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  1. hey, so i need some help with getting a phase to work between maps, i have the map on the workshop, ready to go, visible to friends, if anyone could check it out and help me with it, i can add you as a friend add me and i'll explain in detail the map is already spawning where at the point the problem is so it's pretty straight forwarding also, i think it's easier to just look at how the map is set up, i think, than explaining it anyone? help would be great. it's the last issue with the map before i can have it ready to release whenever
  2. the corpse limit so they don't disapear would be awesome
  3. since day 1 of messing with the tools that i haven't been able to correctly use the water boxes' skins is it just me, or are most of the skins transparent when submerged, in the tools? is it a problem only when testing the map in the tools? do they work fine when running the map outside from the tools? what skins can i rely on, that will definitely work, when playing a map from the workshop? anyone know? could we please get a patch to the waterboxes skins to work in the tools, like they work in-game (actually seeing the water in front of the player when submerged, instead of transparent? i'm limited to one skin at the moment, at it's not even close to the skin i wanted) btw, here's a few screenshots of what i've been doing with the tools for the past year or so
  4. setting a respawn point with ,checkpoint doesn't avoid you being respawned at 0,0,0, if the respawn point is far away (and you didn't enable it by passing near it) at least not in my example. i also got that 0,0,0 respawn when not setting the flag "respawn" to the SpawnPoint, nor enable another spawn point.
  5. ,inventory-to-depot-clear _ doesn't work?
  6. um, how do i connect the game? i can't be able to
  7. good stuff! but a few problems: so, i placed the spawner on the map, added the debug spawn code. that error appeared (i changed _ with <<>>). works fine. i press "play with invoke" and select the debug goto phase i want in the "play with invoke window", and i enter the game at that phase point. good stuff. but 1 - the phases don't turn grey after the debug position. is that a problem? 2 - i can't go back to a phase by escaping the game and going to the quest editor, selecting phase and pressing the little guy...all those buttons are greyed out. should the game be connected at this point?
  8. ok. thanks. i'll have to see if i can get it to work. edit: the Map2Quest2 is not correct i need something like this quest Map2Quest2 -final=true -parent=Map2Quest1 ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<-----objective on map 2------->> ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI puppet2 ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<-----objective on map 1------->> ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI puppet3 i can fake the quest being divided through the maps by adding a third quest (Map2Quest2Fake) with the same name, so it kinda looks like the same quest, but there seems to be some problem, as the objective in the third quest doesn't activate, although the map reaches the end (?) Map1 // Map2Quest2Fake has the same name as Map2Quest2, so it kinda looks like the same quest quest Map2Quest2Fake -parent=Map2Quest2 -final=true ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<objective on map 1>> ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI puppet3 -- this wont activate ,wait _ 5 // but the game reaches the credits also faked it by adding a fourth quest with just a wait phase. thanks p.s by the way, everything is working without any -leadings
  9. hey all anybody know how to make quests and phases target other maps? basically this is what i need to do (any help would be greatly appreciated!). these are two different pxsl files, one for each map Map 1 QuestsDefinitions -level=map_01 -- As soon as the map starts it shows the quest description (objective). The objective should be marked as complete after the player enters map 2. quest Map1Quest1 ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<pass through portal>> Map 2 QuestsDefinitions -level=map_02 -- this quest does stuff only in map2 quest Map2Quest1 -parent=Map1Quest1 ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<next objective as soon as the 'passing through the door' objective completes>> -- do stuff on map2 -- this last quest does some stuff on map2 and some other stuff on map1. the final quest objective should appear on map1 and be completed in map1 quest Map2Quest2 -final=true ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<this objective ends in map2>> -- do stuff on map2 ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<this objective ends in map1>> -- do stuff on map1
  10. well, i guessing by the lack on answer not many people know how to do this, and it doesn't surprise me due to the lack of information for the dev tools. its a matter of testing. what mesh did you use for the npc? and what skin? and, i think m_enableWakeup has to do with become enabled when touching it, try disabling the wakeup option edit: put zombie_man_a.msh on the stage, untick "no animation", go to the anim tab and maybe you can find a hanging animation or look for a dead pose similar to hanging i don't know if the zombie will be static though, or move it you bump into it..
  11. i haven' t played the bozak horde so i don't know how the hole looks like, but you could add a hit sensor to an object inside the hole so when you throw something into the hole, it hits the object and triggers something, check out the hit sensor i set up in this post the 1 example under BoxObjectEnabler Movie Trigger
  12. How are you creating the dead body?
  13. Mkay. Ill have to play with that a bit and see how it works. But the weird thing is that i didnt have any quest when those invoke messages appeared.
  14. I think disabling should work. Havent tried yet but its the impression i have of how other people have done it. Ill also need to control spawnpoints on my map.
  15. yes, use a boxobjectenabler attached to the switch, set it to disable the light, and add a delay. check out my second Light Switch Control example in my examples post