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  1. Hey Everyone! We are working hard to get BTZ completed for "The Following" release and are diligently squashing any bugs we may find. The problem is, we may not always catch them all and that's where we could use your help! This post here is where I'd like everyone to write about any bugs, glitches or exploits they may have come across while playing BTZ. Let us know about them now so we can do our best to kill 'em off in time for The Following! Here a list of some things that I can already to you are fixed/tuned for BTZ in general when 'The Following' releases. 1. Fixed an issue with the Shield negating stuck spits. 2. Bullet damage to Nests reduced 3. 2 Handed Heavy damage to Nests reduced 4. Tackle Damage to Nests reduced 5. Hunters "UV Heal" skill is much quicker (I really like this allows for some new tricks) 6. Survivors flare cooldown cost is only applied if the flare was successfully thrown 7. Grappling hook cooldown cost increased 8. Fixed Grappling hook 1hit zombie defenders 9. Timeout loss for AFK 10.Timeout loss for Non-interaction (Survivors don't attack nests or interact with Hunter) 11. Survivors have 0% chance of winning Invasion rewards until at least 1 nest is destroyed 12. Outside damage mitigated while in PVP grab states (tackle, dropkick, pounce etc.) 13. DFA commitment. Survivors cannot quick roll out of a DFA attempt. 14. Fixed an issue with the Hunters 'cancel grounpound' input not being read if initiated early. 15. Fixed Hunter being blocked by Survival packages 16. Fixed Hunter Groundpound input not registering 17. Fixed Hunter UV block timer pausing while in PVP grab states. (would allow the Hunter to have the UV Block skill active longer than intended) 18. Fixed an issue with Shield NOT blocking a spit when it should (was checking angle to other player instead of angle to the spit itself) 19. Fixed an issue where Survivors could use the 'forward roll' skill to negate fall damage from a Tackle 20. AOE knockdown on successful tackle (Hunter) 21. Reduced wall hit stun for Survivors after being hit from a Groundpound 22. Fixed Hunter not receiving the win bonus XP for Humans cowering in fear Lot's more has been tweaked as well! Feel free to PM me if you want to let me know of some exploit but don't want to post it for everyone to see! (Please don't post "-So and so- is a Hacker!!!! PLZ bring Banhammer!!!" We are just looking for bugs in this post. Thanks!!!!) (edited to show additional fixes)
  2. Gonna start fresh! Post your BTZ matches here!!! Or, if you're a Survivor, post your Invasion matches here!
  3. Im at Lvl 54 with the title of Ultimate Survivor for a Night Hunter. Just starting this thread to see what others have
  4. BTZ will be modified for Invasions this weekend! Here's a quick rundown: HUNTER: 1. No Howl 2. No Spit 3. No Tackle 4. (2) UV Block/Heal per life SURVIVOR: 1. No Survivor Sense 2. (2) Flares per life Follow the link for more details! Merry Christmas!
  5. One of them was using an automatic explosive crossbow while the other was using an automatic shotgun. Although it was going bad during the first nest/second nest I took them out before they had the chance to take out the 3rd nest. And this is DURING the event. No tackle, no spits, no UV protection regen
  6. Plans for Halloween? Celebrate with us at ‘Zombiefest' in Dying Light! Watch the video below for details:
  7. Hey Everyone! I'd like to share a couple of changes we just released yesterday. These changes are based on feedback we've received and game stats that we've collected. 1. BTZ matchmaking reduced to 2 pools again. 2. 3v1 and 4v1 Damage Scaling. (Survivors damage output is scaled to 2/3 damage in 3v1 and 4v1) 3. Removed added headshot damage from arrows/bolt. (This was never communicated clearly and added damage from special bolts/arrow allowed 1 hit kills)
  8. Ignore my friend in the background, a Hoard bomber ran up at the last second and protected him from my claws, dammit xD
  9. In be the zombie (ON PS4), whenever i go to search for games the result will always be : No matches found. No matter how hard i try i can't find anyone on my level 50 mutation 3 apex predator hunter. I even tried to make a new zombie and find matches but that didn't work either. Oh and my NAT type is 2. Please fix this Techland. And when i quick join the game finds a match just for it to say unable to connect over and over again. This is absolutely ridiculous!
  10. Matchmaking times when trying to find a game to invade are super long. (Upwards of 15 minutes) My NAT type is open with a 20 MB download. Anybody else having this issue? Xbox One
  11. EDIT: Decided to just go ahead an make this a general video thread. Post any of your BtZ matches, survivor or night hunter, here! ==== Start Original Post ==== I know it's been a little gloomy here with all the complaints but the patch to fix all this is almost here. To commemorate this I've decided to create this thread as place to show off your most epic matches. Hopefully it'll be growing much larger in the future after the patch as I'm sure everyone success rate will sky rocket. I'll start off with two matches I had tonight (3v1 with the same guys) I just barely come out on top and only used spit spam as a last resort.
  12. So as much as I love Dying Light, I enjoy being the Night Hunter more than anything else. I have a lvl 50, mutation 3 Widow Maker, and Grinding out to the Apex and lvl 51 is taking forever.. With this in mind, I have thought about a lot of things that would make things a lot more interesting and competitive, as far as playing as the Night Hunter. 1. Decrease the Range of UV lights FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please nerf this! I shouldn't be able to be on a 5 story rooftop, and still be affected by the UV light from survivors on the ground across the street. I can understand that we keep it there because the pounce range and the UV range are incredibly similar, but survivors have about 2 seconds to hit me with the UV light as I'm pouncing them, why should they have a chance to do it before I even get there? 2. Nerf Survivor Sense in some way The NH can be seen at all times. This is incredibly frustrating as it makes surprise attacks nearly impossible unless you hit them with Sense suppressor spit. (Funny how even the best survivors sit in flares until this spit goes away, or sit in safe-zones.) Nerfing this ALONE would balance things greatly. Maybe make it so that the survivor sense tells them the general direction the NH is in, not his exact location, or at least putting some sort of cool down on this. 3. Make the Ground Pound AOE proportionate to the height at which you use it. For example: If I jump off of a power-line tower in the Following, I should have a larger AOE than if I was standing on the ground and did it. The main reason that I say this, is because if you are chasing a buggy, and happen to get in front of them enough to attempt a ground pound, you usually end up missing when you drop from the air, because they have time to drive far enough away; same with on foot and them jumping away. IMO, if I drop over 100ft, I should leave a crater in the ground the size of a toyota prius. If I'm ON the ground and do it, it shouldn't be as powerful. 4. Add new types of Zombie spits. We have the horde, which is a lot of fun, but I think being able to summon a few Goons, a Destroyer/Freak of Nature, or some Night Volatile's (The ones that chase you when you aren't in BTZ mode) would be just as great. Each kind could be a different shade of green, and could be chosen by pressing d-pad left multiple times. Dropping a Goon or destroyer/FON spit would work best around nests, and Volatile's and horde would be great for traveling between nests. The bombers can't climb, but the Volatiles can. I feel like 1 goon for every 2 people in the match per spit would be fair, and 1 destroyer or Freak of Nature per spit would be fair. I can summon exploders, why can't I summon all my other zombie family? 5. Flare spits I think that we should have a spit that makes it so you can't throw flares. The UV light can simply get replaced by the flare, and in 1v4 matches, UV spits are useless as more than one person has a light. If I had a spit to take out UV lights AND flares separately, that would be such a help in 1v4 situations. 6. Space out the spawns in each nest. The nests now, seem to span anywhere from 100 - 500 sq/ft with all the spawns (except in the Following). I think that if you spaced them out a little more so that 1 flare couldn't cover 2 spawns, it would make things a little more difficult/interesting. Or break up each nest into two small areas that are spaced apart. The reason I say this, is that there have been a few instances where I'm in a 1v4 match, and 3 of the nest spawns are in a tight circle so close that if you do a 2h weapon spin, you'll hit all of them, and one flare covers them all too. While the other two nests are close by. So one person hits the three, one goes to the 4th, one goes to the 5th, and the last stands guard and watches me. The nest is taken out by the time I can kill the person standing guard. 7. Death from above counters If a survivor is camping on top of a tower, or is otherwise at a really large height, the cinematic for the DFA can last 3 - 5 seconds, maybe more. At that point, I think that both the Hunter and the Survivor should get prompts to either counter/dodge or ensure the DFA, as they are falling. Then just before they hit the ground, the DFA will either be done, dodged, or countered. If you are on the ground, for example ground-pounding and miss, you wouldn't have enough time to dodge someone's DFA, so it would be an insta-kill. 8. Stop allowing survivors to dodge tackles as they are falling. If a survivor gets ground pounded off a roof or is still in mid-air after a GP, or in mid-air for any reason, I should be able to run off that roof and tackle them mid-air; Without them having the ability to jump off air and dodge it. Most ground-oriented tackles will get dodged by any good survivor, so this is one of those "in the bag" tackles that shouldn't be able to be dodged. On the rare occasion I do land that tackle, I get called a hacker for tackling through the roof due to the cinematic. 9. Allow any acid spit that is stuck to do damage even after the survivor leaves the puddle. If I hit you in the face with toxic spit, I'm sorry, but simply moving out of the puddle shouldn't stop you from taking damage. You are COATED in toxins at that point. Maybe don't do enough damage to kill the survivor, but do bleeding damage for another 3 - 5 seconds. 10. Allow the Night Hunter to jump in specific directions like survivors. Survivors can jump in specific directions to get away from the Night Hunter and his abilities. I think the Hunter should be able to jump in a direction other than up. This would be great for dodging drop-kicks, DFA's, buggies, and other things. 11. Allow Hunters the chance to dodge/counter drop-kicks. This one I read on another post, and I agree with it. I feel like during the cinematic of the drop-kick, the hunter should get a prompt to either dodge, counter or spit-react to the drop kick. Like being able to grab their feet and throw them, being able to jump over them, or sticking a spit to their foot. If we could dodge their kick just as they dodge our tackle, it would make things more fair. 12. Only allow ground-pounds that hit buggies to affect the cool-down, if the buggies are in use. On many occasions I have been drained of energy, with 2 - 3 survivors approaching me; and so I pounded an empty buggy, got some energy back, and got away. I think that the ground-pound should only work if the buggy is using an ability like the UV lights, alarm, etc; or if it is occupied. Otherwise, it's slightly cheap. 13. If a survivor is hit with sense-suppressor spit, they can't see spits either. When you hit a survivor with SSS, they can't see the hunter anymore. But if a spit lands behind them, there is a prompt on the screen as to where it is. If you can't sense the hunter, you shouldn't be able to sense his spits, horde or nests either. It should leave you 100% blind, but if this is the case, the duration should be dropped slightly IMO. 14. Have a "Night Hunter Buggy" The buggies that are currently being used kills the passengers when they hit something, flips absurdly easily, and is NEVER used by good survivors because it's easier to fight the hunter in an open field. This buggy/personnel carrier/tank would fit 1 - 4 survivors, and would have a UV turret and gun turret that the second and third person could man (one survivor per turret) without getting killed if the driver hits something. It would be heavier and bigger (armored with spikes that can be used for spike kills on either the NH or humans), and so it would be less affected by ground-pounds. It is more heavy duty, so the UV lights can last longer (or could have specific NH style perks like being immune to bombers). But it travels slower, so the NH can catch up easier, and there should also be a way to camouflage it so the NH can't see it. But, if we use this, I think the ENTIRE following map should be used in invasions. Not just the North or South side, that way they NEED it to keep the match from being an hour long. 15. Allow the NH and Survivors to hear each others chat when in close proximity. If 4 survivors are using the in-game chat; it would be AWESOME if the Night Hunter could hear what they were saying if he was within 10 - 20 or so feet of them. That way, when you play the "SSS / camo game", it could be a little more intense. Or if the survivor has SSS on, and the Night Hunter is sneaking up, the survivor could hear the NH if they were on chat. I was talking about how this would be cool in "The last of us" game, and someone mentioned there's an game out there that has this ability. I thought it was super cool and think it would be fun in BTZ mode. 16. Improve matchmaking It regularly takes me 10 - 20 minutes to find a match, and typically 3 out of 4 matches I won't be able to connect to for some reason. I typically have 1 - 2 matches per hour, 3 on a good night. I don't know if this is due to how high my level is, or what, but it feels like I'm being punished for getting better. The better I get, the harder it is to find a match. I will honestly do a 1v8 match if the survivors aren't "good enough". IDC I just wanna play sometimes!! It's sad that I purposely lose to get matched sometimes... 17. Competitions or ranking. Seriously. This game has such a die-hard following, how has there NOT been some sort of legit competition for this? Maybe the winner gets new outfits. Like, as the Hunter, if I could pick out outfits, that would be fantastic! Maybe have it look like you were wearing something specific before you became infected, or be able to pick out different spike looks or colors or etc. I would love to be able to customize my hunter a little bit. Ranking would be great, not as in apex, but as in "This guy has the best win/lose ratio for his hunter rank" or the best successful pounce ratio, etc. That way we can look up the rankings, and challenge specific Hunters if you're good enough. These are just some idea's I've heard and agreed with, or thought of myself. Please let me know what you think!
  13. When are we going to hear about his side of the story? Considering how close and passionate we all have been to the hunter. It needs certain character added to it! Can u guys at Techland come out with something good about the hunter's previous background and how he develops into the monster that we all care about? It can be told in many ways. One example is we the survivors need to collect scattered notes or voice recordings or both (of someone describing the event or the hunter's monologue prior to his transformation). Maybe u guys have better ideas but really, we need one good story for all the btz fans! Dang! who would thought that the NH was once so philosophical! (Just something from my imagination)
  14. "The Flat Land" pro/cons for NH As shown by Techland in "The Showdown" the new map area is extremely "Open Field" of course because it is a countryside. Because of this, there is very little "obstruction" such as buildings, walls, fences, etc to block the UV Light. So instead, we have a constant hit of the UV light on the NH in open space . we all know the range of the UV light especially in laggy scenarios. Unless your in one of the major towns there will be very little for you to tendril on besides the ground cutting your height advantage. It is mandatory that a NH has a different evade or animation based dodges just like Crane on flat land. Or the survivor sense needs to be cut. We need stealth. How can I use my main tool "Deception" in open field against 3 vehicles and with the new "UV safe zone" it's going to be great for the NH eh? Obviously this isn't relevant in the "Marked Locations" but combat on flat ground is going to be a b**h. To all of the GP skids who cry because it is the most used, be prepared because it will be used alot more against buggies in The Country Side. Don't even think about "Jump Scaring" either because as a NH your presence is known 24/7 due to the spam of survivor sense. The element of surprise for you is a myth. Another thing, what to do if you have 4 elite survivors driving in a group and as soon as the NH jumps in a car they all hit the brake lights, 3 of them hop out the car and 3 hit you off the front? Or can you easily hop off? Also, seriously survivors should enter BTZ with a fixated amount of items. Keep your duped items but when BTZ starts your limited to a few medkits so when you run out, you either have to be healed or you die. I keep hearing that alot of nerfs would make the game to much in the NH favor? Not really. That's the point your suppose to use teamwork to kill the NH. Not one guy Rambos his a$$. NH=lunch meat. Anymore pros /cons? Share them. Of course I missed a few.
  15. I get that the buggy is hella fun to drive around in and you can upgrade the heck out of it. That's great for the campaign but there are some things Survivors are doing in BTZ matches that is really making the game tedious. It's hard enough to actually get a match and then when you do you get someone using the buggy in a way I don't think was intended in BTZ matches. 1) Survivors are using the buggy to destroy the nests. In some matches they don't even get out of their buggy. In many cases I can counter this with tackles and GP of the buggy. The GP and tackle doesn't seem to do much to the survivor though so I have to lock them down and use spits to keep them immobile until Zombie horde can do its work. I usually also hit the buggy with UV spit so they can't get out. It's very tedious to say the least. The buggy should do zero damage to nests. In 1v1, locking down the buggy with tackle/ground pound/spits is an option. In 1v2+ this isn't really an option as I have other survivors to worry about. A nest can go down very quickly when you have 4 morons in their buggies running it over. Allow the buggy to be damaged and catch on fire forcing the survivor out of the buggy. 2) Survivors hope in their buggy and heal. It's really annoying to get some damage on the survivor using the grab or if the bombers actually hit a survivor in the buggy, only to have the survivor heal in the buggy. Make it so they only heal naturally or have to get out of the buggy to use a medical kit. 3) Buggy mines. It looks like fun blowing up a pursuing zombie and I don't think anything needs to change with the mines except they need to be able to kill the survivors. I've played several matches watching survivors set up mine fields and then try to draw me in. Sometimes I bite hoping I can make them mess up and get pinned to a tree and then i can lock them down however some matches go on much longer than they need to because the survivor is just laying mines. They should not be able to drive over them, whether they are their mines or teammate's mines. 4) UV lamp on buggy. I like the idea but a duration bar should be shown like the one shown for the survivor personal UV flashlight. 5) Not being able to pounce the survivor riding along in the buggy. I think this should be allowed since they can lay waste to you with their guns. The zombie should be able to pounce. 6) Limit the number of buggies that can exist at a given time. There should not be 4 buggies just because their 4 survivors. Country side is a very large map and its tedious to chase after everyone in a buggy that you can't really do anything to until they get out. 1v1 is manageable but more than 1 survivor is just annoying. Limit the buggies to 2 if the there are 3+ players and only 1 if there is are 1-2 players. This forces the survivors to team up in the buggy and defend against the attacking zombie and limits the number of retarded buggies that the zombie has to manage. 7) Show a damage meter on the buggy so the zombie can see how much more the buggy can take. Make the spits last longer the on the buggy and increase the time the further away a buggy retreats. In most matches that involve buggies, if I hit them with a spit they just drive away until the spit wears off. The zombie can't do anything to the survivor in the buggy (in most cases) and now the spit is on cool down. Increasing the spits either keeps the coward survivor away from the objective longer or forces them to abandon the buggy, in which case the normal spit duration could apply. The spit duration on the car should remain, reapplying it to the survivor if they get back in, so as to prevent a coward survivor from driving off and the getting out to drop the spit and then getting back in. The point should be that if the car has a spit, the survivor should retreat and be punished or get the heck out and defend themselves. 8) In most cases the zombie horde spit is useless once the survivor gets in their buggy. If I spit the buggy, then #7 should apply. If spit the survivor, then there should be added penalties for getting in the mostly immune buggy. Either the buggy needs to be slowed, the survivor vision should be affected so they can't see things very well, or they should not be able to get in the buggy. 9) The initial buggy grab should do damage. It shouldn't do as much as with the grab you have to mash in order to perform but it should do something. Overall the buggy was a good idea to add into the game but there are some serious balance / annoyances that should be fixed with buggies in BTZ matches.
  16. Before reading, please take note this is my first post on this forum, and I made an account simply to express my opinion on the pvp aspect of dying light. I think Btz is an awesome gamemode regardless. (it does evolve better than evolve) But I feel some changes are in order . I have been playing a fair share of battles - both as a survivor and a night hunter, and it's become apparent to me how unbalanced the game is in the survivors favour. This is coming from a relatively unbiased point of view, as I enjoy playing as the hunter and the survivor. I could write 10 pages worth of text as with different scenarios I've encountered which has left me puzzeled. But I will keep it short and to the point with what is (IMO) the problems with the game mode. Melee combat In dying light, the Hunter is penalized and punished for mistakes made in the melee department. While the Survivor meets punishment to a much less of an extent comparison 1 Night hunter: If a night hunter misses a ground pound, you are pretty much guaranteed a death against a relatively skilled player, the 3 hit quota is very much used up by the time the animation is finished. Human: if the human tries and fails a drop kick attack (which in most cases hits because of the magnetism in the game, on par with death from above) there is very little chance the survivor will die from that mistake, as the hunters melee attacks are weaker and slower. Comparison 2 Night hunter: Against experienced players, a night hunters attempted tackle is usually met with eating dirt and general dismay, and attempting to kill a human with chaining tackles is not really an option. Human: should the survivor attempt a drop kick on a night hunter, it will undoubtedly hit, even if the night hunter jumps beforehand to avoid the attack the strong gravitational pull of the attacks will most likely pull the night hunter back into the games desired position. and if one drop kick wasn't enough, it's not really a problem. Because for the humans the drop kick is in every right unavoidable and very much repeatable until the night hunter is no more. Now a few people and the devs would argue "oh, nipple. The night hunter is made for stealth and not close quarters, you are not supposed to go toe-to-toe with humans" With your spits used up (which boasts an impressive 90 second(!) recharge time 1v1) and missed due to survivors excessive dodge range & speed,(on a side-note I experience roughly 1/2 of my spit sticks arent detected, maybe due to some invincible frames happening when humans dodge or use medkit?) and your UV depleted because 3 seconds of UV light will leave you limping. What is left to do for the night hunter? melee attacks. and with what I stated above combined with UV light spamming from 1-4 survivors; you do the math. The way it stands now, unless the hunter is willing to delve into melee combat there is not really a viable way for the hunter to combat decent - skilled survivor players. I understand the humans are supposed to have the melee advantage, and the night hunter is supposed to have the stealth advantage, But the survivor gets the melee advantage, and the hunter gets nothing. As they always have the tag on you with constant survivor sense tracking. plainly redicoulus UV range, their very own tendril locomotor in the form of a grappling hook. and the camouflage skill, which I feel would be better suited as a hunter tool. As the balance is quite delicate in multiplayer games, here are a few suggestions: - make the survivor sense, give the direction of the hunter, and make it a cool down. not a long one, but something around 5-10 seconds. - give the night hunter a faster spit recharge - give the uv-light a shorter range, like 30-40% reduction. - give uv light shorter duration Thanks for reading!
  17. For Dying Light Enhanced Edition: 1. Fixed an issue with the Shield negating stuck spits. 2. Melee damage to Nests and Hunter adjusted/re-tuned 3. Bullet damage to Nests and Hunter reduced 4. Difficulty of "Hard Nests" increased across all variation (1v1,2v1,3v1,4v1 -more defenders,goons,extra brood) 5. Hunters "UV Heal" skill is much quicker (I really like this allows for some new tricks) 6. Survivors flare cooldown cost is only applied if the flare was successfully thrown 7. Grappling hook cooldown cost increased 8. Fixed Grappling hook 1hit zombie defenders 9. Timeout loss for AFK Survivors 10.Timeout loss for Non-interaction (Survivors don't attack nests or interact with Hunter) 11. Survivors have 0% chance of winning Invasion rewards until at least 1 nest is destroyed or Hunter is killed 12. Outside damage mitigated while in PVP grab states (tackle, dropkick, pounce etc.) 13. DFA commitment. Survivors cannot quick roll out of a DFA attempt. 14. Fixed an issue with the Hunters 'cancel grounpound' input not being read if initiated early. 15. Fixed Hunter being blocked by Survival packages 16. Fixed Hunter Groundpound input not registering 17. Fixed Hunter UV block timer pausing while in PVP grab states. (would allow the Hunter to have the UV Block skill active longer than intended) 18. Fixed an issue with Shield NOT blocking a spit when it should (was checking angle to other player instead of angle to the spit itself) 19. Fixed an issue where Survivors could use the 'forward roll' skill to negate fall damage from a Tackle 20. AOE knockdown on successful tackle (Hunter) 21. Reduced wall hit stun for Survivors after being hit from a Groundpound 22. Fixed Hunter not receiving the win bonus XP for Humans cowering in fear 23. Hunter inherits more velocity when releasing tendrils 24. Hunter can transition directly from tendrils to sprint 25. Hunter can hold tackle input to trigger a successful tackle when available 26. Survivor or Hunter receive various buffs when falling too far behind in a match
  18. A number of people have asked for help or tips on how to be successful on both sides of BTZ. I thought it would be a good idea to post some twitch feeds here of people that play regularly. I'll start of with 2 players that I have personally seen play and have a good grasp of the mechanics... if anyone wants to be added to this list just send me a personal message! Night Hunters 1. Dr. Purrington: 2. Hertz: 3. FolksyTarsier: 4. jcorella17: 5. Wiggelz: Survivors 1. Dread: 2. Jonnyallen3: 3. Sambones: 4. TwlOnyx: 5. lucmod: A lot of these players play as both sides... If you stream Invasions, or know of someone who does, send me a PM!!! Good Night and Good Hunt!
  19. So I've put about 20 hours into the BTZ mode now and I've run into many of the problems that have been discussed about humans being OP. I've also played enough times as a survivor and played other survivors that are fairly new to realize how frustrating it can be when things don't work out for you either. But even times that I feel like I've played a good hand as the hunter, I don't end up getting any kills... just land a few ground pounds or tackles but they play the time and kill me (and in turn get a free nest). Here are a few scenarios that I can't seem to get around... After wasting spits (because they just jump out of the way), I;m forced to rush in to protect a nest, flares/UV lights prevent a viable pounce, killed before I can activate a ground pound Try and get in close, tackle seems to be dodged more often than it lands, get stabbed to death before I can even jump away When the humans are destroying a nest in lower areas, the gray-out and heartbeat-hearing combo makes it impossible to escape because all the walls seem to have some little ledge that prevents me from tendril-ing away, jumping just makes me hit something above me, and ground pound seems to easy to back away from that I can't use that to give me time to escape I just wanted to know what can I do as a hunter to avoid these things. I tried waiting for spits to recharge before pushing in to attack, but that just gives them too much time to destroy nests. I try to use ground pound more often to escape, but even when it lands it seems like the recovery time for the humans is still half a second, not to mention his buddy that stood back and has his flashlight on me the whole time preventing my escape. And I can't afford to let them take control of those tight areas because that often gives away a nest or allows them to get really close to the next one. I know that this is meant to be more difficult for the hunter because its a challenge, but I feel like there isn't a single hunter weapon that isn't easily avoidable by the humans yet the vast majority of human attacks (which do more damage btw) are almost exclusively unavoidable unless you're far away (giving them an advantage to move or destroy nests). As much as I'd like to see some buffs for the Hunter (eg-reduced respawn time, spawn closer to nests, increased zombie hordes around nests, remove the heartbeat hearing when injured, have a hide-scent feature like the humans, be able to stick to walls with tendrils, etc...) I think that there needs to be some sort of way to make the skill level more homogeneous rather than really good players and really bad players. Too many times have I just had my butt handed to me because NOTHING I do seems to work as the hunter. When it does work, it doesn't do enough to get kills, just delaying the inevitable. I would really appreciate the help because I see flashes of brilliance in this game that make me think its the best game I've ever played, but too often do I rage quit because its frustrating watching your ground pound get beat by the drop kick. Thanks
  20. Following will come out in a only a few guys. Pumped to see the features. My question though is, will Techland extend the mutations and make more? Or should I not hurry to level up my hunter to an apex?
  21. Hey guys, just wanted to share a simple strategy for those of you who are still leveling up your Hunters via Mutations. Overall, I've found it's actually slightly more effective to simply avoid leveling up your Ground Pound to the point where it has increased distance. By keeping the range short, you can still Ground Pound Humans away from you, but you keep them at an optimal distance to follow your Ground Pound up with a Tackle. I'l post a video when I can, but it's overall effective, and the timing makes it difficult for Humans to Dodge out of the way in response, as they're still landing from the Ground Pound recoil. The distance is also beneficial for top-of-building encounters, as you don't want to Ground Pound Humans off of buildings - they can still respond and negate their damage (via the Roll command) as if they weren't under the effects of recoil. Tackle, on the other hand, does not afford them that luxury, and following up a short-range Ground Pound with a Tackle off a building has resulted in death 100% of the times I've tested it so far. No matter how much it's upgraded, Ground Pound still does full damage, and the GP damage + Tackle damage + fall damage (when it works) has yet to not finish a Survivor off. The strategy obviously accels in 1 Vs. 1, but it offers assistance in higher numbers as well as an ability to safely Tackle a Human out of the picture (always upgrade your Tackle to max range), allowing you to deal with the other Humans or escape with minimal loss of effectiveness Vs. just Ground Pounding everyone around you 20 feet back. As previously mentioned, this works exceptionally well on buildings, as you can very easily chain into a Tackle off a Ground Pound that might normally knock a person off a building for 0 fall damage, resulting in a high chance of netting the kill and less players bothering you at the same time. Not upgrading doesn't negatively affect your ability to Ground Pound Flares or the distance at which your Ground Pound hits Human players in your proximity - it only keeps them closer after they do it and allows for quick chaining. Thoughts? Questions? Feel free to comment/post videos if it's not working as effectively for you as it is on my end - I got pretty lazy with Mutations and could only do this because my Hunter wasn't full on skills yet for a long time.
  22. Now MOST of us know how BTZ is broken, at least from my perspective, I don't want to object anyone because they are entitled to their own opinion. So, out of my curiosity and maybe out of others, have any of you guys on the forums talked to the devs or have a little evidence for the gamemode to be a improved in the future?
  23. When I was ranking up my human, I initially thought my above idea was how I thought it worked, but I was saddened to find out that ranks are just superficial and meaningless. You know how many of the same 8 gold weapons I've gotten? Easily over 200 of the same useless weapons that immediately get thrown out. Give players a reason to keep playing the mode after they've maxed out their rank and gotten all 8 weapons available in this mode. They could have a rarer chance to drop and I would love to start collecting them. Lockpicking vans on hardmode is VERY tedious and grindy. No one wants to do that and I'd most likely just get a weapon I've already gotten from friends. The only real way to get gold weapons is everyone dupes them and passes them around. I want to earn them by fighting night hunters! Also, I don't know this is a problem on any other platforms, but when I have connectivity problems trying to use matchmaking on PS4, my rank gets reset to prey. I've literally had to regain Ultimate Survivor 7 different times. Please fix that. I think it happens when I can't contact the Dying Light servers or PSN or something like that. Not really a tech guy but maybe your rank should be stored in your save data rather than on some server if that's how it works. I've never been reset on my Apex Predator so try to set the ranks to work like they do there.
  24. that's it, i give my opinion about the btz mod witch is a great innovation and a great add to the dying light game,honnestly. but there's some problemes with it, especially when you face good players(as the night hunter*nh) so i thought about an up for the nh where i think everyone can agree here's the problem, and down there's the figures the nh is basically too weak, a survivor can beat him by simply swing his weapon 3 time plus the drop kick, the death from above etc.., the nh have too hit a survivor more than 3 time and everyone knows that you can't win a 4v1 against good players here's the figures/ideas to rebalance the game: the nh spit cooldown*cd is damn too long, shorten it or ad more munitions or add special effects to the spits, i'll give some example the yellow one could attract more zombies, based on where you are on the mapor just regular infected and how many survivors you're fighting the purple one could darkenthe sight, disable any uv light 5 meters around the target, that would force the survivors too split once again the orange one could make survivors weaker/sick like when crain got his zombies transformation goin on, stamina lost recpvering slowly and sight gettong weird finally the green one could do aditional effect if you touch a survivor with your spit. touching a survivor with the toxic spit owuld create a toxic zone as usual but give to the human a debuf, like healing becoming useless, some damages per second since you reached your target chest with a caustic spit and this damage overtime would strike survivors near by, like 4/5 meters and if the target is take down with the spit on it, another toxic splash would appear under the survivor who's been taken down the healing debuff would last 10 sec and the damage on 5 sec, biconditional too 75 damages, it could deal less damages if your life isn't fully tucks or ad a general buff on the nh based on how many survivors you're fighting damages, HEALTH, speed, or an escape move, like eveerytime you take a hit you have a safe jump like the balverines in fable that put you in safety, it could occure every 30 sec or every 100 damages that you do, dunno or Disable the survivor sence make the zombie more discret, more able too hide his self and take a survivor by surprise, there's no way too surprise q good survivorm he'll awlays know where you are and where's gonna fall or Put more zombies around nest and specials one for the last ones like you could have heavy zombies at the 4th nest and bigger zombz for the last , or more or both, all of it would be based on how many survivors you have in the game and generally let all the zombies in the normal map, just remove the ones who are afraid from the UV light and are really powerful, i don't know their name in english it's"rapace" in french but reverso tells me that bird of prey is the translation... might ont be that or add another night hunter when you're against more than 2 survivors thanks for reading this people, that's all i wanted too tell you, ihope you'll give your opinion and that techland will do something about it, they can rebalance the game really easly they just have too change some data about life damages 'n chupacabra, too make a litle update and here we go no more 0/12 for the nh and 0 death for the survivors. youc an say what the chupacabra you want, when survivors are trained, they can counter you ad kill with so many choices that you have too change your gameplay too try too put down someone, it's sad. when you beguin against low survivor you laugh, you make theme stress and feel powerful, but you find a good dropkicker map chekker and the opposite come, you get stomped like a litle zombitch to techland: i want to have fun again, i don't want to be sitting looking the nest getting crushed and cannot do chupacabra, that's just sad lol, that's just killing this fabulous gameplay that you, techland offered to us in plus of the game, like ...DAMN i have alot of pleasure playing a mod that you created and it's like you never tried it, be the zombie against good players isn't fun anymore, it's no challenge. you spent time too create this mod, keep watching it, you just have some programmation data too change and make a quick update, that's not soo much work by comparaison too the huge mod you created... please make something, or i'll be wasted
  25. Just recently I've been having trouble finding matches as the zombie. it ether says it can't join or it'll search for about 45 minuets until it joins and before anything happens it tells me again that i cant join. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help me.