pounce/tackle/ground-pound to UV the energy away from a NH making it impossible to escape and keep going. This doesn't even make sense because the ENTIRE game mode is based off the fact that the humans are meant to be scared of the NH and something they try to push away while they complete the objective, not something that is worth finding and killing with their UV-melee combos to destroy the nest (which at this point I think is the most viable strategy for winning as the human). Solution: Make the NH jump and/or sprint (which is much higher and faster than humans) immune to low-energy. Especially on this one I would like your input. I believe that with this game mechanic you can actually do a lot to nerf the NH. Players have the chance to stay alive more and live to fight another day, but vulnerable enough they need to retreat and recharge. This might make going from no-energy to low energy a longer wait time, during which spits don't regenerate, and you have to stay still to make it happen (much like how the health regeneration feature works on the NH now). Problem: Spits are hard to land, especially on maps where side jumping is very easy because its very open (the country) and where many things get in your way vertically (the slums and old town). With the recharge speed the way it is (which I think is fair seeing as TOO quick recharge would make the NH more powerful) this makes it difficult to use these to actually land, which IF you do they have safety nets to protect themselves (ie-get high to avoid bombers and throw down flares to prevent pounce). Solution: Make spits act like mines. If you drop a small colorless spit bomb-trap that doesn't explode until a human gets near (or forces it to explode via weapons). This gives the NH a new opportunity for stealth. Lay a few mine traps in the site and wait for the enemy to get near to attack. This can also give the NH SOME time to recover if they die and the humans get on the nest. I think they should be hard to see (ie-not a glowing green/pink/orange blob) so you actually have to pay attention and approach the nest with caution. Since its already fairly quick to destroy the nest (1 death of the NH = 1 nest) I think forcing the approach with more caution is fair. Problem: The buggy is impossible to defend against. If you do get lucky enough to grab it (which I think is fair how difficult it is, since the map is large and humans need to be fast) you have to wait a while before you can press melee enough times to actually ground pound them out. 9 times out of 10 human players simply jump out of their car and let it roll away and then shoot you as you are stuck on the buggy trying to press the "get off" button. Solution: Make buggy attacks the normal melee and make the "escape car" button more like a ground pound, where you must hold it to use it. Normal melee is weak, so you wouldn't kill them off the bat unless they're low health, and AT LEAST you can do some damage before they jump out of their car. This makes it more like how volitales attack your buggy in game as well. Problem: New Legendary skill trees make health higher, healing nearly instant, and melee attacks more deadly. This makes putting together complete kill-combos nearly impossible, and ANY misses (eg-tackle or ground-pound, or if you're close and have to melee) a death sentence for good players, and a way to push the NH away for beginners. Solution: Make close-up melee attacks slightly weaker, but with a poison/bleed effect. This gives the NH an option to "hit-and-run" and have SOME sort of benefit from it, rather than "sneak around and smash-in to finish" which is the current logic. I think this makes the NH more feared, but also means that if the NH plays up close he is more vulnerable to attacks. The bleed effect can counter the instant heal since you cannot heal while you are bleeding out, or the effects negate and you don't change in health at all. This also helps counter many human complaints about "ground-pound or tackle spam" because the NH has more viable options of attack. No longer can the humans turn the hunt so easily, which keeps the game true to the game mode. Many of these changes can add new strategies for the NH which can counter the current human strategies. This gives more dynamic to the game play forcing the humans to adapt RATHER than the basic "dodge NH attack, kill NH, destroy nest" mentality. It also would increase the lifespan of the game mode. I feel like the only people I run into now as the NH are new players who bought the game off a steam sale or seasoned players who have played since the beginning and are impossible to defeat. I think small changes like this would make the game more fair without making it more difficult for inexperienced players. Frankly, I think these types of changes could make the game more interesting rather than a dodge and pound fest by experienced players. Mines would make approaching nests much more dangerous, but surrounding zombies would force you to do something. Pounce damage can force you to watch your back more to catch the NH BEFORE he initiates the pounce, and also gives the NH a bonus for catching the humans off guard. Jeep attacks would be more frightening since you can actually get hit pretty hard if the NH catches the jeep (cause I think its already hard enough to get that lucky land, only to have them bail before you can smash anything). Maybe you guys can see a flaw with some of my ideas, but I think its time that they added mutation lvl 4 and 5 and gave the NH some new tricks to fight these good players.
  3. So as much as I love Dying Light, I enjoy being the Night Hunter more than anything else. I have a lvl 50, mutation 3 Widow Maker, and Grinding out to the Apex and lvl 51 is taking forever.. With this in mind, I have thought about a lot of things that would make things a lot more interesting and competitive, as far as playing as the Night Hunter. 1. Decrease the Range of UV lights FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please nerf this! I shouldn't be able to be on a 5 story rooftop, and still be affected by the UV light from survivors on the ground across the street. I can understand that we keep it there because the pounce range and the UV range are incredibly similar, but survivors have about 2 seconds to hit me with the UV light as I'm pouncing them, why should they have a chance to do it before I even get there? 2. Nerf Survivor Sense in some way The NH can be seen at all times. This is incredibly frustrating as it makes surprise attacks nearly impossible unless you hit them with Sense suppressor spit. (Funny how even the best survivors sit in flares until this spit goes away, or sit in safe-zones.) Nerfing this ALONE would balance things greatly. Maybe make it so that the survivor sense tells them the general direction the NH is in, not his exact location, or at least putting some sort of cool down on this. 3. Make the Ground Pound AOE proportionate to the height at which you use it. For example: If I jump off of a power-line tower in the Following, I should have a larger AOE than if I was standing on the ground and did it. The main reason that I say this, is because if you are chasing a buggy, and happen to get in front of them enough to attempt a ground pound, you usually end up missing when you drop from the air, because they have time to drive far enough away; same with on foot and them jumping away. IMO, if I drop over 100ft, I should leave a crater in the ground the size of a toyota prius. If I'm ON the ground and do it, it shouldn't be as powerful. 4. Add new types of Zombie spits. We have the horde, which is a lot of fun, but I think being able to summon a few Goons, a Destroyer/Freak of Nature, or some Night Volatile's (The ones that chase you when you aren't in BTZ mode) would be just as great. Each kind could be a different shade of green, and could be chosen by pressing d-pad left multiple times. Dropping a Goon or destroyer/FON spit would work best around nests, and Volatile's and horde would be great for traveling between nests. The bombers can't climb, but the Volatiles can. I feel like 1 goon for every 2 people in the match per spit would be fair, and 1 destroyer or Freak of Nature per spit would be fair. I can summon exploders, why can't I summon all my other zombie family? 5. Flare spits I think that we should have a spit that makes it so you can't throw flares. The UV light can simply get replaced by the flare, and in 1v4 matches, UV spits are useless as more than one person has a light. If I had a spit to take out UV lights AND flares separately, that would be such a help in 1v4 situations. 6. Space out the spawns in each nest. The nests now, seem to span anywhere from 100 - 500 sq/ft with all the spawns (except in the Following). I think that if you spaced them out a little more so that 1 flare couldn't cover 2 spawns, it would make things a little more difficult/interesting. Or break up each nest into two small areas that are spaced apart. The reason I say this, is that there have been a few instances where I'm in a 1v4 match, and 3 of the nest spawns are in a tight circle so close that if you do a 2h weapon spin, you'll hit all of them, and one flare covers them all too. While the other two nests are close by. So one person hits the three, one goes to the 4th, one goes to the 5th, and the last stands guard and watches me. The nest is taken out by the time I can kill the person standing guard. 7. Death from above counters If a survivor is camping on top of a tower, or is otherwise at a really large height, the cinematic for the DFA can last 3 - 5 seconds, maybe more. At that point, I think that both the Hunter and the Survivor should get prompts to either counter/dodge or ensure the DFA, as they are falling. Then just before they hit the ground, the DFA will either be done, dodged, or countered. If you are on the ground, for example ground-pounding and miss, you wouldn't have enough time to dodge someone's DFA, so it would be an insta-kill. 8. Stop allowing survivors to dodge tackles as they are falling. If a survivor gets ground pounded off a roof or is still in mid-air after a GP, or in mid-air for any reason, I should be able to run off that roof and tackle them mid-air; Without them having the ability to jump off air and dodge it. Most ground-oriented tackles will get dodged by any good survivor, so this is one of those "in the bag" tackles that shouldn't be able to be dodged. On the rare occasion I do land that tackle, I get called a hacker for tackling through the roof due to the cinematic. 9. Allow any acid spit that is stuck to do damage even after the survivor leaves the puddle. If I hit you in the face with toxic spit, I'm sorry, but simply moving out of the puddle shouldn't stop you from taking damage. You are COATED in toxins at that point. Maybe don't do enough damage to kill the survivor, but do bleeding damage for another 3 - 5 seconds. 10. Allow the Night Hunter to jump in specific directions like survivors. Survivors can jump in specific directions to get away from the Night Hunter and his abilities. I think the Hunter should be able to jump in a direction other than up. This would be great for dodging drop-kicks, DFA's, buggies, and other things. 11. Allow Hunters the chance to dodge/counter drop-kicks. This one I read on another post, and I agree with it. I feel like during the cinematic of the drop-kick, the hunter should get a prompt to either dodge, counter or spit-react to the drop kick. Like being able to grab their feet and throw them, being able to jump over them, or sticking a spit to their foot. If we could dodge their kick just as they dodge our tackle, it would make things more fair. 12. Only allow ground-pounds that hit buggies to affect the cool-down, if the buggies are in use. On many occasions I have been drained of energy, with 2 - 3 survivors approaching me; and so I pounded an empty buggy, got some energy back, and got away. I think that the ground-pound should only work if the buggy is using an ability like the UV lights, alarm, etc; or if it is occupied. Otherwise, it's slightly cheap. 13. If a survivor is hit with sense-suppressor spit, they can't see spits either. When you hit a survivor with SSS, they can't see the hunter anymore. But if a spit lands behind them, there is a prompt on the screen as to where it is. If you can't sense the hunter, you shouldn't be able to sense his spits, horde or nests either. It should leave you 100% blind, but if this is the case, the duration should be dropped slightly IMO. 14. Have a "Night Hunter Buggy" The buggies that are currently being used kills the passengers when they hit something, flips absurdly easily, and is NEVER used by good survivors because it's easier to fight the hunter in an open field. This buggy/personnel carrier/tank would fit 1 - 4 survivors, and would have a UV turret and gun turret that the second and third person could man (one survivor per turret) without getting killed if the driver hits something. It would be heavier and bigger (armored with spikes that can be used for spike kills on either the NH or humans), and so it would be less affected by ground-pounds. It is more heavy duty, so the UV lights can last longer (or could have specific NH style perks like being immune to bombers). But it travels slower, so the NH can catch up easier, and there should also be a way to camouflage it so the NH can't see it. But, if we use this, I think the ENTIRE following map should be used in invasions. Not just the North or South side, that way they NEED it to keep the match from being an hour long. 15. Allow the NH and Survivors to hear each others chat when in close proximity. If 4 survivors are using the in-game chat; it would be AWESOME if the Night Hunter could hear what they were saying if he was within 10 - 20 or so feet of them. That way, when you play the "SSS / camo game", it could be a little more intense. Or if the survivor has SSS on, and the Night Hunter is sneaking up, the survivor could hear the NH if they were on chat. I was talking about how this would be cool in "The last of us" game, and someone mentioned there's an game out there that has this ability. I thought it was super cool and think it would be fun in BTZ mode. 16. Improve matchmaking It regularly takes me 10 - 20 minutes to find a match, and typically 3 out of 4 matches I won't be able to connect to for some reason. I typically have 1 - 2 matches per hour, 3 on a good night. I don't know if this is due to how high my level is, or what, but it feels like I'm being punished for getting better. The better I get, the harder it is to find a match. I will honestly do a 1v8 match if the survivors aren't "good enough". IDC I just wanna play sometimes!! It's sad that I purposely lose to get matched sometimes... 17. Competitions or ranking. Seriously. This game has such a die-hard following, how has there NOT been some sort of legit competition for this? Maybe the winner gets new outfits. Like, as the Hunter, if I could pick out outfits, that would be fantastic! Maybe have it look like you were wearing something specific before you became infected, or be able to pick out different spike looks or colors or etc. I would love to be able to customize my hunter a little bit. Ranking would be great, not as in apex, but as in "This guy has the best win/lose ratio for his hunter rank" or the best successful pounce ratio, etc. That way we can look up the rankings, and challenge specific Hunters if you're good enough. These are just some idea's I've heard and agreed with, or thought of myself. Please let me know what you think!
  4. Slums/old Town The NH is no longer going to be a laughing stock. He officially is feared. Pete informed me on new moves I could execute so. I attempted in the tutorial area and I have to say I had a lost for words when I saw how fast the NH is. Elite survivors will no longer troll nest, packages, etc. Your no longer going to chase an elite NH because his speed is just that insane. All of my matches in 1v1 were an easy win. 2v1 is very little challenge also. You no longer have to press B for a tackle you can now hold it, your tendril speed is doubled, your running speed is 10x God speed and I personally think this is the best enhancement for the NH. Speed is everything. How fast you can hit the enemy before he can comprehend your position. You literally have a split second to UV or your done. There is also a universal tackle knock back. I'm not exactly sure how it works but whenever I hit someone into another player they both fall to the floor. I laughed as I saw how hard it was for "Ultimate Survivors" to track my movements. Your momentum from running and tendrilling transfers constantly as long as you keep the streak going. No more shield exploit, stuck spits= panicking survivors because of horde. There are many new players now finally so fighting the same people over and over will be mitigated to a degree. All I have to say is SPEED+DECEPETION= GG survivors in open area. Fighting in the open with the new UV heal is going to be a lot easier. Slums/old Town =OP GG. All I have to say is the hunter us about to be feared to the point were no one will want to be invaded without backup. He's just to fast. WE'RE BANK BABY. GOOD NIGHT, GOOD LUCK SKIDS P.S- HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA HAHAHA UHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA Ehem Huhhahahahahaha hahahahahahaa LUNCHMEAT!
  5. "The Flat Land" pro/cons for NH As shown by Techland in "The Showdown" the new map area is extremely "Open Field" of course because it is a countryside. Because of this, there is very little "obstruction" such as buildings, walls, fences, etc to block the UV Light. So instead, we have a constant hit of the UV light on the NH in open space . we all know the range of the UV light especially in laggy scenarios. Unless your in one of the major towns there will be very little for you to tendril on besides the ground cutting your height advantage. It is mandatory that a NH has a different evade or animation based dodges just like Crane on flat land. Or the survivor sense needs to be cut. We need stealth. How can I use my main tool "Deception" in open field against 3 vehicles and with the new "UV safe zone" it's going to be great for the NH eh? Obviously this isn't relevant in the "Marked Locations" but combat on flat ground is going to be a b**h. To all of the GP skids who cry because it is the most used, be prepared because it will be used alot more against buggies in The Country Side. Don't even think about "Jump Scaring" either because as a NH your presence is known 24/7 due to the spam of survivor sense. The element of surprise for you is a myth. Another thing, what to do if you have 4 elite survivors driving in a group and as soon as the NH jumps in a car they all hit the brake lights, 3 of them hop out the car and 3 hit you off the front? Or can you easily hop off? Also, seriously survivors should enter BTZ with a fixated amount of items. Keep your duped items but when BTZ starts your limited to a few medkits so when you run out, you either have to be healed or you die. I keep hearing that alot of nerfs would make the game to much in the NH favor? Not really. That's the point your suppose to use teamwork to kill the NH. Not one guy Rambos his a$$. NH=lunch meat. Anymore pros /cons? Share them. Of course I missed a few.
  6. Following will come out in a only a few guys. Pumped to see the features. My question though is, will Techland extend the mutations and make more? Or should I not hurry to level up my hunter to an apex?
  7. Sometimes being a NH can be stressful against pro survivors, but dont you hate when even after they murder the chupacabra out of you YET they teabag your very soul? I mean in the gaming experience thats a big offense and should be punished, so the question is "HOW?", I present you the new cool passive perk: Last Resort Whats about?: Its a passive perk unlockeable at hunter lvl 2 that has a chance of 25% to make your body explode after 2 seconds calling runners at the point you died, so survivors are obliged to keep running after killing you so there is no time to make fun of your dead NH. I know is not that cool but it is at level 3: Karma Spit Unlockeable after Last Resort, NH lvl 3, this perk is the mother of cold vengeance after 2.5 seconds your death you have a chance of 30% to explote and cover your killer with UV spit AND calling up to 4 volatile. This perk is based of the survivors decision, if you are away of the body this perk wont harm you, BUT if you or any of your team mates dare to make fun of a mighty lvl 3 hunter, "surprise mf!" This perk could change the balance of a game in no time and can be useful against pro survivors, specially the bully ones, adds tension and challenge, NHs can make risk strategies with this perk, "well Im fucked better die near nest hopping my body explodes and call some backup". So what do you guys think? I know cheese names but what about the idea?