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  1. I saw those "serious" players having fun. Most of them switched to "not serious" mode, that's all. Being serious about a computer game is sad thing.
  2. I'm calling it a Techland Paradox. It's the first game i see where upgrading skills puts you in disadvantage.
  3. You people are just sad. Of course zombiefest was hyper unbalanced and the worst was the GP range, but all in all, it was timed event and we had fun with impossible physics. The fun of defeating a hunter was even more satisfactionary. You shouldn't take seriously the remarks of kids with dementia during that period, it was clear as day, that hunter was OP to the bone. It was their last chance to heal complexes.
  4. The one final patch is needed, unfair glitches and exploits should be addressed, but we are now beyond the support time so why would techland work on fixing bugs they weren't during support period? P.S Somebody is spreading info that some fixes (instant tackles) and nerfs are coming like no GP+SPIT and delays to prevent DFA after pounce or smth like that. I found it rather not credible, but PETE, could you confirm if anything is coming at all? "live tuning" - does that mean that we will return to old rules when steam is offline and i'll try to play LAN game (if LAN is possible with offline steam of course)?
  5. It doesn't matter how one reffers to. The fact remains that you're (and your ex-worshippers who are removing you from friend lists recently) exploiting flaws in game mechanics. It's not an good option, if anything, you should be able to escape or to push human away, not to deal most times undodgeable attack you, It's like rewarding your failure, but since you're trying so hard even with double instant tackles in a wall-lock on the noobs (and even instant tackles while having 0 stamina), i don't know if this conversation have an point. So the game sense is all about when to switch to glitches and exploits? That is rather shamefull for high caliber players, but here you are with your skill but still trying hard to win like you're life depend on. Invent something to counter failed GP and the movest will be complete. Have fun.
  6. - hunter is able to tackle survivor after dodge as soon as he touch the ground, even if stamina is depleted (pointed out in the topic "how it is done")
  7. Well done! Now that you are spreading how to to that glitched tackle, everybody are starting to use it. Some kids are even claiming that it is a technique that only PROs know.
  8. What else are you proposing to do? Unless you have ultra perfect aim for spits, what else works? BTW, tackles are dodgeable.
  9. I wasn't alking about hirarchy, but rather about stupid mechanics, bugs and decicions that haunts us for almost a year or over. This is valid for both sides.
  10. Trochę przesadzasz, jest trudno, ale nie tak beznadziejnie jak to opisujesz. Jeśli nie możesz trafić w człowieka, to trzeba go zmusić, aby pozostał w zasięgu szlamu, np. poprzez taran, a po udanym taranowaniu można też trafić nim łatwo człowieka używając ładowania strzału. W grach z profesjonalistami jest bardzo ciężko po obu stronach obozu. Podejrzewam, że gdybym ci pokazał kilku graczy, którzy dobrze ogarniają łowce, to pomyślałbyś, że oszukują (to może nie dotyczyć Ciebie, ale tez z kolei miałem parę razy sytuacje, gdy byłem wyzywany od oszustów).
  11. Temat był poruszony już na samym początku wprowadzenia dodatku "The Following", podobno miał być dodany jakiś licznik czasu, który by łowcę teleportował na zewnątrz, gdyby tam utknął. Sam fakt, że tego nie zrobiono, oznacza, że Techland ma wszystkich w d.... już przynajmniej od roku.
  12. During dodge, if turn on UV shield, hunter stamina is still drained till i hit something (or at least there is a noticable delay). According to his patch: 17. Fixed Hunter UV block timer pausing while in PVP grab states. (would allow the Hunter to have the UV Block skill active longer than intended) It supposed to fix the problem but created another one opposite to the first one, now the hunter have his shield for the right time, but stamina replenish time shortened by circumstances. I mentioned this few times throughout ayear, but it seems that devs are circumventing to fix basic mechanic exploits and problems they create. Before the patch, the prolonged time of UV shield in grapple state was justified with lack of stamina replenishing till the control was regained, so it was perfectly correct. how did it happen that it wasn't thought off? Humans can dodge in air and hunters can tackle without startup frames. The credits bug is one year old! Telebombers are a plague from the beginning, my friend was killed in Safe Zone recently by one (wasn't targeted). Is it intentionality or incompetence?
  13. Judging player skills by term of hours isn't that accurate, if you look at my hour count you would say that i should be hell of survivor, but i'm not, most of the hours is NH and sitting in menu while watching friends streams (I personally know a guy with over 2000 hours in DL and he is not playing that good as you would expect. It's hard to not be tracked where people are watching their backs constatnly proping environment with UV, also, techland messed something and the mode is not consistent, some hunters still have spits and tackles that do 0 damage, when i was playing as survivor i barely heard NH, but when i played as NH last time, people told me that they hear me quite good. Also, you don't know what kind of weather humans have, there are hours in the game that you can move without flashlight becuase it's that bright, it should be always dark like in last life/nest, then you can play sneak properly.
  14. Those survivors weren't much of a challenge, when i said i manged to get 5 kills, i meant quite PRO team of 4 and the only way to do that was moving between buildings, hiding behind stuff and jumping with pounce surprisingly (which is hard when you don't know where they are and you are wasting half of the match to look for them). Running on the roofs doesn't make sense and once you are tracked, it's hard to run out of sight. There is not always a place to sneak, NH is in quite a huge disadvantage in the countryside. No tackles is even more frustrating, normally you have at least some defense when somebody is trying to DFA you, now you're doomed once you fall. I don't really know how it is possible for the bounty score to be quite equal, in PRO fight with 4 humans, you may have around 25 or more volatile spawns, if you manage to kill 5 humans, that's still 5 times more spawns than humans. I guess, it's because of games where survivors aren't very good. If you are enjoy this mode, good for you.
  15. This mode is broken. Some hunters have spits and tackles (without damage).