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Found 173 results

  1. Hey, I need some help completing the Bozak Horde on ps4. My gamer tag is MrMaddest-Hatter. Prefer someone with a microphone. If you can help me beat it in under 31 minutes tho, no microhone is fine. Thanks!
  2. Dying light is an amazing game, But there is some things that i've realised would make the game a lot better: *New Guns, Especially SNIPERS and RPGs *A REWARD for completing ALL SIDE QUESTS, like a special outfit or some crazy new weapons! I was really disappointed when i didn't receive anything for all my effort and time i spent on doing this! *A PvP gamemode unlocked after the main story where you can hold up in buildings and fight against, not only the infected but other players! E.g when you die you drop all your stuff and people can loot your body etc (Almost like the DayZ Standalone game on steam) I undersand this would be a lot of work for techland but i think it would make the game one million times better! *New map? This is something i wouldn't be to surprised about being a DLC. I think it would be amazing to have a little change in scenery for a little extra money! Slums and OT get pretty boring after a while! So a small, fun map with some bonus quests would be great! If Techland see this, i want you to know, Congratulations on what you have created and you should feel proud as heck to say you developed this game! The suggestions above are (like i said) suggestions that WILL bring more players to the game, and for me, the PvP gamemode would be amazing, as an xbox player, there isn't a game or gamemode on any console game like that (i dont think)! PS if the PvP gamemode does get created, please dont make it for PC only. I beg Thanks for reading, i really appreciate it!
  3. Dzień dobry, mam problem z Dying Light Companion. Nie dostaje paczek które wysyłam. Kwatermistrz posiada tylko przedmioty które można odebrać co rano. Potrzebuje pomocy co mam zrobić. Z góry dziękuję. Paczka wysyłana na PC
  4. I am currently working on recreating The slums in the developer tools. It will have it's own story. If anyone wishes to help out let me know. This project is going to take me a long time to complete. It will be 1:1 scale of the Slums. though it might not be exactly the same it will be very close. I have brecken's tower and the sourounding area that I am working on. the tower is 75% done.
  5. Hunter Removed "Insta-tackle" (Hunter turning after a failed tackle or pounce to start another tackle immediately) Reduced time in recovery state for UV Heal Survivor Fix for "Autocrossbow" mod Separate flare usage costs and cooldowns for 1v1-4v1
  6. The guns suck in dying light. They are all the same but with different skins. I know every player would like new guns. Everyone wants a bolt action rifle with a real scope and not a stupid red dot scope , also a silencer for their guns. The guns now arent anything cool. There is so very few of them in the game. I dont see how you can make the greatest zombie game and mess up so bad on guns.
  7. Gonna start fresh! Post your BTZ matches here!!! Or, if you're a Survivor, post your Invasion matches here!
  8. Hi guys. I have a small request. Please add to the game the opportunity to look at the clock in Dying Light. I have to constantly keep track of time to not get stuck in the middle of the night far from refuge. The game clock is displayed on the tab with the map, but it's wildly uncomfortable. It would be much cooler if it was possible to check the hours without going to menu. Thanks.
  9. HI dear developers. I would like to ask if it's impossible to change the ending of the game so that Jade and Rahim would survive, I was very worried about their fate in this game?
  10. Hello everyone I recently thought of a rather interesting idea that deviates from the instant tackle debate or the ground pound spit concerns. This idea concerns the reward system after you win an invasion match as a human. I would like to hear what people think about this idea, so please, give your honest opinion if you would like to. The current reward system seems rather outdated/useless for most veteran players. Winning gold weapons after a match really isn't all that useful anymore due to most players having a huge player stash of weapons from invasion matches. For me personally and for the majority of players that I play with, all of them toss their won weapons immedietally after a match or just end up selling them. Typically, most veteran players have one or two weapons that they will use every single match because they personally prefer using that weapon during invasions rendering all other weapons they have in their stash/inventory pretty much useless. I feel as if the reward system needs to change so that winning an invasion match feels well... more rewarding. Since duping has been patched (thank you guys for patching it seriously) everyone must craft their own materials or get them from other people. In order to make this easier and for the game to feel more rewarding, instead of winning gold weapons from a match, why not a bunch of medkits/flares/equipment? I feel like this would match the upkeep for using these items during an invasion match. Or perhaps you could win a mix of weapons and equipment For example, the higher rank the hunter, the more items you would win. I haven't thought of the exact numbers though. However, I understand some of you might feel differently about this. It doesn't have to be exactly like how I said it, I just wanted to get the general idea out there, let me know what you guys think about this as I feel this would only benefit the invasion mode in this game.
  11. I have written this on behalf of the Dying Light fan community. After spending some time over the last months asking fans online, researching and collating information from articles, message boards, blogs, watching YouTube videos and reading comments about what us fans would want to see in Dying Light 2 once it's in production if it's not already? We hope you take some of these suggestions and wishes into consideration when making Dying Light 2. 1. BIGGER MAPS!: This was one of the most commented topics for Dying Light 2 - As always the gamer wants to see bigger maps than the last game had. Games like Fall Out & SkyRim infamously have huge open world maps which we all would like to see in Dying Light 2. 2. BEING ABLE TO BUILD & CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN SAFEZONES: This was another of the most talked about online comments for Dying Light 2. Being able to build and customise your own safe zones by adding Barricades, Spikes, UV Lights, and to make it more interesting you could make it so the gamer would have to defend it against bad guys and zombie hoards trying to take over the safe zones. 3. BETTER LOCATIONS: There was some really cool suggestions when it came to this topic - In the first game there was some great places to explore like the country side in The Following, Climbing The Tall bridge near the slums and exploring The City of Harran, which we hope you don't get rid of in the second game and hopefully more like that will be in the second instalment of the Dying Light series. In addition to those that was just mentioned it would be cool to explore new places, here are some of the stand out online liked comments & suggestions: Area 51 like military bases that has an underground to it where the government have been doing tests on Aliens, UFO's & Zombies. Bigger Mountains, Deep Forests, bigger Country Sides, Storms, Snow and new types of terrain. Shipwrecks that you can swim to and collect treasure from, abandoned Cruise Ships at sea to explore and loot. Military Bases, Theme Parks, Casinos, Malls, High Skyscrapers, Movie Studios, Cop Stations, Zoo's and Sports Arenas. There was already a few secret loots and hidden caves in the first game which were exciting to explore, but the feeling from the fans was that we would like to see a lot more of these and that they are made harder to find/harder to get to with more treasure inside, the crashed UFO in the ocean was a good example. Also Scavenging could be made more difficult. 4. MORE MISSIONS & SIDE QUESTS: We hope that there will be longer and a lot more missions than the first Dying Light. We also would like to see a lot more Side Quests and Board Quests. There was also a comment left that said "Finding mysterious characters hidden away in the game that are hard to find that will offer you creepy missions to complete". 5. NEW BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER BAD GUYS/ZOMBIES: The first game had some great characters like the cult in The Following & Rise and his men, Volatiles, Running zombies, David and Goliath on the little rock in the ocean. Volatile mutations - like Alpha Volatiles which could be immune to UV Lights and sense you through walls. I did see quite a lot of people mention that there was about 4/5 giant zombies that you had to defeat in the game but that it was disappointing that they didn't spawn again later in the game to fight them. New mutant type zombies that were different from the first game. Bandits that are harder to kill that are equipped with military grade weapons. 6. BETTER WEAPONS: There was a hell of a lot of suggestions when it came to what new weapons should be in Dying Light 2, here's a few of the most popular ones that I noticed on message boards and YouTube comments. Having a much larger range of better weapons - guns like Desert Eagles, Sniper Rifles, Smith & Wesson Magnum 500, Flash Grenades, RPG's and more blueprints. Attachments to weapons like Scopes, Silencers, Laser Guiding, Flash Lights etc. 7. RECAPTURING VOLATILE HIVES/NESTS: In the first game you was able to clear Volatile hives/caves which was a lot of fun for us but after you cleared them all you could not clear them again. We would like to see the Volatiles try and take back the Hives/caves in the second game. 8. BETTER VEHICLES: In the first game the buggy was ok but could be made better for us players when it comes to transport. Having more of a choice of what we want to get around in would be a good idea, here's some of the suggestions that I read online from fans - being able to use a Hand Glider of Sky Scraper/ Tall Mountains, Cars, Motorcycles, Planes, Boats and Ships. One fan posted on Twitter "I want an Easter egg in the game where you can get Daryl's bike from The Walking Dead" which got 100s of likes on Twitter. 9. MORE DLC: The DLC in first Dying Light game was great with the likes of The Following, Ultimate Survivor Bundle and Cuisine & Cargo, I could see that was a demand to see a lot more DLC to be made available to purchase through the game store. 10. 4K GRAPHICS: One of the biggest hopes for us Dying Light fans is for Dying Light 2 to have 4K graphics. With 4K consoles coming out like the new Xbox that will be released in late 2017 and the rumoured PS5 in 2018, we would hope that the Dying Light 2 graphics will be made for 4K gaming so that we can enjoy an even more realistic approach to the game making Dying Light 2 even more creepy and exciting than the first game.
  12. Do us 'fans' anyone info on Dying light 2? please give us a hint or some thing lol. most of us love your game so anyways if there is please give us some new please. ps Love you guys! also Stay Fuzzy ! From Fuzzy Modz YouTube Channel: Here! Twitter: Here!
  13. Sorry for making another thread, but thread with bugs and exploits turned into sth really bad, what barely resembles serious thread, just too much stupid people arguing about different things. I am going toward the core problems with gameplay. #1 one of the most unfair glitches used by "pro" hunters. As you can see i died after being tackled in water even after cancelling pounce with uv light. Landing into water saves you from dead, but when combiend with pounce makes a deadly glitchy combo which kills human faster than intended. #2 and #3 In this video we have 2 sequences. In first you can see a move which allows you to rain death from above on hunter in places where it shouldn't be allowed, for example on a roofs where there is no walls or poles to use a ghook. To recreate it, you have to press JUMP, just after JUMP you have to use grappling hook on an enemy to execute an extremely weird rocket like jump. Second cut shows a known exploit called "repair-slice" which allows human to kill a hunter in a split of a second, quicker than intended. To recreate it you have to hold repair just after swinging with partially broken sword and press attack again as soon as you see repair animation. $4 Cherry on the top. Surely the most ridiculous exploit found in game while playing human side. Fire damage from molotov is ok, explosive damage is also ok, but combined are killing nests entirely. When there are 2,3,4 players hunter has literally no options to win. My proposition to fix this issue is simple, remove the additional damage from the equation. Leave just fire and explosive. The most fair way to kill nests was using weapons with fire and electricity, human had to do a 60 % of damage with swinging, additional effects were taking the rest.
  14. Hi, short story: Since a month ago, no matter what i try, the game will stop registering kills in the statistics after the 'First Assignment' quest is finished. I tried redownload, verify integrity, changing game from SinglePlayer to Public, but that won't solve the issue whatsoever. If needed, i can provide 2 hours of gameplay in which i kept the kills stats at 128,but the good thing is that everything else is adding up right... And,no, starting new game won't work... Anyone has ever experienced something similar? Any guesses or things i may try? Thank you very much!
  15. The companion app after sign in drops the connection.
  16. Hello there. I have a question for the Dying Light developer tool: 1. Do I need to have Dying Light for my PC to create a custom map? I've been looking up this question a lot, but I found no answer. I want create a custom map, maybe even two, on my PC, but I don't have Dying Light on here. I have it on my Xbox One. I also have another question: 2. Can I transfer my custom map (hypothetically speaking, if I don't have to download the game on my PC to create maps) to my Xbox One once it's finished? I'm hoping I can find the right answers here. Thank you guys.
  17. I have dying light and dying light the following enhanced edition on discs. Whenever i launch the following, it launches the normal game. I dont want to delete the normal game because it has good weapons i cant get back. Please help. Also, I am on Xbone
  18. BTZ will be modified for Invasions this weekend! Here's a quick rundown: HUNTER: 1. No Howl 2. No Spit 3. No Tackle 4. (2) UV Block/Heal per life SURVIVOR: 1. No Survivor Sense 2. (2) Flares per life Follow the link for more details! Merry Christmas!
  19. Hey, I would like to see a new dying light, maybe a following edition, like the following to the story, or maybe even do a dying light 2. I still play the game, and I seem always to have something to do, but the game is dying out for me, and that I dont want to happen. The reason I want to se a new edition, is because i think the game is awesome, and that the story was great, but still a little bit short. Dying light 2 could go on in Rio de Janeiro, or somewhere where you now that there would be lot of opportunity for good parkour, with lots of paths and other cool stuff Kind regards Marco
  20. yo, just to get this outta the way, this is for dying light on xbox one, not ps4 or pc. if ya looking for ps4 or pc section ya gonna need to look elsewhere. sorry just last forum site i made a thread for this on had people from other systems spam posting on the thread leading to me not getting any help and the site deleting my thread. anyways on to business. yes i know my grammar and spelling could use some work, kinda in a rush to complete this post before my lunch break since im at work. anyhoo. i'm here today in search of new traders and slayers, a.k.a. people i can trade items and people i can kill some zombies with. understand i dont have the dlc, kicking myself cause i so want that compound bow. mind you all i plan to get the season pass asap its just gonna take awhile because being a soul provider to a household makes it difficult to get yourself nice things when every cent seems to go to the house and to others. grr rambling again. continuing, as i stated before i'm in search of traders and slayers. i shall post a list of items i'm in search of and if you happen to have a spare and are interested in trading or being the very rare, generous type, drop your xbox one gamertag in the thread or just add me, my gamertag is the same as my username here, akkadian2009. also, as i stated before, i am in search of slayers, people to kill zombies with. if ya interested well second verse same as the first. so drop them names so we can put them in a herse. i'll edit this more soon note* if you join my game lobby only to showcase your weapons or skills, a.k.a. rub my nose in your glory, gloaters, griefers, all round jerks, i'll give you the boot with a quickness. i need traders and slayers, not jerks. note** I'm usually online around midnight central standard time for usa as always this is akkadian2009, good night good luck.
  21. Hi all, first i would like to thank you Techland for delivering the greatest multiplayer experience i ever had, 1v1 was my addiction for almost a year now. I think it was the only balanced mode, 2,3,4 vs 1 was not balanced in theory. In practice humans are not covering each other all the time, that's why people think 2,3,4 vs 1 was balanced. I also play sometimes as a hunter and flare spam is real in 2,3,4 vs 1. never in 1v1. Decision to give human 1 flare at a time is great for 2,3,4 humans vs hunter. But it completely destroys balance in 1v1. I know that there are not too many people who like to play 1v1 with top hunters so you will probably won't listen to me. I am dying breed and there are maybe 5 % players playing 1v1. I woul like to encourage all of you guys to vote if you want to bring back old cooldowns for falres but only in 1v1. If the game can recognize when other players are joining and increase the ratio of recharging spits on the fly, why it can't allow for 2 flares in 1v1 ? If one flare at a time is here to stay in 1v1 i would like to say goodbye to all my hunter and human friends, it was a f.cking great time to play with you guys, sweet times.
  22. Hello, when i try to make a pushable object, its working fine, but when i push it in the custom game, it makes a invisible barrier, that the player cant walk trough Help.
  23. Jak naprawic jesli po włączeniu pojawia sie taki komunikat?? Help!!! Na Steamie
  24. Siema ziomki. Jestem nowy na youtube ale pierwsza moja solowa seria którą nagrywam to Dying Light. Mam do was prośbę bo jesteście już starymi wyjadaczami pewnie, a ja ciagle jestem 'zielony jak szczypior'. Póki co nie mogę nagrywać dalej gdyż mam awarię komputera ale moglibyście mi coś doradzić? Jak lepiej grać i co robić? Jakie zombie mają najczulsze punkty? Bo kiedy już skończę to, to chciałbym się zabrać za dodatek na najwyższym poziomie trudności oraz Dead Island, bo nie wiem dlaczego ale strasznie podobaja mi się takie gierki survivalowe Tutaj link do playlisty z Dying Light. Pozdrawiam wasz ziomek TepskiTeps
  25. Most of them are well known by now. I'm playing on PS4. 1. Glitched Trophies -"Now It's Safe" and "It's All In the Writing" are the glitched trophies I've encountered so far. Some people say that "Polyamory" and "Homo Homini Lupus Est" are also glitched. A lot of people are still wondering that "The Whole Story" trophy might be glitched as well since there's like maybe a few ones that might have it or none actually at this time. PS: It would be a big "BS" move if ever "The Whole Story" trophy/achievement requires the paid DLC missions. Here is a list of side quests that I've already compeleted, notify me if I missed some side quests: 2. I can't max out my survivor level which is level 25. -The exp meter is stuck at 471500/475000 exp and it doesn't go up beyond that. Both my agility and power levels have already been maxed out without problems. By the time I completed the story quests, I was below Survivor Level 24. Some people said that they can get to Survivor Level 25 as long they haven't finished the story quests to 100%. 3. There are times that zombies get glitched through a wall. - There's a rare chance that some zombies go through a wall like they had a momentary ghost mode. 4. Broken counters in the personal statistics under the Extras menu. - I've noticed 2 counters are not registering the progress I've made, one is for the Safe Zones and the other one is for the Quarantine Zones. Both of those stay at 0, I've already got the "Trespassing" trophy which require to complete the quarantine zones. 5. Teleports me into different areas/locations when continuing my game. - I noticed that every time I quit the game when I'm in Old Town so I can save my progress, the next time I continue to play the game it loads my character to the Slums instead of loading Old Town. I'm looking forward to a fix to the glitched trophies.