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  1. I really want 3rd person to. Would have made Dead Island easier and more interesting.
  2. It has been mentioned a few times that enchanting and crafting will be available. In the Dead Island series you find weapons on enemies, in chests or you buy them. The first 2 methods have been confirmed but how will the crafting system work? Will we find weapons and upgrade like in Dead Island and Dying Light or will we pay the blacksmith for a weapon or get a customised weapon to suit our needs? Will we need to find crafting materials and maybe salvage weapons like in Diablo? Will crafting and enchanting be an end game source of powerful weaponry or a cool but underpowered system useful for those with bad luck finding good weapons. Would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and hopes.
  3. Very unlikely to be bandits. 2h weapons are confirmed. Be great to see the Devil as the final boss and more demons and skeleton types for enemies.
  4. Heaviest armour I can find, 2h maul for skeletons and blinded and a huge 2h sword for everything else.