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  1. Bug: A Shield can close-delay of Dropkick, Slice... Help Human can spam or attack faster.
  2. Bug: Use a Bow to close-delay of 2 handed weapons (Axe, hamer, etc...) Can use it with Tackle + 1 handed slice to kill nest faster.
  3. Bug: Have only a Volatiles in this Nest (1v1)
  4. Backwards Sliding: Tut: Hold on the Sprint button. Dodge backwards, quickly press W (Hold on it) Left and Rightwards slide: These are basically same as backwards slide, but you instead use A for left or D for right. Backwards Drop kick, Right Drop Kick, etc...:
  5. Dogle Dropkick bug: Hold "Shift", press A+Space (before) and W+E (after), do it together. It's help human can Evade + Dropkick in 1 times, or dropkick don't need run/jump (can spam it).
  6. Yeah! Now this game so great!!! , players need use more skill and tacticals, not spam UV Light, Flares and DFA everywhere. That by your team, not by Game. Don't worry, in first time of update patch, it's hard with more players (old), but it help they train skill better. P/s: Sr for my English, it's bad.
  7. I agree with Vallon, most idea: - UV light intensity - UV light cooldown - DFA height requirement - Dropkick damage or cooldown - In Normal mode, remove instant Heal or cooldown 10~15s with it - A human can recovery HP although he have full HP (Nightmare Mode). It's like a Hunter fight with a Human have 275HP + 50HP (auto recovery). Fix it: recovery heal will end if a human full HP. - And Dev can add check-code modded item in-game? I see more player using Golden Flares (Modded Flares with 30s), Weapons with max element (Fire lvl 4, Freeze lvl 3, Poison lvl 4...), Infinity Grappling Hook, Infinity Ammo (Guns), Guns with element... Or set it no-damage when online mode active (Hunter joined).
  8. I think Pete want say "let's open streaming when you play", because it's can help you jump before Human hit you with 2 handle wp (after fail tackle), and take only 60~70% UV light when you fly around Humans. (Visceral and more Hunter use it, they can evaded 50~60% hits) Why don't set damage itackle = 1/2 damage normal tackle? Don't delete it. And now Hunter control so hard, because Deviation spit = Deviation tendril, spit + tackle (ground pound) was dead.
  9. Nice patch, now Autocrossbow was dead But why Techland don't fix Infinity Ammo-Gun and Modded Weapons? Ex: Add check-code in datagame, if a save game have this elements, Game will auto remove that weapons.
  10. No! If don't have any wall, Human enough times to dodge "Insta Tackle". And i say "It not really scary, if don't have any wall", not "How to use Insta Tackles".
  11. Nice patch, now i can move around Human and don't lost HP so much with motolov spam. And Instant tackle... i think it's not really scary, because Hunter need near a wall to do it (faster Human). or move to left of Hunter, or Jump when they do it.
  12. Human need fix: - 1 Life = only 1 Camouflage times, they can't spam it and DFA camper everywhere - Recovery Health with team = Half past Health (not 100%)
  13. Item "water 2.0" can kill Hunter with 1 hit (Human dropped it)
  14. Slice Glitch (use a broken weapon), it's help Human slice and destroy Nests, attack Hunter faster. Please fix it like two handle weapon, this glitch can't active with it.