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  1. Must be nice, consoles still don't have any of the dlc, and they said it was supposed to drop september and it never did, and even if you do suggest anything to the devs, if they even respond they will probably tell you that the game is too big as it is and that you're "suggestion" would basically break the game or kill the Graphics Frame rate speed making a sh*tty picture to game on.
  2. I've been wondering the same thing since they told us consoles were supposed to start getting the 10 in 12 dlc in september and it never came meanwhile pc users get all the glory of the dlc and will probably get all 10 dlc before consoles even get 1 of them. I dislike how PC always gets everything first and Devs never wait til the certs are done for all systems before releasing content, it's unfair that pc get to enjoy the little things while consoles get sloppy seconds. PC===> Privileged Content