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Found 76 results

  1. Update your game and go to your Quartermaster to get the free Gun Silencer Blueprints — which have been added to Dying Light by popular demand. The silencer doesn’t break and it has no cool down, so you can use it as much as you like. It does require special Subsonic Ammo, which you can find by looting police vans around Harran.
  2. Just found an interesting article outlining Techland and Iceflames plans for the near future of Pure Farming. Quite ambitious and promising. Whether it's paid DLC or not, I reckon we're in for some surprises. Personally, I want more crops, maps and activities. New machines are not my immediate request. What do you guys think? Speculate away...
  3. Hey fellow farmers. So, I've notice a mysterious building in Japan (near the greenhouses). The building is closed and has some barriers blocking the entrance. Makes it look like there's something happening there soon, or that it's being renovated... I wonder what it could be? Are the developers leaving us some clues for future DLC or is it just to mess with us? Strange that it's not like the other buildings that are part of the background, which are closed but don't have these barriers. I've searched other areas of the map, but didn't find any similar buildings. What do you guys think? Am I just seeing something that it isn't there? Wishful thinking, perhaps? Happy Farming! Gabriel
  4. Okay guys the wait is over for content drop 0! It is finally here on consoles!! And the intro video is pretty cool, I recommend watching all the way through.
  5. No seriously where's the DLC ?
  6. People have been coming up with some crazy yet cool ideas for dying light I want to implement some very easy ideas that can be done easily.I wanted to add the ability to take off the X-Ray vision when performing a takedown a toggle on and off switch if you will for those that do like it....see simple and easy right?I want the ability for Crane to make a "quick safe space" this can only be done when your not being chased and can't be done when virals and hunters are in the process of spotting you Crane should have the ability to hide in closets and trunks of cars with the ability to open it slightly to look around these spots should be safe but still rank him up come morning time as if he weren't in a safe house.Techland loves to play hide and seek with items why not keep it going with watches different types of watches analog digital pocket watch all with there unique animations when he looks down come night I said very easy to do very simple...but the watches would have to be found throughout the maps much like buggy paints and skins.They should also make the jeep drivable with up to four passengers.Passengers should be able to wield weapons and guns more safely than the buggy.Give crane more skins of different characters and also update the Rahim and Brekken skins to have there voice when climbing and grunting and so on.Just a few ideas techland can do to keep us even more involved in this game I love it already keep up the great work!
  7. I just found out about the new DLC drop today. I started my game and saw the new video advertising it. I've already completed the game and The Following as well some months ago. So when I went to play in Old Town, a screen popped up, saying it was going to change my settings and all. I panicked at it, and clicked no. BUT, now I'm thinking that's how to get the new DLC that's just been released. I've been playing for about an hour in Old Town, and haven't seen any new enemies, or the new goon yet. Is there anyway I can go back and get the DLC now? Please let me know!! I love this game, but I am truly craving to play some new content in it!!!
  8. 1.Czy macie już gotowe koncepty odnośnie dodatków, czy jesteście otwarci na całkowicie nowe propozycje? 2.Jak mniej więcej będą duże te dodatki? Bo oczywiście drugiego the following nie dostaniemy za darmo. Co to buga, zainstalowałem grę dzisiaj i zauważyłem że niektóre stroje nie mają swojej tekstury w skrytce (zastępują je białe prostokąty), a na mapie widać coś podobnego w miejscach z misjami.
  9. Anyone else think there should be increased deapth to the gunplay (not at he same deapth, but close to the same deapth as the swordplay)? Eg: Different gun mods (damage, fire, toxic, bleed, etc) and maybe something more intricate like a bayonet or silencer? I dunno, just feels like the gunplays not on the same level as the swordplay, which is a shame : )
  10. For simplicity and privacy, I am hiding our chat names and will label myself as "1" my friend as "2". This is just a basic little chat while we were thinking about possible upgrades to games we've spent so many hours on and here was our thoughts on dying light: If people wish to add to this, go ahead any and all ideas to help make an even better game are welcome. 1:they could do things like a more immersive city that allows you to chain more parkour while also making it harder to parkour, like the reactions you need are a lot quicker as in you run and jump over a wall and realising there is a street below you about hive stories you have to grab onto something 2:or perhaps actual ways to save people. 1:Save people? Like deadrising save? Where you save npc's? 2:two ways. like Dead Rising, and remember the Dying Light Demo when he was going to the crate, but there was a little girl in danger? 1: I do not remember the demo but if it was like deadrising saves that could add a progressive feel to the game as well like suddenly you save a blacksmith and he helps make sick weapons or something new available either sooner in the game or that would not be available without saving the person... maybe 2: huh. well, it was either, save someone, or get the crates. the saving people was so out of the way, though 2: and exactly, have an upgradeable home base. the more, or better people you save, the more your sattions level up 1: even though i do not exactly feel the enhanced home base feature would help the game too much if they were to add it... i feel they may focus on it too much and lack certain aspects of the rest of the game. And unless it is a strategy game... i've never been too much of a fan of upgrading the home base 2:they don't need to focus too much on it. you won't like this idea, but perhaps do something like The Division. base already set, you just need the people to level them up
  11. So you know when survivors are getting eaten by a zombie and you're supposed to save them or when one of Raises men are getting eaten? Well when you cant save them and/or you don't want to, and after they die, could it be possible that after they die, the virus rots them and it resseructs them into a slow walker? I get that when people get bit they turn into virals, but these guys are dead and already starting to rot. I just think that it would be cool to see them get bitten, die, wait a minute or two, and see them rise up as a rotten, walking dead. Even if you don't do this, I think it's great that you're doing cool stuff for the many people who play this game.
  12. Hello to everyone who is reading this post i want to give some dlc ideas to improve the game. First of all i would really like to see weapons attachments like supressors or sights that would be found in police vans or you have to craft them (new guns like sniper rifles rpg or any gun you can imagine would fit really god into the game too). It would be also really great to add weapon paints that you can change because its boring always looking at the same grey pistol while you kill the zombies. And the last idea is that you can customize the safe houses like adding guns on it or electric walls idk you will have quests to find the components you need to craft it. Thanks for reading hope you like this ideas and it would be great to add them on the game.
  13. DLC

    I have been playing dying light since it came out non stop I don't play many games but I know when I like a game I play it a lot but this game is fairly old to the point that you should have atleast one DLC locked and loaded ready to put out...the longer you take with the DLC for such a old game the more will be expected out of it...oh and by the way doing more run types like for the fake bozak or more buggy routes for Bilal would be a smack in the face to actually call a DLC I got my cousin to buy this game again a coworker to buy it for the first time and a few others to get back on within the last month in a half before we heard of th DLC......don't let me down techland I'm counting on you...good night....and good luck!
  14. So I heard Techland is looking at their forums for possible DLC ideas, so I hope you guys see this one! First off I'm so excited for new DLC and hyped for a new reason to play this game again! Anyway here's my idea: "Death From Above" in this mission your sent by survivors to scavenge the Harran International Airport in hopes to find supplies and possibly buggy parts. When you arrive you fight through a strong presence of military infected and make it to the main terminal, once there you find a former pilot holed up in an airport office; you ask him why there are so many freshly infected military personnel. He explains that the military is secretly running tests on the infected and are exporting their research to Crane's former employer, the military were going to use the pilot as bait to draw in more infected; but were overrun so he escaped. You go to another section of the airport to find a running cargo plane surrounded by human military personnel and a few containers, you sneak around gathering intel on what may be happening. You then discover that the military is planing to drop bombs filled with a gas form of the disease on survivor camps so the government can provide evidence that there are no more survivors and nuke the quarantine. They would then be able to sell the disease as a weapon. You stealthily board the plane in an attempt to destroy the cargo via plastic explosives you scavenged, but while you're on the plane it begins to take off. You check a window to see that the infected have overrun the military, the plane takes off and you start moving through it. You fight through all the crew on the plane until you come to the pilot's cabin, he turns around and see's you, in an attempt to kill you he pulls the plane into a dive; you punch him and grab the controls to pull the plane up. You then grab a parachute and dive out of the plane , detonating the explosives you planted after deploying your parachute and watching the debris crash into an empty field. THE END Well, that's my idea hope you like it, also you would be able to find things throughout the mission like: buggy parts, outfits, weapons, paints, etc...
  15. I just bought Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition for week ago and I've play The Following DLC for a while. But since game updated on 18 Feb, I can normally start the game but I can't play The Following DLC. Then I look on DLC on steam, it show that Dying Light - The Following is not installed.
  16. Here is a short location guide on how to obtain the Origami 101 Gold Tier blueprint! Hope this helps anyone!
  17. Hi maybe something for techland to note i talked to techland support, After what i thought was content that was now free (even thought it was pre order)(punk queen and wrench kiss) Since the new DLC release date my friends have got these 2 blue prints. However none of them pre ordered. (very aware that none of them mod) so yeah people are getting the pre orders for no reason (unless i am wrong) anyway that was all (we are on steam)
  18. So I've finished dying light the following and I must say I'm not sure how I feel about some of it. Like either ending makes me think of stuff like is dying light over ( I wouldn't think it is) or is crane a hybrid like the mother was . I'm so confused on it I would hope it's not like this bc I'm still wondering what happened to the twins and ezgi and everyone else in the game . Now on to the dlc what I would like to see and probably many others like what is going on with the rocking train ? Does it contain animals that carry on the virus or a big monster trying to get out bc I loved fighting the freaks of nature wish there was a lot more, are you going to put deadly sea creatures in the sea bc a lot of time I have a fear of something in the waters at night but I know nothings in there lol . So onto other dlc like weapons I would love to see like a fantasy weapon grim reapers scythe( this one the most) , Thor's hammer , medieval spiked mace etc , maybe silencers for guns , I know you guys will do us right I've been impressed this whole time been with you all the way so far but please don't end Kyle crane ! Also I would love to see you guys add more to the story and add more costumes like a scarecrow outfit and pitchforks lol
  19. Here is a quick guide on how to find this mysterious blueprint called Tolga's Folly!
  20. Hi guys, i bought dying light enhanced edition on psn store and im downloading right now, but i have a question, when i go to the psn store all the Dlcs like The Following, Season Pass, survivor bundle... all dlcs appear to buy not to download, all those dlcs are in game download, cause when i buy a game on psn store like a bundle it unlocks all contents on psn, thoze dlcs will be avaliable when the game finish the download or what the hell happen?
  21. So I have been in this forum since day one (although my posts may not show this since I lurk more than post) and I have really been enjoying the new DLC content. But a long time ago, before the following was even announced (and maybe even an idea at the time), I made a thread talking about creating a new DLC that would let the player enter the world of Harran from a different characters point of view. The idea was similar to the Ryder White campaign in the original Dead Island. I made suggestions about making it about Jade, Brecken, Rais, or even Troy. A more active member of the community sided with my idea, but told me that these characters would be pointless since the game tells about their past, so they wouldn't be fun to experience. This poster actually suggested making a DLC starring Amir and showing his contributions to the Tower before he saves Cranes life at the cost of his. We never get to know a lot about this character other than that he was a former GRE operative who seemed to have a huge role amongst the Tower residents. That thread really got into the idea about playing as Amir and experiencing his backstory instead of just hearing about it. So, i guess with that being said, please don't leave us with the following and bug fixes. Please make at least one more DLC for the fans who care about the story more than the zombie killing. It can be short and linear for all I care (just like Ryder White. As fan of this game from so long ago, I feel this is the one DLC that would mean a lot to the community as well can be labeled "we listened and we gave our fans what they asked for".
  22. Serious question. My PSN and original game are registered and purchased in Hong Kong. After I have downloaded this add-on (directly from PSN), it was unable to initiate installation process automatically. The status freezes on "Waiting to install". I have tried the following but still fail: 1) Delete and re-download the purchased add-on; 2) Restore the licences; 3) Use other mediums (browser) to access PSN and initiate the download process again. All of the above-mentioned means have been tried and the related information could not be found in Library. Please kindly advice.
  23. Just got the update notification on my PS4 My digital copy started DL'ing update 1.09 at about 9:30pm est it's 8 gigs whoo hoo, so I'll be on before midnite hopefully! thanks Techland for letting us game owners start dling before 12am, hope the season pass updates too!
  24. Are the new parkour moves available? If so, how do I do them?
  25. *A note, to better understand what I'm talking about, there are two locations you can stand that are high up in the game that will help you see what I see. There is a radio tower at the top of the Slums that during the mission Pact With Rais, you climb, and it never becomes a safe house. Standing there will help you see the area I refer to as Harran Business, as you will read. The other place you need to stand is on the highest point of the crane that connects the Tower to the practice tower in the beginning of the game, so you can see the city across the water from the Stadium and all that. Another place to check that sight out is from up top the Infamy Bridge, however I have not done that yet, as I've been writing this post* Hi guys, so I have a huge list of ideas for the future of Dying Light, probably so many that that's why I chose to make this a separate post. Otherwise I would've just replied to the main post. Also, I'll make a copy of this post and try and put it in the comments section, just in case it might fit. First and main change I would like to see happen is that, every bit of city as far as thy Crane can see will be released in DLC like The Following. Standing off the far radio tower that is not a safe house, all the way against the opposite side of the map than Old Town, you can see very far, and there is nothing but bigger and bigger city. Imagine 3 bigger and bigger sections of play area than what we will already have when the Following comes out, all released as separate DLC packs that are huge expansions with all new campaign and challenges and any other game modes added to the game as it is, with its ever growing way of playing multiplayer, while there is still so much single player to do as well. This is already the best game on modern consoles in my opinion, just have to get that out there, you guys at Techland have really set a new standard for how video games should be pushed to be made, and I just take in and enjoy every last bit of this game. Whether I just feel like looting, or looking at the sights, Harran is home to me. And like many other players I'm sure, we want to know whats going on in the rest of Harran? Whats in that building at the very other end as far as you can see that looks taller than any other place in all of Harran? Was it meant to be of equal height as Rais's unfinished building in the Slums, like a twin towers thing to mark both sides of Harran? Whats all the history of the rest of the city and whats going on there now? Enough with my opening paragraph, here's my detailed list of ideas based on what I just said above... DLC 1: Harran Business As you stand up here on the radio tower at the edge of the map, looking over the rest of Harran that you currently can't go to, you see there is a middle section of city that is bigger than the Slums and Old Town put together, and it stretches from behind Rais's tower, all the way passed the giant red Antenna on the hill by the water, which I'm 99% sure is the one you climb at the end of the game. Beyond all that is an even bigger city area that looks more or less complete, with a building taller than any other point in all of Harran at the very far back. This is all much easier to see at night from the top of Brecken's Tower, but this will be DLC 2 so we'l come back to that. For the first DLC Following the Following, it would be this mass stretch just beyond the wall, and it looks like the business part of Harran, probably industrial plants on the far end you can't see well, lots of tall buildings, but also smaller buildings and even Slums that went partly into this business area, so for obvious reasons, I'm going to refer to this area as Harran-Business. The beauty of it, is how its pretty much all cityscape though, as to where The original game is pretty balanced between open space and tightly packed residential areas and bigger city areas, and The Following is going to essentially be all countryside, so it adds a different variety of terrain and how you will move around, depending on how the producers design it, if they take my ideas, and I seriously hope they do. I don't even want credit for it, I just want to play it. My campaign idea for the Business section would be mostly massive amounts of zombies, to change it up from having human enemies. It's further in the future and its all undiscovered to us, so it would make sense. Especially when you look at the layout and begin hypothesizing. I dreamt up that there is a group of several survivors who have taken up two big buildings in the area, the main one being the one kind of straight out in the middle of the left side of the map, its tall and skinnyish and it has two really tall antenna sticks on top of it. The second being a building chosen somewhere further towards the Antenna side of the map. Now these survivor groups are both friendly, and have both been able to contact eachother with small radios, but have never had a good enough engineer to rig something that would sure reach the Slums, and beyond that, the zombies are in much greater numbers and more fierce than those of Old Town. Now to explain how I dreamt they get in contact with Kyle Crane, I need to explain one more detail, so bare with me. When you look to the left (Still on radio tower) you see three matching buildings in a triangle that are close to the hill side. These three buildings are Volitile nests. Stretching from them, is a single road that is a big stretch of just slum houses that go up to the big bridge that was cut in half for the wall. Volitile Nests should be a new kind of challenge that is harder than the small scale Quarantine Zones, and would be bigger and more puzzle like, similar to Raids on Destiny. I think a total of 6 of these Volitile buidlings in the whole Business area seems about right, but would probably come out in smaller DLC packs thru the year, to keep everyone entertained while the big DLC's come out once a year. Back to the plot, So the whole line of Slums from the 3 tall buidings in the Business area to the bridge, is known as Death Row, because there are so many Volitiles and Virals at night, that they walk the streets like it's Dia de Muertos down the whole road and thru all the slums there, and there's so many that even during the day, in dark places in some of the houses lurk Volitiles that didn't make it back home before sunrise. So because of this, the survivors haven't been able to get anyone close enough to the wall with a radio to contact anyone for help, until a small group takes a recorded radio transmitter device close to the edge where they can find some power, and thats how the DLC would start off, by the Tower or Jaffar picking up this radio signal for urgent help over the wall. So Crane gets there and finds this group in the main building, and as it turns out, there's thousands of survivors, but more than most are too scared and not willing to leave the safety of the two towers they control throughout the Business area, thus making it very hard to survive, and they barely have anyone other than what few surviving runners they have to go out and supply the tower. But this also means that most places you get in and loot will be full of treasure because it hasn't been touched. You then meet the leader of the main tower and he explains why they have been so far behind, and how they never got air drops in their section, so they've been sitting ducks, leadership is being questioned, acts of cannibalism have been found in the tower causing mass fear among people throughout the buildings. So Crane, Brecken and Spike start setting up Safe zones, training runners, build the bridge over the wall to easily get back and forth between The Slums and Business areas, and the main part of the campaign will be about taking out the three Volitile Towers known as The Bremuda Triangle, as well as the fourth building which is the building right beside the highway on the left side of it, where the highway turns right after have turned left, it has a Crane beside it, which being as he is Kyle Crane, it would be the last mission for the main campaign of the Business, where they get a wrecking ball on the crane and Crane gets to the top and uses the Crane to demolish the building completely, while of course other Volitile nests are blown up or taken down in other creative ways, so it never feels the same. But by completing this campaign, you clear Death Row of being too dangerous to go near and wipe out a mass amount of Zombies, so when the campaign is complete its easier to get around and do other side missions that pop up beacuse there will no longer be streets of volitiles and virals, but of course they'll still be around at night in smaller numbers. Along side that, by teaching these people how to survive, they become permanent allies and start helping more around their tower and training runners as the campaign goes on. Small DLC packs throughout the year of this 1st DLC could have more Volitile Nests and more game modes and whatever else the creators came up with. I don't want to go too far into detail so that an idea similar to mine might be made and something of this future of Harran I forsee might actually happen. Again, I want no credit for my ideas these are for Techland to look over and decide if they like my idea to push foward and make Dying Light literally the biggest and best game ever made. Complete Last Idea for smaller DLC during the year of Harran Business would be, if you look off the right of the radio tower to where you can see the Antenna area and the lengthy stretch of the Business area, you see one tall building that stands out, it looks like it has big rectangle windows that might be busted out or something, and its a little yellower and lighter than the rest of the buildings down there. That building would be like the Bozak Horde but a Volitile Nest that a crazy guy rigged to send out lots of Volitiles on that side of the map during the night, but also has a way to bring them in during the day, and he has all these radio messages repeating and posters and stuff advertising that its a safe haven, to trick people into going in and being eaten by Volitiles immediately, by his complete torture path of challenges. He keeps claiming that like all serial killers though, he wants to be caught, so if you make it to the top, you can kill him, but Crane plans to bomb the whole building with the new bad guy in the building as well. Just another small DLC idea that gives something else like Bozak Horde. DLC 1 Overview: *So New modes would be; -Volitile Nests as big challenges, more meant for multiplayer but can be beaten alone as well -Different Layout to conquer -New Plot -Game focuses on gathering and selling to the towers to help them grow and strive, while settling civil disputes and connecting the two towers with the Slums, and main enemies are zombies and not humans -And anything else Techland comes up with Ok, that was pretty lengthy, but DLC 2 and 3 won't be that long, because it's all so far away that I can't really imagine a cool plot like I could by sitting up on this radio tower and looking over the immediate layout that I call Harran-Business. So please keep reading and seriously, please consider these ideas, at least just the concept of being able to go everywhere you see around you. DLC 2: The Big City Again, really all that stands out to me with the big city is that it will be much harder to traverse, it will probably mostly take place actually inside most of the buildings you see rather than out in the streets, giving it much more room for the horror aspect of the game. I also think The Big City should include a bit of being able to forge ways to get around the map. Also the giant building I keep referring to at the other end completely of the whole city of Harran, its like Rais's tower but complete, could maybe be a Tower Crane takes over which also allows you to forge, create businesses, and set up the whole building how you want, and if you want to add floors you have to clear them out first, which would get harder as you go up. So Crane is like King of Harran. Another idea might be to make the whole Big City area an MMO area for Dying Light where it might have all the characteristics except Crane owning the tall tower, and it would be meant to take out huge amounts of all kinds of zombies in different areas, all free roam but still have missions and side missions and what not, and also not needed to be done with a team but will prove almost impossible to beat alone. Really I just want to leave The Big City up to the producers though, especially with how in depth I was with the intro to the rest of Harran, The Business section. So overview of DLC 2 Is The Big City, which for more detail, is the giant part of city you see beyond what I describe as Business, with much taller buildings and a building that I keep talking about that looks higher than any point in all of Harran at the complete opposite side of the whole city. This is all easier to see from the Tower at night rather than the radio tower I'm standing on while writing this (the far radio tower by the wall that is not a base, but you climb it for Karim in Pact With Rais). -Possibly Single Player based campaign area, or the idea of being an MMO area for the game, as one giant lobby where people team up and do missions and invade the whole game as the Night Hunter at night. -Complete different layout to traverse that will be much harder, and probably take place indoors more, and be more of a horror than having fun killing zombies -Basically I just want to be able to go there too, and that really tall tower just catches my eye because there is nothing else that tall in Harran except the mountains that surround it. Okay, so as long as you're still with me, I really hope you all like my ideas and comment your own opinions and make this thread noticed by Techland so they can really look into the idea of spreading out to the entire city of Harran. And maybe even be able to walk to each section or even drive the dune buggy to and in each section of the game as one giant map, but also have fast travel to get there quicker if you don't feel like having to travel so far. Cause by foot, even running, it'd probably literally take 2 hours to go from Old Town to The Big City, again, by foot. Enough, on with the last segment I have... DLC 3: The GRE Strikes Back (Yes That's a Star Wars reference, this game has references to culture all throughout the map already) The last DLC location idea I have, is not able to be seen from the radio tower by Harran Business, you'll need to travel back to the Tower and get on the roof, as I am going to do now... Okay I'm on the roof now.. Actually go up on the crane that takes you over to the "Practice area" that you do in the beginning of the game with Rahim, and climb all the way on top of its tallest point where there is a flag you can retrieve. You can also go on top of the Bridge, but I'm already here on the Tower, and I'm too lazy to video game further for details. lol... Now when you look to the right of the Red Antenna area, you see a whole nother section of city, Looks like Old Town, but modern like NYC... Over there, I simply think there should be a huge plot where the GRE and Ministry of Defense have started setting down troops to fortify that city area over there as a giant stronghold, with their own safe zones and their own zombie mutation problems, and all that good zombie stuff. So the rest of the sections of Harran all have to team up, and go to war with the GRE to protect themselves from new plans to level Harran once again, and the whole situation where Crane reached out and stopped it the first time was the last time contact from inside Harran has been heard, and the GRE and MoD have convinced everyone in the world that it was just a conspiracy, but distrust is also at a maximum from the whole world against the GRE and MoD, to where talk of Civil World War is on the brink to take down these two giants that seem to control the world at this time, in this game world. DLC 3 Overview -Completely Plot based to begin the end of Harran's fate against the Ministry of Defense along side the GRE So some of that towards the end might be a bit extreme but I think it would be good story telling to bring an end to the war between Crane and the powers of the world trying to destroy them all, including the virus. DLC 4: Return of the Crane This would just be part two of the plot against Crane vs the GRE/MoD, and it would take place more in the Slums and Old Town after the rest of the game would have been focused in the rest of Harran since the beginning of the game, but still has focus in the whole map as well, and would end the whole story however Techland chooses, which would hopefully be in Crane's favor. Of course multiplayer and free roam would still be available, along with New Game Plus to restart everything and do it all again on a harder difficulty. DLC 4 Overview -End of story So after 3 hours of writing this, let me make a few personal side notes, -New game modes such as Volitile Nests as Raid like challenges -Access to all of Harran in its entirety -Complete Story -Plot for each section -New weapons -New places -New missions -History of Harran -More clear on how the virus began thru story -More Blueprints -More References*** =The Best Game ever made and possibly ever to exist until a real zombie apocalypse happens Clearly I am a huge fan of the game, it is in fact my favorite game, and with how amazing Techland has done, and with how far I think they can push this game with how much potential it has, I don't think they could even go wrong at this point like Destiny did by making Destiny even easier to play. I think that with the right push, hopefully this post being it, Dying Light could be the major turning point in how modern games are made, and instead of sequel games and all, the game just gets bigger instead, with more and more to do, and ever changing with the forums by people like me who love the game. I mean Dying Light really can be the the game that sets a new standard for gaming, with how big it is, how much it has to offer, and how good the graphics are at the same time. Once again, Techland, I, Tyler (Mothm6n66), do not want any credit for any of these ideas. I really want you guys to use them and create something with the ideas I've given. It may seem like I wrote a lot, but this giant idea I had, I just couldn't keep to myself. You guys are awesome, and again, and again, and again... Please give us all of Harran to explore. Along with The Following, you'd have every kind of setting for a zombie apocalypse to take place in, with all kinds of crazy plot for each different DLC which will also have smaller DLC packs with weapons and Game modes like I suggested above. Thanks again, guys, and please, everyone, comment what you think of my ideas, how you might change them, things you might add, I mean Techland listens to this stuff. That's why its taken so long for them to release this DLC, I'm sure. Finally, I'll see ya'll on the backwoods of Harran Tuesday, in The Following. I literally can't wait...