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  1. has anyone has any issue with the sounds being muffled in their maps? i have a sound emitter that gets it's volume reduced by 90% when i use the ,set-day-time phase in my quest. also, changing the varlist time of day slider muffled the sound emitter as well. it looks like (at least) sound emitter volume is tied to the time of day. setting the time of day to noon makes the sound emitter has it's volume at normal height. setting time of day to 20:45pm diminishes the volume. anyone know how to block this from happening? edit: setting the audio bus of the sound emitter to special sound doesn't muffle audio, but stuff like vases breaking are still getting muffled.
  2. and views are back now. Thanks techland
  3. that's tough. i've had the tools crash but never delete half my map. if you've created groups of objects, then you might have .eds.bak files in your data folder. there's also some autosave folders in the project's data folder. (if autosaves was turned on i believe) if not, i don't know what you can do. maybe check the windows temp folder for files related to the tools, or search for other temp folders and files in the tools' folder. and search for .bak files while you're at it. other than that, i don't think you can get your work back. backups and restorations are basically files stored on the computer. never will software store that info inside itself, and magically make it all come back. unfortunately.
  4. where you in the middle of editing the map when the pc crashed?
  5. i managed to get a hold of a few .height files. i was able to import without errors but i could not make the terrain show up if anybody want to test it out and see if it works. here's a 100m by 100m terrain:!gHY3EDKQ!4aApD0hHgfzh4-utUZOsu5NvXYm3tsUIkBwfxw4B6K4
  6. 2 - idk either. 3 - like i said dunno. i'm not into customizing and 3d models. i think you might not be able to export, maybe due to copyright? but idk. wait till someone else replies; you'll probably get a better answer.
  7. 1 - better ask gog or tweet the devs until they answer. they rarely show up here 2 - probably, because you can move a project folder in and out of the dev tool's workshop folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop) and still open it in the tools 3 - i dont know
  8. it's a bit, but the views is bugged for the entire forum - not just your post.
  9. added a way to remove the player's Survivor Sense (place the skills folder in your project's data folder, then open the dev tools and launch your map to see it in action)
  10. like i said i dont play pvp or co-op how does someone join a custom map that has multiplayer enabled? i havent been able to figure out how not to pause the game in invertory, nor escape key (i think escape key always pauses game, no matter what difficulty settings so it looks harder to mod than it seems), nor setting Nightmare mode in the custom map, but i was able to remove the ability to go to the escape menu. when pressing escape nothing happens and the map plays fine. (also removed all other menus (inventory, quests, skills, etc)) im guessing this might be a problem for people joining a multiplayer session in a multiplayer map? or can they join any way without using the escape menu?
  11. i'll look into that thanks
  12. there is a demo for leveller is anybody cares to give it a try (i only found v2.6 though - it's current version is 4.1). i was able to import a heightmap from the site into leveller and see the terrrian with the heights in leveller (very cool and easy) and then i export to .height, but the demo gave an error and exported an empty .height file. if anyone wanna give that a try! i followed this guide to import
  13. i don't play pvp when a map allows pvp (or co-op, is it basiclly the same?) can players pause the game by going into the menu by pressing escape? im building a co-op map but i can't have people pausing the game - it would defeat the purpose of the map ?
  14. noice. i missed that. it import .height files, any ideas where from or how to create these? is it just import between dev tools maps? it looks like it. would be great if we could import actual png height maps. not very much about knowing about heightmaps, but would be pretty awesome to import pre made terrains into the tools. im finding interesting things: .height map files can be exported from the Daylon Leveller, a terrain creation software. the .height extension has been used in a game: Xpand Rally, a rally game created by...polish company Techland Games so it looks like you can import a heightfield from (for example), import it into leveller and export as .height if any one wants to fork over 50 bucks for the software and let us know if you can actually import a hightmap from leveller to dev tools that'd be great. more so be able to import terrains into the dev tools. in a few minutes would be awesome
  15. does the dev tools allow to import heightmaps, or does it have any other feature that helps build terrains quicker? also, what's the difference between a terrain block and a terrain patch?