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  1. crash

    maybe try and not refresh file system if you need to do that in the process of making the movie. instead close and open the tools, because i think the refresh file system is not working properly...cheers.
  2. added Fake Phase Counter - Take-multi is the only phase with a counter that can be displayed in the hud. Example quest would be: "Pick up 3 dynamites" "0/3". With each "take" the counter updates. With this fake phase count, you can use whatever action you'd like, and still use the counter. For instance, you want q quest to "use 3 triggers" instead of "picking up 3 dynamites", and have the counter be displayed on the hud. Seeing that only the ,take phase allows you to display the counter, this example shows how to fake the counter for other actions aside from ,take.
  3. this might not the answer, but test at mid-day. i've had sounds dissapearing around the time it transitions from day to night, around 8 or 9 pm.
  4. ergh..which updates should we uninstal?! or software? man, the amount of dont-give-a-shitness from techland is a real turn off!
  5. you mean the game crashes, as in when you test the map by hitting play? it could be an error in the script or a damaged asset - try an empty map, place a spawner and see if it crashes also.
  6. quests that can only be done at night. i know that some items have a day/night attribute box to select when they are active, but i was wondering if there was more to it other that carefully planning. like an easy quest phase setting like -nightonly or something.
  7. anybody know how to set up night quests?
  8. anyone know which craftplan that we use in the default_player_setup that gives the ranger bow?
  9. this seems like a problem with the game, not the developer tools. this forum is for regular people that work with the developer tools, not for techland employees working on the game. that seems like a bug so submit it through a support ticket
  10. maybe you need to use movies and make an animation of the airplane flying by. check out the Harran the Ride map. the map developer has an airdrop right at the begging of the map. see how he did it.
  11. it's looking like it, although did you see the post in the steam discussions regarding windows 10? if the problem persists bombard techland with support tickets here
  12. no problem. the new windows install into another hdd is an extreme thing as if it works, you're not really finding the root of the problem and you might want to install your used software into the new windows (assuming the tools work) but at least the tools might work and you get to make maps
  13. install a clean windows into a secondary hdd if u got one. cut the problem by the root asap! or maybe a virtualbox
  14. does this happen on any new project you start? try deleting the terrain blocks, and everything on the new map. saving and restarting the tools and opening the saved map. dang, it's such a weird glitch. is you mouse working correctly? no electric wires coming out of the cable, making a short circuit or something? do you have a secondary hdd? try installing the tools to that one and see if the problem still occurs