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  1. You can get many gold weapons by using Premium Dockets (100% Gold Weapon Chance, but I couldn't get gold at 9 survival level ~ weird) I mean all weapons not from invasions reward (look at list above).
  2. Underwater ground pound is possible. :I @Edit: Pounce too
  3. Witam! Oto lista aktualnych rang w trybie Be The Zombie, lista zawiera rangi dla Nocnego Łowcy jak i Człowieka. -Nocny Łowca- 1. "Łazik" -> "Wygłodniały łazik" 2. "Biegacz" -> "Lepiący się biegacz" 3. "Gryzoń" -> "Brutalny gryzoń" 4. "Sprinter" -> "Brutalny sprinter" 5. "Prześladowca" -> "Straszliwy prześladowca" 6. "Bestia" -> "Przemieniona bestia" 7. "Zbir" -> "Bezlitosny zbir" 8. "Moloch" -> "Morderczy moloch" 9. "Rzeźnik" -> "Dziki rzeźnik" 10. "Mięsożerca" -> "Barbarzyński mięsożerca" 11. "Łowca" -> "Wściekły łowca" 12. "Król Drapieżników" -> "Niezaprzeczalny król drapieżników" -Człowiek- 1. "Zdobycz" -> "Okaleczona zwierzyna" 2. "Ofiara" -> "Okaleczona ofiara" 3. "Zagrożony" -> "Zagrożona przekąska" 4. "Ułomek" -> "Okulały ułomek" 5. "Biegacz" -> "Okulały biegacz" 6. "Aspirant" -> "Poszarpany aspirant" 7. "Pretendent" -> "Poszarpany pretendent" 8. "Wojownik" -> "Zmaltretowany wojownik" 9. "Dominator" -> "Dominujące żarcie" 10. "Bezwzględny" -> "Bezwzględne żarcie" 11. "Niepokonany" -> "Niepokonane żarcie" 12. "Mistrz sztuki przetrwania" -> "Ścigany mistrz sztuki przetrwania" Pozdrawiam!
  4. (deleted)
  5. This may contain some spoilers (if you don't want to know all ranks) @Full Edit Hello! I found all new ranks in game files (aslo new Survivors ranks) Here is the list (its "OLD" -> "NEW") -Night Hunter- 1. "Walker" -> "Ravenous Walker" 2. "Runner" -> "Viscous Runner" 3. "Biter" -> "Brutal Biter" 4. "Bolter" -> "Brutal Bolter" 5. "Stalker" -> "Ferocious Stalker" 6. "Beast" -> "Volatile Beast" 7. "Mauler" -> "Merciless Mauler" 8. "Juggernaut" -> "Murderous Juggernaut" 9. "Widow Maker" -> "Savage Widow Maker" 10. "Carnivore" -> "Barbaric Carnivore" 11. "Hunter" -> "Visceral Hunter" 12. "Apex Predator" -> "Indisputable Apex Predator" -Survivor (ranks with losed community event)- 1. "Prey" -> "Mutilated Prey" 2. "Casualty" -> "Mutilated Casualty" 3. "Endangered" -> "Endangered Snack" 4. "Underdog" -> "Crippled Underdog" 5. "Runner" -> "Crippled Runnger" 6. "Contender" -> "Mangled Contender" 7. "Challenger" -> "Mangled Challenger" 8. "Fighter" -> "Maimed Fighter" 9. "Dominant" -> "Dominant Food" 10. "Ruthless" -> "Ruthless Food" 11. "Indomitable" -> "Indomitable Food" 12. "Ultimate Survivor" -> "Hunted Ultimate Survivor" -Other ranks from Zombiefest video- "Hunted Hunter" "Ruthless Killer" "Crippled Carnivore" "Superior Challenger" Thanks for help @nickmad92
  6. It not seems connected with old game > Bad Day L.A This game was about "zombie apocalypse".
  7. Its like this "underwater spit glitch", sometimes [E] appears too during tendrills used underwater.
  8. @UP I found "long time ago" some locos, gonuabas in hard chest. Aslo I got Gold Sickle, Machetes from Premium Dockets.
  9. Hunter in water can pounce Human who is not in water.
  10. "The best defense is attack"
  11. @UP Yep... Also Human have some type of "wallrunning" before ;-;
  12. 1. Night Hunter is the last mutation of zombie (based od artbook, handbook or wiki ~ don't remember) 2. Me, human Dying from Night Hunter ( :V ), I write it for look how you react to it, when someone write nonsense thinks like yours all posts before. Buff/nerf - don't need it for this moment, first need fix bugs in game. After that look for some "balances". @UP 2 I say "when get dropkicked from roof", not for normal fall on legs. It hurt much more when you fall on your back ( :I ). After get dropkicked/tackled Human/Hunter can't do any move. All know "human can evade tackle". But remember: If Hunter will get soon "DropKick evade" he will be still sensitive to damage, cause like during Tackle evade - Hunter don't make many moves and he is very vulnerable to attack. Everyone has their own opinion, not everyone can change it, we can only talk about them and think about comprimise.
  13. Spam Dodge - Sure... for you Night Hunter have only 2 attacks (pounce and tackle)... If Hunter run into you, what you will do? Stay, and wait for him, or try bounce back for increase the distance between Human & Hunter? Or you just only give him tackle you? Hunter's Claws have big attack range, so he can decrease your HP fast or kill, and uz... Hunter can tackle you even withouth run. For "normal" tackle Night Hunter need hold [sHIFT] 1-1,5second. Tendril speed - you can use it anywhere on flat surface. @(Non)Topic If you really want "balance" BtZ mode, so why Night Hunter don't take "falling damage" when get dropkicked from roof? I don't talk about DfA or Hunter pounce Human on roof and fall 40m down, cause you can't die during some successful attack animation. Do Night Hunter is "super OP" with "a thousand muscles" so he can't take fall damage? As all know: - Zombie can die by fall damage. - Virals can die by fall damage. - Volatile can die by fall damage. So why Night Hunter can't?
  14. Can add "Death from Above - Rain of Death from Above" when using 2-hand weapons, (specialy & only) for Be The Zombie PvP mode. Aslo can add "Death from Above - Rain of Death from Above" when unarmed, cause Legendary Levels skill tree can increase us unarmed damage (specialy & only for BtZ PvP mode - may be OP). Our Kyle Crane have a lot of Outfits inside his stoarge, so why he can't wear few parts of other outfits in this same moment? I mean create a Custom Outfit during use stoarge. Player may chose few parts of other outfits (like: T-Shirt - Mask (or not) - Trousers - Face etc.) and combine it into one new custom outfit. I know... custom outfit may have mismatched colors etc. :/ Thanks, for read this.