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  1. So basically every time I fail the run it doesn't restart me from the beginning I have to literally run back to the start point and that means climbing the tower to start over ok...
  2. Hey does anybody know how to acquire the revolver,axe and knife is it thru a certain website?
  3. Yes I know once people hit the max they could give packs to friends to level up but that came back to haunt you when legend levels came out.But they should make drops still useful somehow so that we can trade them again.I used to trade drops all the time I worked hard to get them I should be allowed to do whatever I want with them.I agree with the dockets if you don't want them give the ability to trade them for something you need or want.
  4. Yeah it's ridiculous at this point what a let down.It shouldn't take this long to release rais men in black clothes and a goon with a few changes especially for such a old game....
  5. No seriously where's the DLC ?
  6. Yeah but you can also level up without I was on my way to 247 but now I'm starting over the process of getting to 247.I understand fall damage I mean you fell but if you see what I'm talking about its literally a bug he climbs on and just automatically dies.I wanted to put up the video for it but it said the file was too big.
  7. I had 244,500 points lost because of a bug! I completed the holy year tunnel and went to climb over the second red trailor that you drop on the manhole it was already dropped I climbed on it from the right side coming from the left as soon as I jump on it gives me a automatic death!I tried 3 more times to see if I had done something wrong myself and inspected around the area for fire a glitched zombie ANYTHING and all three times he climbs up and dies I'm at 246 and grinding legitimatelyto get to 250 only to have techland chupacabra what BS !
  8. Yeah I know.I pretty much play in my room only and it's been set to nightmare for quite some time.It is what it is I'm at 241 so I will get there soon I have 160 packages on me but I'm gonna collect more before I drop.
  9. Everybody knows in any game it's easier to cheat on PC.My issue is gamers being able to start a PSN community and promote the cheating and hacking without anything being done.I guess it just goes to show just how much they don't care or crack down on cheating...
  10. That was a nightmare drop.I only play on nightmare and that's sad 165 for 3 points.Im at 241 legitimately tho so I'm climbing.
  11. 165 hard earned packages dropped...3 points smh...on top of that I think my game is glitched out because I'm not seeing my accumulated night points that I gathered at night when I go to sleep and my rank won't go up due to my night activities.
  12. RUPERTS gone and the kids are alone! Why haven't they been helped?they need adult supervision!!!
  13. Just keep farming and level up I tend to find my god weapons in cop vans and blue G.R.E chest I once found a god weapon on top of a water tower in the country side!Just keep looking and opening earn it legitimately you will appreciate the weapons you find much more!
  14. Wow the amount of hacking on the PSN is ridiculous.I don't know if techland cares about this or PSN cares about this but the communities are promoting there cheating in there PHOTOS! One "gamer" with a billion dollars.A "gamer" with 999,999 Air drops stored away.A "gamer" with clearly dupped God weapons.These "gamers" are inviting other people to there communities to just trade dupped weapons and hacked cash and they are doing it right in front of your faces!Act like you care all you have to do is browse the communities on PSN you don't even have to join you can see it in the community profile picture!
  15. I have been playing this game since its release...let me apologize in advance to any "gamers" who are offended of my comments.I feel there are ways of playing a game I like and I don't disrespect the game .the ways I see it is like this.I have never spammed in any sort of way I have never entered a quarantine finished it and entered right back in to accumulate drops.I have never dupped a weapon or even picked up a dupped weapon.I have been dropped dupped overpowered weapons and instead left the "gamers" lobby instead. I have never left my game on in a "safe zone not safe zone" to boost up. I never even ran thru the story I took my time because I really like this game all the games I play I treat like this.Techland has put me in a bad position once you hit the high levels (I'm at 219 LEGIT) it's almost ridiculous the amount of boost 50 drops get you.DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO GET 50 DROPS TECHLAND!thats 5 quarantine zones (if I'm playing alone) and a run thru of rais men drops (if they show up) and the drops that are always there.It becomes repetitive even when your not spamming! You have no choice but to get drops because that's the name of the game at this point so I'm literally getting on to do the same playthrough and trying my best to change it up AND STILL FARM SAVE LIVES AND SO ON So I'm not spamming.i will continue to respect the game by not cheating or spamming I NEVER GOOGLED WHERE THE STATUES OR FLAGS ARE AT I LITERALLY TRY TO FIND THEM ON MY OWN! but you got me running in circles.YOU COULD HAVE MADE A UPDATE IN SLUMS AND OLD TOWN WHERE THEY GET DROPS AGAIN INSTEAD OF CHANGING RAIS MEN INTO GRE CLOTHES AND GIVING THE GOON SOME HEIGHT AND A FEW EXTRA PIMPLES.I love the new gear but I told you before you waited so long to drop the DLC and it's somewhat disappointing.YOU GAVE THE SPAMMERS AND CHEATERS A SOLID DLC AND DIDNT GIVE THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY LIKE TO IMMERSE THEMSELVES IN THE GAME A all the "gamers" who will respond negatively save it this is for techland only!