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  1. Tricky333

    Disconnecting Every 5 Minutes ?

    Same issue. Played for 5mins then disconnected. Already done the rebuild DB and still happening. Such poor experience for a AAA game. Don't get any connection issues on other games. Can't understand why Techland can't fix this, surely stable co-op is the first thing you sort before rolling out a co-op game...!
  2. Tricky333

    Sort The F***ing Co-Op Out

    Helpful, but doesn't really explain how a AAA title has such problems. Take Destiny or BO3, neither of those has any of the same problems. I have been kicked out of DL in one hour more than I have been kicked in the whole life of Destiny! I will no doubt try again (using some of your tips) but I can't believe Techland don't respond or in fact think this is ok...
  3. How do you expect us to pay for DLC when a major part of the game is completely broken? Co-op is a primary way to play this game, in fact it's the only reason I bought the game! Tell us how you fixing this and in what timeframe, I can't believe anyone will be The Following when the main game is so un-playable...
  4. I agree, can't believe a AAA title like this can't manage coop properly. Not to talk up other games, but Destiny, BO3, etc. seem to manage this fine... WTF! Tell us what you are doing to fix this!
  5. Tricky333

    Sort The F***ing Co-Op Out

    Just tried again, managed 5mins before both friend and I got kicked. Techland please respond and provide a fix!
  6. Tricky333

    Sort The F***ing Co-Op Out

    PS4. Couldn't connect for longer than 1-2mins. What is going on! Bought this game to play co-op. Please fix this ASAP!!!!