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  1. In cooperation with Tobii, ( we proudly introduce full eye-tracking support for the PC and Mac versions of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition. Watch our video for more details. When you are outrunning or outgunning the undead horde, you will never want to miss a quick shot or that fateful ledge that makes or breaks your survival during a viral breakout. As of today Eye Tracking will be coming to the city of Harran. Developer Techland's Dying Light is a first-person zombie apocalypse game set in the open world of Harran City, a place where freerunning, crafting, and survival all play a vital part of the story. With an Eye Tracker from Tobii your computer will always know where your gaze goes, following and complementing the playstyle you enjoy most. Mouse and keyboard, or gamepad of your choice, your eyes are the defining factor for interaction with the world you are in - just like in real life. Features: The Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, our latest eye tracker, now has full support for one of our favorite games - Dying Light. We have something for casuals and purists alike, featuring an extended field of vision and multiple interactions that occur, simply with the power of your eyes. All features are fully customizable in the menu. Below you will find a list of features that the Eye Tracker bring to Dying Light's beautiful and horrifying world. - Extended View and Clean UI When immersed within a game, we want to interact to our fullest, but sometimes the UI can get in the way of that. Using the Tobii Eye Tracker, you can push past the confines of your screen, without diverting too much attention from your aim or task at hand. The Clean UI feature only requires you to look in any of the four corners to bring up the information you need, leaving you with a smoother experience overall. - Gaze Interaction Whether it's rummaging through boxes, or sparking up a conversation with your favourite quest giver, looting and questing is a big part of any survival game and Dying Light is no different. All those precious possessions needed to craft that sweet new zombie-whacker 2000 will be faster and easier to scoop up into your inventory with the Eye Tracker. The magic, however, does not stop there. Missions and rewards, as well as conversations, will flow smoother as you take in the sights. - Flashlight Control When you find yourself in the dark and you hear the dead all around you, a flashlight will seem like a good idea. Following your eyes, the flashlight will move around your cursor to highlight anything you spy in the peripheral. When night comes and you need to stun the zombies that stalk you like prey, this will undoubtedly come in handy. Just make sure your batteries are charged. - Aim at Gaze, with Multi-throw Function You spend time in Dying Light gathering resources and scrounging for supplies, and nothing feels worse than wasting those hard earned materials on a missed molotov. The Aim at Gaze feature allows you to never miss what you can see with your own eyes, be it with a grenade, shuriken, or even that precious pistol you bought. With the Multi-Throw Function you will be able to tag zombies in succession before throwing out a handful tomahawks. Zombies beware… - Zombie Awareness When you look at the shambling horrors in Dying Light, you alert them to your presence. The Eye Tracker will always follow your gaze, so be careful not to linger too long on the walking dead. They will know you are looking, and they will come for you. Players beware… - Auto-climb when sprinting That ledge you wanted to hit properly for the next climb, or that outcropping of rocks you really needed to get to? They will not be a problem any more. Even for the best of climbers and freerunners, you will find that the Eye Trackers Auto-Climb feature while Sprinting will make the interaction that much faster, and impossibly precise. Getting from A to B has never been this fluid.
  2. Hej, Posiadając podstawkę Dying Light wraz z season passem masz dokładnie tą samą zawartość (wraz ze wszystkimi usprawnieniami) co w Edycji Rozszerzonej
  3. Hey guys! Christmas is coming! If you are looking for perfect gifts for your friends or loved ones - we got you covered! All Dying Light merchandise is now 30% OFF! Visit and see the full offer!
  4. Hi, CorvusPlays! Many thanks from our team for the gift, it's awesome!
  5. Hi there! What you described seems like a major issue. I'd advise you to contact our support team, these guys will figure out what the problem is and will solve it You can contact them via this link: . This is the fastest and the most direct way to get help.
  6. Hi, FaustoFimbres! About the survivors giving up on their lives, looks like a minor issue, but still needs to get fixed - please contact our support team here: - they'll help you out! As for the language issue - I'll look into it. Take care!
  7. NEZER, one more question, to clarify: Did you purchase 'Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition' or did you get 'Dying Light' base game and the season pass (before the Enhanced Edition has been released)? Because, like I said, The Crash Test Bundle was a gift for those who bought 'Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition' via Steam. If you did that and still didn't receive The Crash Test Bundle, please contact our support team in here: - they will help you! However, if you purchased the base game and the season pass, I'm affraid you will not get this particular DLC as a free bonus.
  8. Hi, NEZER! Did you purchase Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition via Steam or did you get a phisical copy? The Crash Test Bundle is a Steam Exclusive for those buying the game via Steam. Those who own phisical copies of Dying Light will be able, however, to get this DLC separately on Steam.
  9. Hi, Smiley! Did you try submitting a support ticket? If not, please do it here: . It is the most direct way to get help
  10. Hi, bigrynoz! Thanks for the feedback! Please submit a support ticket here: It is the fastest and the most direct way to get help!
  11. Glad you enjoyed it!
  12. Hey tafferling! Mini Crane looks amazing! Matches perfectly with 'Volapaper' And of course we'd like you to send him over to us! In return I'll send you some nice Dying Light swag - I'd just need you to send me a private messege with your address. Let me know what you think! Cheers!
  13. I'm sorry to hear you missed the community challenge, but in our defense: we announced the idea of bounties at the time we released DL: The Following, and the recent event was announced on our social media before it started. The rewards (buggy skins) are for those who took part in the challenge, however, don't worry - there will be more bounties! We will surely announce them on our offical Facebook, Twitter and via newsletter Or- if that would be more convenient to you and other DL players, I will post about upcoming community challenges in a dedicated thread on this forum
  14. Guys! Stop it right there! No fighting, all right? We all want to have a good time on this forum!
  15. Hi, strike1! I'm affraid not, the only way to play DL: The Following map is to choose it from the main menu. The Enhanced Edition comes with the base game and the whole season pass content. Please check if you own all the DLCs listed here: