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  1. Someone already post this, but I just wanna add something. He wrote about being bitten by zombie, time will pop up and at the end of this time you will be turned into zombie, but what next. I wanna add this....That is one freaking perfect idea, maybe better than some perma-death mode(when you die game is entirely over). It could be like this: when you are bitten, you will get some specific time, depends on what zombie bite/scratch you, or how big is that bite/scratch or how many bites/scratches you have(maybe all options ? ), in this time you have to get into some specific place( maybe the Breckens Tower or some place in the middle of map, or just two main stations like Breckens Tower and Fiherman Village, just make some save-zones where you can save yourself or your friend in co-op), there you will be able to buy an antizin or some pills what makes you to be normal again, time will dissapear and you can continue in your game( so more far you are from the zone where you can buy those pills, the harder it will be for you to interact with zombies, bcs you might not get it into that save-place in time to be saved). And here are two options what I was thinking when time will get to zero and you turn into zombie, you will just simply turn into zombie and all game is over(you can choose this option "Game-Over" in options when you start a new game) or another option is, you just turn, game is over, but game will load from some last checkpoint to make that game at least finish-able, but you will lost alot of experiences or legendary level progress, even lost full legendary level or just drop all your stuff what you had in quick slot and you need to go and get it back or you just lost it forever Another thing about those pills could be, you can craft them, but you need alot and very rare materials, or you can just simply buy them but for huge amount of money and have them with you(but you could have just one pills, not more) to help yourself or your friend in Co-op if you will get bitten or as well using those pills will have some cooldown, for example 10 or 30 min. or something. I think this is freaking good idea to make that game more real and hard. For example on Game plus in Nightmare mode would be insane I am sorry for my english and I hope you will understand what I wrote here. Thanks, Thomas.
  2. Hello, 1st of all, I wanna thank you for all of your work what you are doing for our favorite zobmie game Dying Light ( at least favorite for me ) What I have on my mind is, I would really like to see some bigger survival elements, I mean things like, eat, sleap, drink andsomething like that....I do not really mean to make from Daying Ligh another DayZ or whatever, but something like swap normal game to survival game, where you can normaly play Campaign or The Following but with the survival elements. As well I was thinking about building some Keep or Base how someone already wrote in post (for example like in Fallout 4) and defend it at night or at day, whenever player want(not just at night, I think that would be boring for some people after some time). As well I was thinking to make another difficulty level, Nightmare is just not challenging anymore, it is not that hard to make a bow from DLC(if you have one), but even without it and oneshot zombies in their head, take that arrow back and do the same again. I mean....nightmare is hard from start even in late game, but how I said, not challenging anymore, maybe put perma death to the game, when you die, end of story, that would make game much much much harder, bcs people will keep themself more sharp about every situation. Aaaaaaaaand the biggest thing I was thinking is.......Do another big DLC, like The Following is....pls, pls, pls......The Followoing was epic as heck and we do not know actualy what happend with Kyle Crane when he turned into zombie right ?
  3. Hello guys, I would like to ask about another dificulity. Normal mode is kind of easy after few hours even if you are like new guy in game. And Hard is actualy hard only from start, after it's pretty easy with all those powerful weapons and guns. Will be there any level of difficulty like insane or hell or something realy challanging ? I know there is game PLUS, but it's nothing extra to be honest. I think extreme players like me would like to feel in this awesome game like realy surviving person in some kind of insane or hellish style ! For example: hard mode is not easy from start, but when u get all those weapons with 1K + dmg it's not hard to aim on neck or head and kill every zombie on one hit, even nights are not so scary and tough in hard mode. Is it possible to make the game more realistic in this point of view ? Thanks guys