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  1. Hi there, I want to make a quarantine zone for my map and have the logo show up on the map and become a quest when found. I have no idea how to do this, can anyone assist me with this? Thank you
  2. Hello there, I hope you've been doing well. So in my map, I want to have a diverse list of quests for the player to do. After all, I want the player to get involved and really want to delve deeper into the story behind my map. However, I don't really understand how to even make a quest start. For example, I have 3 survivors in my safe house that will offer quest opportunities, but how do I make each of them give you an individual quest? What object allows this to start a quest? Any help will be great, thanks!
  3. Imagine working on a console, hardware isn't exactly an issue, but making a file manager to search for all of the prefabs would require quite a bit of work and perhaps some collaboration with Sony and Microsoft... Unless a file searcher advanced enough is already on the console. Also, using a controller would be quite tough since a keyboard and mouse are more versatile for this kind of work. Also, scripting would need a keyboard and stuff. A console editor would be cool though, however. I definitely wouldn't rule it out that's for sure :-) I can see a basic version of these coming though, that's our best bet!
  4. Ah, well hmm... Varlist doesn't work? Like, the slider that changes the day and night, weather etc. doesn't do anything? Just be a bit more specific :-) And as for Rais AI, I haven't actually worked with them just yet, so unfortunately I don't have an answer, my best guess would be in the attributes window, so definitely search there! As for outfits, I again haven't had experience in that yet, so perhaps you could create another thread for that! Hope I helped in some way!
  5. Ah, so it isn't just me! Well, until they fix it... I guess I can still work on my map, it won't be as good though. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Magically, my textures went back to normal! Unfortunately though, my small grass is still missing.
  7. Hmmm, as for the dead bodies, did you go to the box with the green plus sign, meshes, and then search "dead"? I have no problems with corpses. As for the freezing, I am not sure what SpeechData is, although I presume it is NPC dialog. I remember that when I first started the dev tools, I had way more crashes. Now, I don't have crashes, ever. Perhaps you can just keep working and save frequently, eventually it should stop. (That's what it did for me anyway.) Have fun building :-)
  8. No problem! I actually don't know how to make those metal ones searchable, as I haven't worked with them yet. Hopefully someone else can come along and help.
  9. Hi there! Quite a while ago I was on the dev tools after updating them to be up to date with The Following, but for some reason the regular grass models are completely gone and my floor textures randomly change. I had them as the slums texture, the grimy dirt one, but they suddenly changed to the cracked cement. The trash foliage is also missing as well, and certain grass textures that I blended with my dirt are green. Any fixes?
  10. It's unfortunate you haven't gotten replies, but I am here to help :-) Go to the meshes area, (I am sure you know this already haha) and then search garbage_can_a_open, then go to the attributes section, skins, then "full_of_garbage". Should turn blue and with trash in it, and it should be able to be searched. Have fun!
  11. I think this is a fantastic idea!
  12. I surely hope I don't have to restart on my map. For me, I had a texture missing which was replaced by a "placeholder" orange texture, but it mysteriously decided to go away. Now, stones, trash, and short grass are gone. As for flora models, all bush models are gone... Sort of. When you move them out far away they decide they want to show themselves, only to magically disappear when you bring the bush close to you. I don't get it haha. Some other models did it, but they were LODs (I believe) so I didn't care.
  13. This response is golden! Thank you, sir! :-)
  14. Depends what LOD you are talking about. From what I have seen, LOD meshes that are the really ugly blurry ones are meant for outside of the map purposes. Think about the last time you when to the top of Brecken's tower and looked down. The almost everything you see down there is a LOD to reduce workload on the computer. The reason you have to reload going up to the top of Brecken's tower is because too much of the map would unload and you'd see practically nothing, so yeah. :-) If you are referring to the grey boxes that are on top of cars and trash piles, that's for breaking a hard fall for Kyle Crane. I'm sure you've figured this out already though. If you wanna remove the actually meshes from the tools, I am not actually sure you can do that, as these tools refer to meshes that are from the main game, and removing them would cause lots of problems in the main game! Hope I cleared some stuff up, have fun!
  15. Hi there, I am just wondering how to dead ragdolls to have as fresh dead bodies instead of using the torn apart corpses. Also, for my NPCs, they are in my safe house but they all walk to the same location and sit right in front of a wall but there is no LifePlace arrow telling them to do so. Any suggestions? Thanks!