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  1. Did give the game mode some hours post patch and don't see why the hunter should be cross eyed. I've noted quite a few instances where spit trajectory was modified in a way that makes play less live and less direct. And that aspect of the game was a thing that many appreciated: hits, trajectories, and misses DO have consequences (as opposed to many games...). And while the reasons may be based on statistics or smart devs' opinions, anybody playing can see how this is less fun, less balanced, and more frustrating than before; particularly from the perspective of folks playing hunter. Not frustrating in the "delicious challenge- I'm looking forward to overcome this" - kind of way; but frustrating because actions/spits/trajectories are of less consequence and precision is punished. 1v1 is therefore tougher, but so is 1v2-4. Gp + spit was a tactical combo that made the game's experience richer: In 1v1 it rewarded accurate Ground pounds and in 1v2-4 it represented at least the long shot chance, assuming correct survivor play, of getting a foot in the door and sticking some horde. And yes, this is tactical and a lot of folks are allergic to tactical sequences/combos, berating them as pure spam of players lacking imagination. As if they're coming up with relativity theories or new artistic paradigms while playing. But everybody with a bit of background in games, strategy, and tactics knows, given asymmetric abilities AND differing number of participants on both sides, that the side playing with less participants must have some way to muddy the waters and make the situation less clear. Accurate Ground pound plus spit was far from perfect achieving this b4 the patch, as there still were enough situations that worked against it, but now it's hard to see how to make the asymmetry fun for a cross eyed hunter that finds themselves a bit more removed from the game. If anything, forced tactical mechanisms such as Ground pound + spit should have been made more potent instead of being reigned in, as only this sort of determinism (as opposed to more randomness say) would make it possible, assuming correct play on all sides, for one high level hunter to make the lives of four high level survivors at least a little bit difficult WHILE maintaining the consistency of a game play with clear, live consequences. That said, these abilities should scale to how many survivors are participating. And yes, it's good to see that changes are still being made. But personally, as a pure matter of taste: I've always preferred consequences to random goofiness in my game play and continuing these trends makes the game mode less attractive to play as hunter and less satisfying to play as survivor. My two cents which nobody has to buy + if my reasoning is somehow flawed or I'm missing something, please don't hesitate to disagree and show me the way to gaming salvation.
  2. A rather surprising change. As for 90 degrees in less than one third of a second being dismissed as a minuscule change: that's something for everybody's playing style and personal preference to decide, as one could equivalently argue that moves at that speed are the point of why some folks choose PC. Somehow reigning in Gp spit combo to this extent WHILE weakening the tackle seems heavy handed, especially given 3v1, 4v1 scenarios, as well as when hunters mutate. In such situations, hunters could use an extra hand. Multiple survivors were difficult to handle b4 the changes, but now seems like asking for some unbelievable amount of luck. Don't understand why running in circles should prevent one from dealing damage but can understand where people are coming from when claiming that the game overall feels more sluggish, dry, while tactics become more predictable. But I'm generally open to new ways to play, and if there is some new mechanic that hunters can pull that not only balances things out, but is as appetizing and fun as the older setup... as Pete does suggest that there exists a kind of game play they want to encourage, then it wouldn't be unreasonable to ask for and see footage of such game play.
  3. The old "you have nothing to hide unless you're guilty" move. The reply to that is that you are the first to have presumed that guilt. The expression "who smelt it dealt it" comes to mind, especially considering the high importance of diapers here. Jokes aside, nice to see Pete moving on things and that some of the concerns by various users in the forum are being addressed and noted, even if it is understandable that not everybody's concerns on every issue can be treated. I would just add to the discussion that the landscape of the player base has been changing on PC, with many more folks bringing in 1000 hours or more of experience in recent months, and that if you have 3-4 survivors with that kind of experience, a hunter on about the same level of experience will require some luck or some unlikely mistakes on the part of survivors, even in old town, to pose a serious threat. I'm not suggesting an answer to this myself and merely laying it out there for folks to make up their own minds. It's not that I hate a challenge or losing, and more that the outcome of entering such a match has become a bit more predictable.
  4. Instant dropkick doesn't always trigger a successful animation of the same. It often may register on the survivor's screen but not in multiplayer game play. If a hunter is fast and moves well then I'd like to see someone spamming instant dropkicks mindlessly and winning that match. When it seems that way from hunter pov, in most cases it'd seem that the survivor predicted position/movement of the hunter successfully. And perhaps we could soften the "Techland doesn't care anyway" aspect in our posts as we have seen support and players' issues escalated from these very pages over the game's lifespan. Sure, we can disagree about whether we find that support sufficient and/or relevant enough to our concerns, but to flat out claim that Techland doesn't care, in an absolute sense, is false imho. That said, I'm not sure whether we do justice to the negative posts policy of the forum with tags like "crybaby" or "diapers", as that language is quite loaded. Ok, maybe I miss the joke or am its target, but such cases would further substantiate my point.
  5. Perhaps a thread of all changes to multiplayer in 2017 would be appropriate? There's this, issues with molotovs, increased ground pound knock back radius "rewarding" Hunter XP, where we're at regarding semi auto crossbow, flying survivors etc. Everybody in this final phase of the game would be served by more timeline or change log posts to see what's going on at least; especially if players aren't granted control (over their own saves to revert to an earlier state, like smaller ground pound radius say) as by now the history of the game and its tweaks is so extensive, the differences playing folks on Nightmare vs Normal so large, that a bit of an overview of changes would come in handy. Especially as folks have to find out for themselves whether the other side is wasting their time via bad sportsmanship, which isn't always clear with all the changes over time. Everybody would find this useful, except those that play 24/7.
  6. Indeed. I'm re-posting as this cannot have been intended and should be addressed and fixed. Being torn between playing a hunter you've sunk hours into to upgrade AND starting a new save has the same effect as having to make a choice between something bad and something worse. Especially since it isn't experience but points that have to be gathered. Starting a new save encourages playing for wins to maximize exp; therefore seeking out weaker opponents and imbalanced games is incentivized, which means less fun for all. And it's not an unreasonable or fancy request: give all hunters the option to scale back their GP knock back radius, if they so choose. Or fix the large radius + make the spits connect more.
  7. Indeed these changes can be tough on survivor side, particularly in 1v1 scenario e.g. in old town. But survivor dropkick AoE was out of this world and hilarious. With a good team, I saw hunters, myself not excluded, being passed around old town like a ball. Or a hunter arriving with light speed to attack a survivor on a lamp post in the slums only to get kicked in the face... and into the ocean while tendrelling at full speed. Big belly laughs for all of us. It took me some time to understand "AoE of the dropkick is really THAT huge... that will really connect". It was also refreshing to see the spits and items not being of that much importance. As hunter, old town was the place to play as you have chances against more experienced survivors by connecting tackles on the roofs which instakill in many cases. Movement was so fun and liquid, I already miss it. And as survivor I forgot about the items as I was too busy figuring out ways to get in a dropkick. I was almost sad doing DFAs, slashing nests or going for conventional moves. The contest was less "how many nest spawn kills?" for survivors but "How many times can you kick a hunter in the face?"; at least for yours truly. And before anybody confuses this to imply that I would like the game mode to change towards something like this, I enjoyed the variety is all. Plus I'm for players' choice anyway so... The only small negative was that when there was lag, everything became too messy to follow what was going on and things could get quite unfair. But this was only an issue in one or two games, so not a real problem.
  8. That turns out to have been wrong and given that they've gone to tune things, this is at least a hopeful sign that positive changes and maintenance are likely to happen in the game mode in the future. An item on my list for hunter optimization these days is that GP knock back is enabled, so my spits are too often useless and I'm too lazy to get beaten up again for a save that doesn't unlock that skill. This I say in my generically rantiest, most vehement tone. ;-)
  9. So I checked, and while it can be chained indefinitely, a survivor can just keep hitting with 2 handed, and even with half damage, will eventually kill hunter. Works out of recovering from failed tackle and after missed pounce. Have also observed most active hunters to not be playing due to the flare situation. And again, instead of taking sides, I advocate more transparency in player control from both sides: a hunter should know the settings of the host b4 they decide to engage a game. For example, a survivor should have the choice of playing with one or two flares, and this choice should be visible to hunter. It's been a long time since I've been able to equalize a game, while taking care of prey level survivors, and showing them how to hold a lamp. For months, due to lock on flares and Nightmare mode, I usually always loose those games. Again, if folks want super-competitive games, they should be friends with similarly minded folks and play their heads and fingers off locking themselves in rooms, no problem. Pick the guys on Nightmare with a single flare, with survivors all clocking thousand or more hours. If a hunter takes on a challenge: normal mode with flare city => reward the hunter and/or grant him more resources, even in case of loss. If a survivor takes on a challenge, armed only with single flare on Nightmare against experienced hunter, then he should receive rewards and/or more resources in other ways as well, even if he looses. Globally, people should have the game informing them on their odds with invasions beyond the warning. And yeah, I know people are going to want to hurl insults at me, tell me to shut up and so I'm doing it myself: "Chicken shut up already, you're such a noob!" And that's fine because I can still have this opinion regardless. I am aware that my opinion is considered stupid by many, so no need for you to waste time posting, unless you can be constructive: I've insulted myself for you already. Too weak, too slow you guys.
  10. Ok and thanks for sharing. But you still have to look in the right direction of the next survivor without moving a step I guess, which makes it something for only advanced hunters in special situations. Given this, I think the move is fair in situations of 3 or 4 survivors. With 2 survivors in cramped space, I'd be less sure. Depends if it can be chained indefinitely. The claim that because something is possible, it's ok, would permit auto-crossbow and other nonsense. And really? Folks are using the grapple air jump to do DFAs and catching fast hunters such as yourselves? I'd have thought that move is too slow. Hope I can get back to playing soon again, and see what's going on. Take it easy guys.
  11. The 99.9% play for fun, hopefully understanding that they pay a commercial business for an immersive adult gaming experience. And in-game, sure: everybody is competitive, otherwise the concept of a game falls apart. But if people mistake in-game competitiveness for genuine competition and real stakes, then that can be bad for 'em because it's logically equivalent to not being able to tell the difference between their in-game inventory, accomplishments and their resources/accomplishments in life. I don't even see why you get defensive on this, as there's nothing wrong with that if you're pro-player in a context that genuinely rewards you. All glory to you then for the good work! If not, hopefully you at least have some fun. And no worries, mate: I'm not interested in squeezing the tackle out of you. But if you'd share it, I'd listen as I imagine anybody in the community would, as I indicated in the beginning of the thread. There is no I-don't-care facade here. But what do you expect? Applause? Ok, nice find and thanks for not telling us!
  12. This means Vallon knows how it's done, is holding that fact in everybody's face, and is not sharing it here... for whatever reason. But since Vallon has uncovered my purely selfish wants, I guess I'm cornered. And no, I do not play competitively. That would imply putting serious time and resources behind my game play, which just isn't in the cards because I don't see any real rewards: show me something more interesting than 50 Euro competitions held in shady, undefined circumstances, or lay out a competition yourself with proper arbitration, hotel accommodation, presence of devs as arbiters, and a proper prize fund. Something like that would reflect competitive play. Without some real world event and more robust build of the game, removing lag concerns, formalized standards and rules of play, proper standards of arbitration, competitive play is a game you play with yourself in your head. And no, I'm not dictating what mindset or approach folks should have to their games. But everybody that knows my playing habits online, as hunter or survivor, knows I'll play good survivors and get the chupacabra beaten out of me, and knows that I'll team up with anybody on a public open coop setting, including total prey beginners, and get beaten quite frequently by mediocre hunters. This game mode is an interesting interruption for me, but I control my game play and not the other way around. If I want competition in my game play, I'd play the games most suited for that. Techland isn't specialized in this area, so it is unreasonable to raise CS type of competitive expectations. Yes, I play casually for: the fun of the thing, for the funny folks one meets online, the cheap puns and bad jokes in conversations, the try-hard must win competitive types that insult all others because it makes 'em feel better about themselves... all of 'em.
  13. On PC, a friend invaded and was invisible as hunter to me as survivor. He showed up on the HUD, but when I turned, the icon would remain a fixed point and HUD became useless. I bring this one up because it happened before with other hunters, and survivors could plausibly interpret the hunter as cheating in such a scenario; that's what I thought anyway, when it first occurred to me. So we saw evidence to the contrary, it can happen by chance, unintentionally. We investigated and while he could damage me, I could slice into him (without seeing him in the game world, relying just on local landmarks) and nothing would happen.
  14. This is a community forum where we hopefully post for community's benefit. And that includes players of all levels, no matter username win screenshots. So coming here to tell folks that you're not going to tell them... Got to hand it to ya, man... Not bad. I mean if we're all really UFC, hard core, military, ninja, super soldier, zombie, super strong tough guys in reality guarding military secrets, then why are we playing zombie games on PC spamming keyboards? Whatever. So just another situational trick, like the DFA's from Spinoza with the grappling hook. Not something that can be milked for wins because it's too particular. Doesn't change the fact that tackle generally in 1v1 is not only op, but is evidence of insufficient game design and/or testing. Sure, some of us love "the unique Dying Light" experience, but to outsiders, tackling through nearly every object in the game world feels cheap and is evidence for poor quality.
  15. Even if Nuclearwolf's question is not posed to your satisfaction or isn't fair, I see no reason to throw this level of negativity around. And I say this as somebody who believes in self-defense in the absence of mods in most online situations. All that is needed, is to point out that the spam idea does not make much sense in context of this competitive multiplayer game mode, as its high reliance on tactics and live combat imply spamming moves on both sides. Can we blame a survivor for spamming melee attacks? Sure, such questions make little sense to people more familiar with the game mode but to suggest that the person asking a question should get a grip, is a troll, or insanely stupid is a bit heavy handed imho. Asking questions and giving feedback is what forums are for. Somehow fostering negativity with our "answers" is perhaps worse than posing invalid questions, as nobody needs extra negativity.