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  1. What are you talking about??? Tackle's and GP's have same damage regardless if theyre upgraded or not...the difference is only knockback distance with either tackle and gp...for GP upgrade then it has larger radius and stronger knockback. For spits you need to always upgrade them...idk how you are able to play if you cant land spit sticks which are easy btw...there are few tactics: 1. Kamikaze Tactic: just run into human and quickly press spit it will always stick 2. Visceral's GP+Spit: Non Upgraded Gp works the BEST with it and it always sticks 3. Flyby Stick: When youre tendriling just aim abit below the vaistline of a human spit should always stick.
  2. Dont upgrade gp it was always that way if you upgrade it...
  3. That's called lag, happened to me as NH as when a friend was nh.
  4. Are you serious? Claw can take 50 % HP of human if you use claw+tendril animation trick...
  5. Go cry somewhere else...what are you suggest we kill you with? Angry look? Smile? Get a grip...
  6. ...Useless topic but ok: x7 lv 60 Apex Predators ( 1 is Mutation 1 lv 60) - obviously i deleted some saves to start over to level and ofc most recent one is mutation 3 lv 23 so technically my 8th NH
  7. New NH gameplay 1v1 intense game vs MODELIZMA
  8. My NH gameplay:
  9. *Posted in wrong section sorry
  10. BTZ/INVASIONS options: Easy mode for begginers: * only players up to level 4 rank NH/HUman can join these game's Humans: * Survivor sense doesnt have a cooldown between (no NH dissapear from the radar) * Damage for all mode's is the same wether its 1v1 or 4v1 * 1 Flare for 1v1/2v1, 2 Flares with 15 sec cooldown between throws in 3v1/4v1 Hunters: * Increased recharge rate of spits/uv shield NOTE: Experience gain for both parties is lowered and there are no gold weapons available in this mode! Hunter gland and weapons from lower tier are available Normal Mode: * All players are welcome to join in this mode Humans: * Same rules as current meta Hunters: * Same stats/Rules as current Apocalypse mode: * ONLY FOR VETERANS and Experienced players! Humans: * Survivor Sense works only for nest positioning, doesnt work for hunter * HUD is disabled * Hunter Boosters do not work * 1 Flare per life * Exhaustion between power attacks / Special power attacks with cooldown like in Nightmare mode ergo stamina Hunters: * Howl has a longer cooldown * Howl has an upgrade only in this mode if players have maxed skill tree: Screamer's effect can only be used if humans are around, has cooldown of 30 seconds and during this time Hunter cannot Howl * HUD is disabled including Radar * Higher damage output with claws NPC's and Nests: * Each nest from starting one to the last one has a timer: 1st nest: 5 Minute's 2nd Nest: 4 Minute's 3rd Nest: 3.5 Mins 4th Nest: 2 Mins 5th Nest: 1 Minute If survivor's fail to destroy the nests more special infected will appear around the nest including hatched Evolved Volatile's, the task of Humans is to kill those specified zombies to progress to the next nest. *Zombie Guardians: * If survivor's are hit with Horde spit, all zombies in area will pursue the humans along with bombers Thats basically it.
  11. Techland i never get the stats for the event no tackle etc but i can use all skills etc, and when i use all spits and uv it doesnt regenerate and i basically reset when i die and on respawn again all my skills are available... Also happened one time i accually had only uv block, gp and pounce according to this event... Please fix -.-
  12. NH without tackle: Dead NH without Spit: Even more dead Great job Nobalanceland
  13. Ok today multiple times this has been fixed then reapplied...jesus techland make up your mind because it's costing me games... First of damage: On 4v1: 1 shot with Impact bolt 90 % hp or insta kill 2handed weapons 1 swing 60-70 % hp ... I dont want to talk about uv heal, its worthless now takes 3 second's to complete and that is what usually chupacabra's my game's dont tell me get better etc because im not only one here...
  14. Hey dev's may we know what's new in this update ?
  15. I was accually suggested simmilar thing not long ago think was May or April this year so yea...