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  1. I would like strong weapons at beginning of the game. I mean, to fight a goon with gas pipe; come on. thats insane.
  2. Where did you get the news ?
  3. PC and Xbox both are Microsoft products. You can try PS4. Though I stopped playing on PS4 after removing the kurczak glitch. Just Kidding.....
  4. Why I am dying by zombie horde on rooftop ? I thought they said bomber horde can't climb rooftop. But I got got spitted and killed by bomber. Is this a joke or bug ?
  5. Whatever chupacabra. You are such an chupacabra.. who sucks stupid ideas and praise it .
  6. How to hack the server ? :lol: :lol:
  7. It is a Racist part of the game. All good things for some special countries. Nothing for third world countries. Absolute Removed.
  8. I support that Russian guy.
  9. Mod is great alternatives than those over hyped weapons claimed by developers. Wasting time and energy searching those bullshits.
  10. The game is RACIST.. Made for only america and european countries. Not for other part of world. Such a waste.
  11. Well there are some bugs too. Last night I was playing as NH and after I used zombie spit it reversed on me. 'You are attacked by zombie hoard.' . I mean hows that possible.
  12. The whole btz is shiiittt.........
  13. No gold weapon in Nightmare difficulty. Even any difficulty. All hypes.