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  1. ergh..which updates should we uninstal?! or software? man, the amount of dont-give-a-shitness from techland is a real turn off!
  2. you mean the game crashes, as in when you test the map by hitting play? it could be an error in the script or a damaged asset - try an empty map, place a spawner and see if it crashes also.
  3. quests that can only be done at night. i know that some items have a day/night attribute box to select when they are active, but i was wondering if there was more to it other that carefully planning. like an easy quest phase setting like -nightonly or something.
  4. anybody know how to set up night quests?
  5. anyone know which craftplan that we use in the default_player_setup that gives the ranger bow?
  6. this seems like a problem with the game, not the developer tools. this forum is for regular people that work with the developer tools, not for techland employees working on the game. that seems like a bug so submit it through a support ticket
  7. maybe you need to use movies and make an animation of the airplane flying by. check out the Harran the Ride map. the map developer has an airdrop right at the begging of the map. see how he did it.
  8. it's looking like it, although did you see the post in the steam discussions regarding windows 10? if the problem persists bombard techland with support tickets here
  9. no problem. the new windows install into another hdd is an extreme thing as if it works, you're not really finding the root of the problem and you might want to install your used software into the new windows (assuming the tools work) but at least the tools might work and you get to make maps
  10. install a clean windows into a secondary hdd if u got one. cut the problem by the root asap! or maybe a virtualbox
  11. does this happen on any new project you start? try deleting the terrain blocks, and everything on the new map. saving and restarting the tools and opening the saved map. dang, it's such a weird glitch. is you mouse working correctly? no electric wires coming out of the cable, making a short circuit or something? do you have a secondary hdd? try installing the tools to that one and see if the problem still occurs
  12. thanks, ill follow the script and see what exactly i'm creating. but from what i understood, i will be creating a new preset? i don't need a new preset i don' think. i just need to change the AISpawnBoxWave to another preset dynamically through quest (doesn't need to be custom preset, can be existing preset in the AISpawnBoxWave object) but maybe your script helps? ill give it a try and see if i can do what i need to do edit: the phases for presets i found so far are: ,change-ai-preset ,change-ai-preset _ HumanAI jade -transform_to_preset=viral no more properties. jade is object_name. "viral" is a guess. no info on phase properties in tools. found commented in game files: <!-- ,change-ai-preset _ HumanAI Museum_TahirBoss01 -transform_to_preset=Quest_Museum_TahirBoss_Keep_Dist --> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ,modify-ai-params ,modify-ai-params _ HumanAI jade true true player -transform_to_preset=viral no more properties. jade is object_name. "viral" is a guess. no info on phase properties in tools. not found in game, just dev tools. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ,spawn_ai ,spawn_ai [phase_name] preset [object_class] [object_name] found only commented in the game files: <!-- ,spawn_ai _ Infected DynamicSpawner welisten_under_door_zombie_spawner::Zombie_Pit -->
  13. edited anyone know if this is possible to do in the developer tools? rather than placing 20 or 30 wave spawn boxes, i was trying to place just 4 or 5 and enable and disable it, and in between change the ai preset dynamically (in the quest) to another type of zombie. anyone know how to go about doing this?
  14. Devs dont usually show up lately. Hopefully they're fixing bugs! Have u tried moving the tools into a different monitor?
  15. there is a few phases that say "preset" but the ones i found are for HumanAI - was hoping to change the AISpawer waves there is ,spawn-ai that apparently can take the AISpawnBoxWaves as a setting but i don't know how to make it work or if it even works - it's in the original game files but commented it out.
  16. well, i know which game developer (and publisher) to start avoiding from purchasing any more games now. still i like the tools and am gonna keep building maps until they flat out remove it from steam, for no other reason that they suck. i really hope they come to grips with what they have in their (still active) community, and not throw everything away.
  17. has anyone has any issue with the sounds being muffled in their maps? i have a sound emitter that gets it's volume reduced by 90% when i use the ,set-day-time phase in my quest. also, changing the varlist time of day slider muffled the sound emitter as well. it looks like (at least) sound emitter volume is tied to the time of day. setting the time of day to noon makes the sound emitter has it's volume at normal height. setting time of day to 20:55pm diminishes the volume. anyone know how to block this from happening? edit: setting the audio bus of the sound emitter to special sound doesn't muffle audio, but stuff like vases breaking are still getting muffled.
  18. and views are back now. Thanks techland
  19. that's tough. i've had the tools crash but never delete half my map. if you've created groups of objects, then you might have .eds.bak files in your data folder. there's also some autosave folders in the project's data folder. (if autosaves was turned on i believe) if not, i don't know what you can do. maybe check the windows temp folder for files related to the tools, or search for other temp folders and files in the tools' folder. and search for .bak files while you're at it. other than that, i don't think you can get your work back. backups and restorations are basically files stored on the computer. never will software store that info inside itself, and magically make it all come back. unfortunately.
  20. where you in the middle of editing the map when the pc crashed?
  21. i managed to get a hold of a few .height files. i was able to import without errors but i could not make the terrain show up if anybody want to test it out and see if it works. here's a 100m by 100m terrain:!gHY3EDKQ!4aApD0hHgfzh4-utUZOsu5NvXYm3tsUIkBwfxw4B6K4
  22. does the dev tools allow to import heightmaps, or does it have any other feature that helps build terrains quicker? also, what's the difference between a terrain block and a terrain patch?
  23. 2 - idk either. 3 - like i said dunno. i'm not into customizing and 3d models. i think you might not be able to export, maybe due to copyright? but idk. wait till someone else replies; you'll probably get a better answer.