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  1. Wow the amount of hacking on the PSN is ridiculous.I don't know if techland cares about this or PSN cares about this but the communities are promoting there cheating in there PHOTOS! One "gamer" with a billion dollars.A "gamer" with 999,999 Air drops stored away.A "gamer" with clearly dupped God weapons.These "gamers" are inviting other people to there communities to just trade dupped weapons and hacked cash and they are doing it right in front of your faces!Act like you care all you have to do is browse the communities on PSN you don't even have to join you can see it in the community profile picture!
  2. 165 hard earned packages dropped...3 points smh...on top of that I think my game is glitched out because I'm not seeing my accumulated night points that I gathered at night when I go to sleep and my rank won't go up due to my night activities.
  3. Everybody knows in any game it's easier to cheat on PC.My issue is gamers being able to start a PSN community and promote the cheating and hacking without anything being done.I guess it just goes to show just how much they don't care or crack down on cheating...
  4. That was a nightmare drop.I only play on nightmare and that's sad 165 for 3 points.Im at 241 legitimately tho so I'm climbing.
  5. RUPERTS gone and the kids are alone! Why haven't they been helped?they need adult supervision!!!
  6. Just keep farming and level up I tend to find my god weapons in cop vans and blue G.R.E chest I once found a god weapon on top of a water tower in the country side!Just keep looking and opening earn it legitimately you will appreciate the weapons you find much more!
  7. I have been playing this game since its release...let me apologize in advance to any "gamers" who are offended of my comments.I feel there are ways of playing a game I like and I don't disrespect the game .the ways I see it is like this.I have never spammed in any sort of way I have never entered a quarantine finished it and entered right back in to accumulate drops.I have never dupped a weapon or even picked up a dupped weapon.I have been dropped dupped overpowered weapons and instead left the "gamers" lobby instead. I have never left my game on in a "safe zone not safe zone" to boost up. I never even ran thru the story I took my time because I really like this game all the games I play I treat like this.Techland has put me in a bad position once you hit the high levels (I'm at 219 LEGIT) it's almost ridiculous the amount of boost 50 drops get you.DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO GET 50 DROPS TECHLAND!thats 5 quarantine zones (if I'm playing alone) and a run thru of rais men drops (if they show up) and the drops that are always there.It becomes repetitive even when your not spamming! You have no choice but to get drops because that's the name of the game at this point so I'm literally getting on to do the same playthrough and trying my best to change it up AND STILL FARM SAVE LIVES AND SO ON So I'm not spamming.i will continue to respect the game by not cheating or spamming I NEVER GOOGLED WHERE THE STATUES OR FLAGS ARE AT I LITERALLY TRY TO FIND THEM ON MY OWN! but you got me running in circles.YOU COULD HAVE MADE A UPDATE IN SLUMS AND OLD TOWN WHERE THEY GET DROPS AGAIN INSTEAD OF CHANGING RAIS MEN INTO GRE CLOTHES AND GIVING THE GOON SOME HEIGHT AND A FEW EXTRA PIMPLES.I love the new gear but I told you before you waited so long to drop the DLC and it's somewhat disappointing.YOU GAVE THE SPAMMERS AND CHEATERS A SOLID DLC AND DIDNT GIVE THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY LIKE TO IMMERSE THEMSELVES IN THE GAME A all the "gamers" who will respond negatively save it this is for techland only!
  8. It would be nice to see the crew members from the dying light companion app roaming around when not on missions.
  9. Man that building idea is a great idea.i agree with you as well I play all my games legitimately and hate when people cheat also to avoid the cheaters I just play with friends.
  10. People have been coming up with some crazy yet cool ideas for dying light I want to implement some very easy ideas that can be done easily.I wanted to add the ability to take off the X-Ray vision when performing a takedown a toggle on and off switch if you will for those that do like it....see simple and easy right?I want the ability for Crane to make a "quick safe space" this can only be done when your not being chased and can't be done when virals and hunters are in the process of spotting you Crane should have the ability to hide in closets and trunks of cars with the ability to open it slightly to look around these spots should be safe but still rank him up come morning time as if he weren't in a safe house.Techland loves to play hide and seek with items why not keep it going with watches different types of watches analog digital pocket watch all with there unique animations when he looks down come night I said very easy to do very simple...but the watches would have to be found throughout the maps much like buggy paints and skins.They should also make the jeep drivable with up to four passengers.Passengers should be able to wield weapons and guns more safely than the buggy.Give crane more skins of different characters and also update the Rahim and Brekken skins to have there voice when climbing and grunting and so on.Just a few ideas techland can do to keep us even more involved in this game I love it already keep up the great work!
  11. DLC

    I have been playing dying light since it came out non stop I don't play many games but I know when I like a game I play it a lot but this game is fairly old to the point that you should have atleast one DLC locked and loaded ready to put out...the longer you take with the DLC for such a old game the more will be expected out of it...oh and by the way doing more run types like for the fake bozak or more buggy routes for Bilal would be a smack in the face to actually call a DLC I got my cousin to buy this game again a coworker to buy it for the first time and a few others to get back on within the last month in a half before we heard of th DLC......don't let me down techland I'm counting on you...good night....and good luck!
  12. minnor issue

    Yeah I posted about this a while back its bad enough that the outfits are in a first person game but leave rais men without the wrapped hands was bad hopefully they fix it....
  13. I love this game but one thing that I found is the skins of other players why would I want to be breken or Rahim they were weak characters in the game.breken did start the parkour to help establish runners but after that within the story he comes off as a person who complains but does nothing I will give him the fact that he's injured but cmon.lets get to Rahim seriously why is he a skin who would want to go from being Kyle crane to Rahim his character is weak and at times depicted as a idiot.what makes it worse those are two outfits that separate character I would love to play in a room with friends where we are all different characters but it would be draw straws at that point for two weak characters lol....tahir is ok but for the story sake your basically playing as a dead guy who wasn't on your side....your opinions are valued and what skins would you have liked to seen on the game that involved other characters?
  14. I have been playing this game for a while and haven't seen them doing that with this new doc it would be nice to see volatiles fight demolishers once in a while lol...
  15. I wrote a topic on this as well not just this game but all games should just run a ticker on the main menu.they could also promote more on dying light companion it's a good idea but could use some updates and it's a creative angle they never fully tapped into
  16. So while this whole gold buggie thing was going on I was busy OFFLINE (so nobody bothers me with messages and ask to join my lobby) trying to complete the game on nightmare new game plus and when I get back on I get word of this buggy.i wasn't able to participate so because I was busy trying to unlock new uniforms I lose out on unlocking a gold buggy? Cmon techland you have me jump thru the same hoops for a third time for more unlockables only to find out I missed out on a unlockable this is ridiculous.COMING FROM A GAMER WHO PAID FOR THIS GAME HAS EARNED UP TO 4MILLION DOLLARS IN IT WITHOUT CHEATING I HAVE NEVER EVEN PICKED UP A DUPED WEAPON AND THIS IS WHAT I GET MAN THIS IS CRAZY AND VERY VERY DISSAPOINTING
  17. Thanks...this challenge was posted on the bounty board? I check it periodically but wasn't trying to add bounty missions since I was trying to do campaign missions to get the two think the gold buggie bounty will be done again.i knew I should have gone into the following I actually wanted to but I just wanted to aquire everything in campaign again I don't mind I have only missed out on the gold buggie and the special outfit you get from signing on to that website.
  18. My favorite weapon in this game is the carbon fiber baseball bat with either impact or some nails in it does solid damage and just looks nice
  19. Just explore and stockpile on items while exploring there's a few side missions that will give you items that will make the main story and progression in general much easier. There's something that goes a long way for not dying in this game resistance potion that stuff is overpowered rais men can unload on you and your life will be very slow to deplete it makes hard situations on nightmare mode almost too easy
  20. There you go assuming yet again that I'm on any form of social media talking to you is like talking to a chupacabra floating in the toilet. "Can't log on for 5 mins" yes...that's the point of this thread.....that I missed it because I was simply logged off...that's why a took a point from having the ticker option on a offline PS3.....i get it you tried but I came with simple facts on topic so you tried to pretend it was 2013 and resort to grammar and spell check for comments online.....that's what you came up with.....I can do you one better than that I'm lazy as hell so much so I will purposely not put periods on my sentences not put quotations on my quotes not start my sentences with a Capitol letter and let my tablets memory spell for me just not to type the actual word I work to hard to work to hard at my comments what your next move you resort to insults online and at the same time calling a man a girl but in reality all you did was show your hatred towards females.and as far as being a sissy.....if you were to put your hands up to try to fight me in real life I would put you in the hospital out of sheer will of defending I know you wanna keep this verbal argument going maybe all night I bet but....I'm busy little boy so type away besides you already told me everything I need to know about you.....its 2016 and your still proof reading comment sections hash tagging and quoting lil John lyrics......really?GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK.....
  21. Did you read the topic? I'm sure I was clear on NOT knowing the event was going on I know now that it lasted only two days because you said so I was just giving the reader the info on what I been doing the last few weeks when i was actually getting on the game within that time.....and you can set the game to private but still receive messages and invites unless you go thru PSN however I wasn't going to change all that for the your reading and assuming? your checking for grammar and hash tagging on a video game website......and then you hash tagged turn down for what LOL I'm done NEXT !
  22. Yes I'm Disappointed I am allowed to be disappointed I mean it is a feeling I can have right it would have been nice to flash it at the ticker on the main menu of the game as they DID WITH OTHER THINGS there was no mention of it in the game.your all using words like "it's not tech lands fault" I didn't say it was there is upsetting and like I said DISAPPOINTING that because I was focused on unlocking one thing I missed another unlockable.what makes it So ridiculous is when a game makes me play their video over again to aquire something new and they consider that giving the game "replay value" it's a cop out black ops does the same thing "here unlock everything,ok you unlocked it now level up and unlock it all over again"I'm not a big gamer there's a few titles I'm consistent on and dying light is going to be one of them.even the PS3 would ticker new games that were in the ps store even while you were offline now I gotta give a email scan my finger print and bend over and cough too and this is coming from someone who has dying light companion and plays it still no notice there either.....sad really "It lasted two whole days" little boy I'm a busy man.....
  23. Hey I read somewhere that you have to play nightmare mode plus alone to get the two outfits D.O.A and Brainsss is this true should I not let friends into my lobby and will it say reward like when you unlock the first two outfits on hard mode plus.
  24. I like them and nightmare plus is just a good way to level up I don't do the whole going in quarantines over and over again it takes away from the realism of it. My question is did you do it alone and at any point did you join anybody else lobby also did it say reward next to your profile like it used to when we originally did hard mode plus ?
  25. I think what you do is go to main campaign but don't go into continue set the game to nightmare mode (this should have been done already when the mode was made available I think) then back out the game enter again and once again not thru continue then you should be able to make a new game plus on the already saved nightmare mode.