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Found 121 results

  1. doesnt matter what i do (not much u can do but run) the crane falls wel before i make the end and if i jump it jsut drags me down. tried for hours on one crane am sick of it speed boosters are not an option i have none and cant go back to make any
  2. crash

    Hello everybody. Today I'm faced with one problem that does not allow me to create maps. Every time I try make refresh files, add script string ,movie _ "name" my Tool is crushing. I also asked some friends to do the same thing, and found out that not only I have a similar problem. I tried to reinstall it, but it did not help. Tell me what to do? Maybe can wait for a patch?
  3. Hello! I really hope the dev team follows the forums. The bug I've been encountering since I bought the game 2 years ago is the following: I have two Keyboard layouts on windows: Bulgarian and English. If I start the game with my Bulgarian layout on and I go online, even when I switch later to English and want chat with other people, all that my messages would consist of is "??????". Every time this happens I have to stop the game, make sure I'm on the English layout and start it again. It's very annoying and I'm pretty sure a lot of people have this problem.
  4. 私は以下をプレイすることはできません
  5. So i was rank 10/12 (Ruthless) In Dying light, Be the Zombie as a survivor. took a break for about a week, come back and play a few pvp games, and when i rank up i see i'm a casualty now. Lost some games and won some, but there's no way i lost enough to derank to prey in roughly a day. Is this a bug in the game where peoples ranks are being reset, is it a punishment for taking a break, or is the ranks reset every season? This has happened to me a couple times, the last time wasn't as extreme though. Went from 4/12 (underdog) down to casualty. Please help, i am very confused.
  6. Hi guys, as you can see i am facing 4 players and i get the same damage like in 1v1 mode, imagine 4 guys with double or triple crossbow setups..... ABSOLUTELY NO BALANCE, this game is a bad joke, I noticed that since the 2017-02-22 hunter gets the same damage in all modes like in 1v1. Sth has been changed and there was no official information from techland about this. I would really recommend to not play this game techland fix this bug. Players who are still playing the game regardless of those horrible bugs are big part of the problem. Where is the challenge for humans, they dont even have to think while playing, they are lighting you with uv and shooting with crossbows... no stratedy at all. Serious players dont play 3,4 v1 mode now, there are only kids left who think they can win because they are so good xd.Btw, I wonder why players are not posting numerous posts on techland forum regarding be the zombie issues, do they want to waste their time on unfinished, unbalanced mode instead of drop the game until it will be fixed ? I also noticed that there is no answer from techland regarding numerous bugs to this day, just some really stupid, evasive answers. Ii think it tells us somethig realy nasty about Techland. They dont give a damn about us players who gave our money to them and I dont think they deserve our money and our trust.
  7. Sorry for making another thread, but thread with bugs and exploits turned into sth really bad, what barely resembles serious thread, just too much stupid people arguing about different things. I am going toward the core problems with gameplay. #1 one of the most unfair glitches used by "pro" hunters. As you can see i died after being tackled in water even after cancelling pounce with uv light. Landing into water saves you from dead, but when combiend with pounce makes a deadly glitchy combo which kills human faster than intended. #2 and #3 In this video we have 2 sequences. In first you can see a move which allows you to rain death from above on hunter in places where it shouldn't be allowed, for example on a roofs where there is no walls or poles to use a ghook. To recreate it, you have to press JUMP, just after JUMP you have to use grappling hook on an enemy to execute an extremely weird rocket like jump. Second cut shows a known exploit called "repair-slice" which allows human to kill a hunter in a split of a second, quicker than intended. To recreate it you have to hold repair just after swinging with partially broken sword and press attack again as soon as you see repair animation. $4 Cherry on the top. Surely the most ridiculous exploit found in game while playing human side. Fire damage from molotov is ok, explosive damage is also ok, but combined are killing nests entirely. When there are 2,3,4 players hunter has literally no options to win. My proposition to fix this issue is simple, remove the additional damage from the equation. Leave just fire and explosive. The most fair way to kill nests was using weapons with fire and electricity, human had to do a 60 % of damage with swinging, additional effects were taking the rest.
  8. Hi, short story: Since a month ago, no matter what i try, the game will stop registering kills in the statistics after the 'First Assignment' quest is finished. I tried redownload, verify integrity, changing game from SinglePlayer to Public, but that won't solve the issue whatsoever. If needed, i can provide 2 hours of gameplay in which i kept the kills stats at 128,but the good thing is that everything else is adding up right... And,no, starting new game won't work... Anyone has ever experienced something similar? Any guesses or things i may try? Thank you very much!
  9. Zostałem uwięziony w magazynie, który jest częścią jakiejś misji. Da się do niego wejść, jednak nie da się wyjść bez interwencji ocaleńca. Ostatecznie nie mogę wyjść, nie mogę zginąć i muszę poddać mecz. Widziałem, że już sporo osób tam zostało uwięzione. O ile niektórzy przez przypadek i ocaleniec pomógł wyjsć, o tyle niektórzy z premedytacją czekają tam, żeby uwięzić huntera i móc rozwalić gniazda bez żadnej przeszkody. Po pierwsze, takie miejsca powinny być poprawione. Po drugie, przynajmniej niech hunter ma opcję samobójstwa w razie utknięcia. Widzę, że ten sam temat ktoś umieścił w wersji EN. Niech będą dwie, to poważny problem.
  10. I have dying light and dying light the following enhanced edition on discs. Whenever i launch the following, it launches the normal game. I dont want to delete the normal game because it has good weapons i cant get back. Please help. Also, I am on Xbone
  11. Hello guys, I can't do the "Homo Homini Lupus Est" achievement and it's getting me crazy! I followed this two videos but nothing... can anyone help me, please? Thanks.
  12. When I drive close to a tree, it acts like one of those inflatable tube guys and goes crazy. I have no idea what is happening...
  13. So I have a map where I am using the timer to make a five minute time limit for the final part of a quest. Some code is omitted here as it shouldn't affect how you respawn. ,OR _ path ,timer _ 300 -fail=true path ,use _ PhysicalSwitchDI RadioActivator -state=on -obj="" ,goto <<Escape >> SpawnPoint MapStart -distance=10 -obj="" If you die at any point in the map before this you simply respawn at the nearest respawn point, but once you have entered this phase, dying forces you to go to the main menu and you can't continue playing. How can I fix this? Is there some kind of path needed for dying? Any help on this would be great.
  14. Since May 2015, the GNU/Linux version of the game has been completely broken, at least all related to multiplayer/online gaming. The games always disconnect us instantaneously, so it's completely impossible to play the game. If you are trying to play online, the game always crashes. I opened a support ticket months ago and nobody gave me an answer or, at least, not a real one, just random messages non-related to the issue and "wait". "Wait. The next patch will fix that", "Wait. The enhanced edition will fix that"... May 2016 and the game is still completely broken. There is no patch, there is no answer and we are still "waiting". So the question is. If we can't play the game, because is still broken, and the patch won't exist, because Techland never worked on it and they never will... Where and how to ask for a refund?
  15. Hey all, I decided to install the Developer Tools today but almost immediately came across a glaring problem. A lot of materials/textures seem to be missing and I have no idea how to relocate them. Many building pieces I place are just blinking yellow, and with the object selected the materials are greyed out. When I try to double click the material a box pops up saying that it cannot be found. Any clue as to how to fix this? I was really excited to jump in and create some cool things but with so many objects becoming obsolete by the lack of materials/textures, I find that doing so is impossible. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  16. Hey all, I was super excited when the Developer Tools became available again today. I quickly updated and jumped right in. Unfortunately when I opened a previously saved map a majority of the brush placed objects had disappeared. When I tried to put them back I discovered the the Brushes "Stone, Underwater Plants Low, Underwater Plants High, Trash, and Grass Low" did not work. What I attempted to fix it: So I figured maybe just load up some new brushes, so I created a new map using the example map. Unfortunately I had the exact same error. I then steam validated both Dying Light and the Developer Tools, the Developer Tools was missing about 30KB. I figured that was the brush script. So so I created another new map using the example map, but the error is still present. So I have arrived at the conclusion that it is a bug. Can anyone else confirm? *Side Note: "Grass High, and Nature" Brushes work without issue. Thanks in Advance, Squirrel.
  17. Most of them are well known by now. I'm playing on PS4. 1. Glitched Trophies -"Now It's Safe" and "It's All In the Writing" are the glitched trophies I've encountered so far. Some people say that "Polyamory" and "Homo Homini Lupus Est" are also glitched. A lot of people are still wondering that "The Whole Story" trophy might be glitched as well since there's like maybe a few ones that might have it or none actually at this time. PS: It would be a big "BS" move if ever "The Whole Story" trophy/achievement requires the paid DLC missions. Here is a list of side quests that I've already compeleted, notify me if I missed some side quests: 2. I can't max out my survivor level which is level 25. -The exp meter is stuck at 471500/475000 exp and it doesn't go up beyond that. Both my agility and power levels have already been maxed out without problems. By the time I completed the story quests, I was below Survivor Level 24. Some people said that they can get to Survivor Level 25 as long they haven't finished the story quests to 100%. 3. There are times that zombies get glitched through a wall. - There's a rare chance that some zombies go through a wall like they had a momentary ghost mode. 4. Broken counters in the personal statistics under the Extras menu. - I've noticed 2 counters are not registering the progress I've made, one is for the Safe Zones and the other one is for the Quarantine Zones. Both of those stay at 0, I've already got the "Trespassing" trophy which require to complete the quarantine zones. 5. Teleports me into different areas/locations when continuing my game. - I noticed that every time I quit the game when I'm in Old Town so I can save my progress, the next time I continue to play the game it loads my character to the Slums instead of loading Old Town. I'm looking forward to a fix to the glitched trophies.
  18. So i was making a map, when i decided to create a new area. Suddenly, when playtesting, it started bugging out alot, and it started flashing the wall texture: (picture below) Then, after some more playtesting, whole walls were gone. It worked fine before, but this time, every wall was gone. In the editor, it looks completely fine: And doors were missing, aswell as AI, and my playermodel! Please help me, as i am very frustrated, and dont know what to do! Thanks in advance.
  19. I've searched many about glitches/bugs but i've never seen this thing before.. It's scary as fk... It reminded me about some scary games like sonic, pokemon, mario, etc from creepypasta... :|
  20. Heyo! While I was making a map on the Dying Light Developer Tools using the Example Map, I noticed that there were no .eds files when I was searching under the Default section of the Data under the Assets box. So for example, I want to get the Airdrop Crate with the Antizin put into it, and I remember I seen this on The Hunter map. When I went onto my map (again, the map is a modified version of the Developer Tools Example map) and searched for it, nothing can up. (It did came up on The Hunter map) Anyone have a clue about this?
  21. Hello, To make it short and to avoid posting any spoilers for any potential secrets i´ll put it straight away: Could someone here verify that 15 specific rocks (Technicaly 16 we found 1 more to be honest) of unknown origin do spawn where they are supposed to be? Specificly 3 rocks give most of us a headache: The one outside the map (North east, behind the fence it is there, clearly visible at night but we get despawned before we can touch it) , The one at the beginning of the map next to the rock with the painting of the Mother on it (Spawns on consoles however seemingly not on the computer) and finally the rock that spawns in a well in a place where you safe a certain coward (It only appears on the PC not on any console as far as we can verify) It would be very appreciated if someone can verify that these rocks are all where they are supposed to be as most are stuck at 14, due to either the one in the well for console players or the one next to the mothers rock for PC gamers simply not spawning in. I know this is a sensitive topic and i have kept as much info as unspecified as possible whilst hopefully providing enough info regarding the actual problem we´re facing. If necesary i´ll provide further info at the place we have collected every bit of info we could. Hopefully i post this in the right place.
  22. **With the latest patch this issue has been corrected. All foliage is rendered as before and ferns no longer fade out.** A big Thank you Techland and all the devoted developers, programmers, artists and everyone involved in the game. You guys are fantastic. This game truly is a work of art. I'm looking forward to finishing Nightmare mode and starting The Following. The PCSS shadows look absolutely amazing and are a great addition to the game. I commend any developer that helps push the limits of cutting edge tech and visuals. Thank you again for everything, you guys are great. I will support you for years to come. I am seeing missing foliage all over the entire map as well as plants that fade into nothing a foot or two away from view. Please tell me I have some strange issue. Both are set on High for foliage.
  23. I noticed an older post from last year where Dawud took the wrong gun from another player. Today while I was streaming online through my PS4 he took my SMG! I went and put my Ranger and any other higher level pistol I had into my stash so that the wrong pistol wouldn't be taken! An SMG is a very different gun and this shouldn't have happened! I didn't notice the change until I was doing something in my inventory after talking to his wife and promising to get her son back. I know I can buy a newer better one when/if I replay The Following but come on! It's bad enough that the traders will sell SMGs in the base game but not the ammo but to have a quest that shouldn't even see the damn thing steal it from me? Really? Edit - Changed misspelled topic tag. Mentioned platform.
  24. Every 1 or 2 minutes I keep getting an in-game pop-up message saying ''You have unspent skill-points'' eventhough I don't have any unused points. This started yesterday when I reached the maximum driver rank in a co-op session in The Following on Xbox One. After that , I leveled up a rank in Legendary Levels but the problem still persists. I could only find a few people reporting this on other websites. UPDATE : Fixed. Got fast reply from Techland through a ticket , advised to unistall and re-install the game. After doing so , I loaded the campaign and still got the pop-up. I chose ''respec'' Legendary Levels so I could redistribute them again , leaving me with unspent skill points. Then I switched back to the Following and noticed I had 1 skill point back in Driver rank. Using that point again fixed the issue for me. I'm certain I did not have this skill point available anymore before doing this which leaves me to think the re-install progress might have fixed it but it wasn't immediately apparent because I loaded the campaign first , in which you don't see the Driver skill-tree.
  25. Xbox One So, after a good 8 hours of gameplay, I exited the game in a safe area. logging back on a few hours later, I found that my skills had been reset to 1 each, my inventory and money completely removed, and even items vital and unattainable such as the UV flashlight, gone. I had done NONE of the following Experience any connection issues, lag, or interference in xbox live service Tamper with the save file in any way Manipulate any in game options Now, I am at the same point I was before in the story, this progression remains after the start of the siblings quest. Seeing this problem across many boards and topics, I had hoped the admin team would at least acknowledge the issue and let us know that they would seek a solution, no such luck instead I have seen replies to posts with as much value to game development and maintenance as your average facebook post so, until this issue is resolved I advise you simply do not play the game, at the risk of losing everything, and potentially leading to a restart of the game (across all platforms this issue has occured) at least until this issue is addressed And on that note, back to Destiny, and waiting for Evolve to be released. games with proper teams of developers and administrators