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  1. One of them was using an automatic explosive crossbow while the other was using an automatic shotgun. Although it was going bad during the first nest/second nest I took them out before they had the chance to take out the 3rd nest. And this is DURING the event. No tackle, no spits, no UV protection regen
  2. I think it would be better if we could have an option for it! This would add a new option below invasion frequency named Hunter Limit. Players can decide between the 3 following options. ONLY Single Hunters Single OR Double Hunters ONLY Double Hunters Hunters could join the training area together and form a double or just be randomly paired if two people invade one person at the same time. There was a bug in the past that somehow got this player two zombies in his game! Would be epic if we could do this whenever we wanted. https://youtu.be/g0vMHsh8UpA?t=25s
  3. If they are not banned within the next 30 days I'll get back to you on that.
  4. Occurred to me that it's a good idea to post it here since this thread is run by the devs. We've had lots of hackers recently in VAC secure games that are NOT receiving VAC bans. I know VAC doesn't prevent the exploits but it should result in a permanent VAC ban soon after, right?
  5. This has been happening a lot recently, if any of you moderators see this than please pass it onto somebody who can attempt to solve this issue. I've also had a match with players hacking in VAC secure in the past aswell, it's a serious problem.
  6. Tricks I Like to use. They think I will tackle and miss, leaving me to fly into spikes? nah Groundpound them into the spikes instead UV flip: go as fast as you can and try to get to the human's backside, then pounce before they get a chance to react. UV Sheild + UV Groundpound: run and get them ready to counter a tackle, activate your UV shield and make sure you're at full energy before you use a UV spit mash for an easy pounce. Humans can't dodge a tackle when in a falling situation, so GP them off roofs & interrupt their normal fall with a tackle. And my favorite... Stand below a tall bridge and just wait for the human to attempt a drop attack (They usually do it the first time) As they do it just simply step out of their path and let them experience a peaceful assisted suicide. example of that last one
  7. Ignore my friend in the background, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdxiUncFw4E a Hoard bomber ran up at the last second and protected him from my claws, dammit xD
  8. Aww, I wanted to believe it was... Well either way thanks for telling me, now I can take better advantage of this
  9. So.. I got into a 1v2 that turned into a 1v3 with two hackers. ---Players--- Zoom: Not hacking Deed Pool: Infinite Health 3:00 > (He was hacking earlier, I just didn't take notice till 2:00) Sua Irma: Teleporting/Speed Hacking 6:25 > I would also like to say this was VAC secure... The system is broken. ------Message Split------ Throw back to this moment in history, can't fight the power of a mentally unstable Night Hunter. I really wish we could use toxic spit to ignite barrels... that would be... nice *maniacal laughter*
  10. Console peasentry problems. At least you don't have less hackers compared to the PC community
  11. My friend (not giving a username) found the website that has the dying light "trainer" on it and had a bunch of download links for level 60 zombie saves. That's honesty the most unfair thing though, they have to put in almost no effort at all (besides having good Virus protection from those shady links) to get a strong zombie. I've put over 70 hours into my main zombie and I'm still only level 52.
  12. some players download max level apex predators and do let even have to put in effort to keep it. Please make it so only he owner of the save can load it.
  13. I'll update this with a full video later, but I just couldn't resist uploading this clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4HyZz_LUss THE CHILLS THIS SENDS DOWN MY SPINE ARE SO REAAAAL
  14. I laugh when players say BTZ is unbalanced, some nighthunters are more like nightmares than prey, they are amazingly fast planners and have great reaction time. It just takes some great patience and effort. If you get the NH buffed than the good NHs will become even stronger, do we really want that?