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  1. like i said, remove the quests to see if they are crashing the game. (copy them onto a empty text file, so you can copy it back) 2. remove the FX's that are giving the errors. 3. remove the spawns. 4. add a spawnpoint with it's default setting (dont mess with the settigns of the spawn when placing it on the map). 5. click play. see if it crashes. sorry i can't test you map, i'm testing and fixing mine at the moment.
  2. that's a lot of modding, you might have better luck asking the developers, not map makers here in the dev tools forum go to
  3. don't know about the terrain migration but how many spawn do you have in total? you understand the spawns you have in the quest (screenshot) are debug spawns, and if you have no other spawns and play the map without using invoke, that might crash the game, idk comment out the quests, and place only one spawnpoint on the map and play the map (without using invoke - thats the other option when you click the play button's drop down arrow) also, there's a few errors in your log ERROR [FX] Cannot read definition of btzh_light_end_light.fx search for "error" in the log and see. remove or fix that which gives errors and see if it helps
  4. i cant go through the log now do you have a lot of stuff on your map? you can always try and migrate your old map to a new map sometimes the tools bug and stay bugged good luck!
  5. i think so, i dont know where though.
  6. try fixing the errors and see if the game doesn't crash. if you can't fix them, remove meshes that give errors and see what happens (dlc_wl_ve_sedan_a_bonnet.msh, etc)( also remove the encounter car (no sure what that is) but remove any object that is connected to the error and see if the game still crashes. that's the first step to see what's crashing the game. duplicating dynamic lights should'nt crash the game, ive done that multiple times. neither should fxes if the game still crashes after removing the error giving objects, then that's a tougher thing to try and fix, but i's start with that.
  7. are you talking to non techland map developers or to the techland developers? this forum is mostly for talking about maps people make with the developer tools, i don't see many posts by or from techland developers, about the base game here. if you trying to reach the developers about ideas, maybe you should post in
  8. where is the glitch?
  9. no problem in sharing my finds this is how we get a good somewhere source of knowledge
  10. well, i figured out how to stop the player's inventory from moving into the stash again, at death, still would rather not use the stash to force a player to activate the weapon he picked up but still here's a working example:
  11. updated with a list of weapon damages, to be easier to choose which weapons to use, and when.
  12. maybe you don't have the original game? you need to game to have the tools.
  13. hey y'all does anyone know how or if we can force a weapon that the player picked up to be the active weapon the player is holding? i'm having problems emulating this. i'm moving the player's inventory to the stash when picking up the weapon i want him to have, and that makes the weapon become the active weapon like so: ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI Shotgun -show=false ,inventory-to-depot _ ,give-weapon _ -weapon_id=Firearm_ShotgunAGen -count=1 this works well. i want the player to use the shotgun for a part of the map, and he can access his stash when that section of the map is complete. (i'd rather have the player keep his inventory and just automatically have the weapon he picked up be the active weapon, but i haven't been able to do so!) the problem with this technique is that the stash's content returns to the stash when the player dies, after he's accessed the stash and retrieved all his items, even after the stash has been disabled. any ideas or help on the subject? any ideas on how to block the game from moving the player's inventory to the stash again? or automatically be holding the weapon the player picks up?
  14. no problem. good to know also which meshes those are
  15. have you seen all the "luxfer" meshes? in my tools i don't see that exact mesh but it's the close i've seen. you can try and emulate what the picture shows by placing a radio_intr_wall in front of a int_low_wall_a_luxfer