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  1. It only happens when I lockpick the blue lockers that are rated hard. What I, on a regular basis, find there is easily found in the game world either by looting bodies or cupboards, chests, baskets etc that do NOT require any lockpicking. If they are considered that valuable then make them harder to find. A list of what I have in the blue lockers rated hard that is easily found without lockpicking: coffee, purple pouch, cigarettes, enforcer, cosmetics
  2. I am the same, I play solo as well that is how I want it.
  3. I have plenty more. PC are NOT microsoft windows is microsoft, I was running Linux and the same thing happened. I am playing on an XBOX One, yes I know micro$oft but at least I can pause the game and I KNOW where I am. If I quit I know I will not be where I left the game. DEVELOPERS: Why in all things that are holy did you choose a big pile of poo as autosave. Don't you trust us game players that we know where an how to save, Or even an option to turn off autosave and use save on quit. That way we/I know exactly where I am in the game. In my opinion it is a big mistake to have autosave. One example that will happen every time, to me, when I get to old town, after I have finished talking to Troy and Savvy, I quit the game, power down the system. When I go back to the game, I am in the street, with infected as company. When I travel to the talk to Try and Savvy I am on the rooftops so I have never been there at this point.
  4. Autosave: An example, one of many, I got to Old Town, having a chat to Savvy and Troy, I know I will quit as it will put me somewhere close there or even maybe at that safe zone. It does not, it has put in the street with the infected overtime. Maybe an option to turn off autosave and have a save on quit option so that when you quit in a safe zone/house you will go back there. An other example of the autosave function, I quit, yes in a safe zone, when I re-loaded the game I was on the cowling above a tunnel, somewhere where I never been or likely to go. PLASE PLEASE give us the option as detailed above
  5. I am currently playing the enhanced version on an Xbox one in nightmare mode. I have noticed the following glitches, frustrations?? When some of the infected are killed they go through solid walls and therefore unable to loot them or apply came, that has happened on a PC and xbox. This has been going on sometime A frustration while using the storm on top of a car, I manage to kill an infect easily enough but if an infected is caught within the blast radius it goes to the other side of the car, that happens even if you just kill it. It only happens when stops is activated, again on pc and xbox. With being on nightmare mode I thought the infected were more aggressive, quite often the just stand there looking at me, no camo on. Again pc and xbox . Blue lockers, rated hard to lock pick, even though I have nimble hands, I have found that on a few occasions when I lock picked these blue lockers all I found is ONE TUB OF COFFEE even though I can find it quite easily by looting the infected, I wold prefer cash etc. Apart from those issues, I am happy with the game.
  6. Maybe I am expecting to much but anyway, for your information my system is as follows. Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit 64 gig DDR3 ram EVGA GTX980Ti graphics Samsung EVO 840 2tb SSD ALL drivers are up to date
  7. I am thinking that way very much indeed as I do know it is not my hardwar (PC), I am above the recomended hardware. One thing, is goons on normal, before the patch with a decent melee weapon (1500 ish) 2 or 3 hits and it is history but now it is still standing there laughing at you.
  8. All this is with the new patch V1.11
  9. Not to sure if it is a bug but: AUTOSAVE I have just arrived in Old Town, finished my chat with Troy and Savvy, quit the game. When I got back to the game, I was NOT in the safe area with Troy and co I was in the street with infected for company. That happens ALL the time. Another example is in the slums, not to sure where I was in the game, but I quit, but when I re-started the game I was o the cowling that surrounds the tunnel by the first safe house. I would love an option within the game menu to turn this rubbish off and to save on quit. I want to quit the game while I am in the safe area and not where iit wants me to be, or feels like putting me. Or even to press a key to save, anything but this damned AUTOSAVE rubbish. Us game players do have some intelligence, we are not all zombie killing machines. It would be nice to be able to re-start the game knowing where I am. PLEASE
  10. I can add to this list. Gravilty does not seem to exist for the packages and for some of the infected. Today I used stomp on an infected while in nightmare mode and the body flew in the air and stayed in the air. If I take a package from underneath another package the package that was/is on top will stay in the air. Although this one has not happened recently, it has happened since the last update. I am happily using takedown on the infected, all of a sudden the screen clear and I am transported to a safe zone, I have not died. This happens a lot of the time when I kill infected, part of the infected body will get stuck in a solid wall or object, as though there is a hole in that object which there isn't All of this on a PC, for some reason I had to turn down the overclocking on my graphics card so that it would run properly, it was not overclocked by much.
  11. Cheers for the heads up on that
  12. While lockpicking the 2 hard GRE chests in the seperate room at Stuffed Turtle, the sound is muffled, normally you can hear the movement of the lock being picked. EDIT: Seems to work fine now after a restart
  13. On a PC. Goons in normal mode take a lot of hits to die as before not many. Camo does not work at night with volatiles, I would like to be able walk past them AGAIN at night. I have had random crashes and when that happened I was unable to run, although it is stable for the time being. While I like the idea of LEGEND it just takes a very very long time to max them out
  14. HMMmmmm only wish I could help you further, good luck getting it sorted,.
  15. I run windows 8.1 and Suse linux leap 42.1, yes the game is smoother in windows that linux, as for your graphics card I cannot comment only that to install the latest driver. I am running a GTX 980 Ti. I also assume that you have opened a support ticket?