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  1. BZ for actually doing research on how a suppressor needs sub-sonic ammo to work properly.
  2. Sweet! thanks for listening to us. Think it would be a cool blueprint for rifles?
  3. How about guns jamming? Only game I have seen that was in Far Cry 2, that is what happens in the real world.
  4. I use the marksman rifle on the soldiers. And keep my distance,sometimes Virals will come and distract them making them easier to take out.
  5. I like it so far the spawn times for soldiers takes to long IMO.
  6. Harran Desert Eagle and RPG please. A true Zombie Genre has big guns lol.
  7. Homemade suppressors that degrade with use.
  8. I figured it out. 1) Link your gaming account first. 2) Then join Gemly make sure you enter the codes correctly. 3) Go in game and they should be there.
  9. Why can't the bonus content be in the PS store? Make it simple Techland!
  10. I linked my PS4 account at the docket site. No email with codes no dockets? What gives? The new enemies appeared but no weapons and such.
  11. How do you get Harran Rifle?
  12. Could we get some time frame idea? Why is PC taking priority?
  13. The whole not knowing what is happening would be the cool part. Or caring for those injured then watching them turn viral etc.
  14. Must be nice to have gotten the DLC.
  15. Play as Breckan or Jade? Have a quest where you take the tower over and clear it and fortify it.
  16. Any updates???? PC gaming is dying. The focus should be on PS4.
  17. Need AKs in this game one of the most common rifles in the world.
  18. How about more quest? Maybe a rescue mission or escort a special ops team in with a good twist? DLC that takes place in the beginning of the outbreak with people not sure what is happening? The following was outstanding lot of fun running things over lol. Bozak horde sucked.
  19. Same issue here.
  20. I hadn't played in a long time. Getting into driving around in my buggy and helping folks out.Glad the DLC came out it has got me back into the game.
  21. Merchants sell SMG ammo in Safe Zones.
  22. Thank you Techland for adding a pump shotgun. Now it is a true ZA game.
  23. I'm happy so far with the following.
  24. You can do it during the day. That is how I did i, the ones that spark are the ones to grab.You will get zapped FYI.