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  1. Hej, Posiadając podstawkę Dying Light wraz z season passem masz dokładnie tą samą zawartość (wraz ze wszystkimi usprawnieniami) co w Edycji Rozszerzonej
  2. Hey guys! Christmas is coming! If you are looking for perfect gifts for your friends or loved ones - we got you covered! All Dying Light merchandise is now 30% OFF! Visit and see the full offer!
  3. Hi, CorvusPlays! Many thanks from our team for the gift, it's awesome!
  4. Hi there! What you described seems like a major issue. I'd advise you to contact our support team, these guys will figure out what the problem is and will solve it You can contact them via this link: . This is the fastest and the most direct way to get help.
  5. Hi, FaustoFimbres! About the survivors giving up on their lives, looks like a minor issue, but still needs to get fixed - please contact our support team here: - they'll help you out! As for the language issue - I'll look into it. Take care!
  6. NEZER, one more question, to clarify: Did you purchase 'Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition' or did you get 'Dying Light' base game and the season pass (before the Enhanced Edition has been released)? Because, like I said, The Crash Test Bundle was a gift for those who bought 'Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition' via Steam. If you did that and still didn't receive The Crash Test Bundle, please contact our support team in here: - they will help you! However, if you purchased the base game and the season pass, I'm affraid you will not get this particular DLC as a free bonus.
  7. Hi, NEZER! Did you purchase Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition via Steam or did you get a phisical copy? The Crash Test Bundle is a Steam Exclusive for those buying the game via Steam. Those who own phisical copies of Dying Light will be able, however, to get this DLC separately on Steam.
  8. Hi, Smiley! Did you try submitting a support ticket? If not, please do it here: . It is the most direct way to get help
  9. Hi, bigrynoz! Thanks for the feedback! Please submit a support ticket here: It is the fastest and the most direct way to get help!
  10. Glad you enjoyed it!
  11. Hey tafferling! Mini Crane looks amazing! Matches perfectly with 'Volapaper' And of course we'd like you to send him over to us! In return I'll send you some nice Dying Light swag - I'd just need you to send me a private messege with your address. Let me know what you think! Cheers!
  12. I'm sorry to hear you missed the community challenge, but in our defense: we announced the idea of bounties at the time we released DL: The Following, and the recent event was announced on our social media before it started. The rewards (buggy skins) are for those who took part in the challenge, however, don't worry - there will be more bounties! We will surely announce them on our offical Facebook, Twitter and via newsletter Or- if that would be more convenient to you and other DL players, I will post about upcoming community challenges in a dedicated thread on this forum
  13. Guys! Stop it right there! No fighting, all right? We all want to have a good time on this forum!
  14. We're glad you guys enjoyed the challenge and the rewards! We have much more planned for you, so stay tuned!
  15. Hi, PaperPuppy! Thanks for the feedback! We are aware that this issue sometimes appears and we're working on a fix.