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  1. is there a possibility of a collector's edition? As well PLEASE DO NOT do the 'preordering at this retail location will allow you to get this content whereas preordering at that retail location will get you that content only'
  2. they should have bows at least; if we can make a flaming axe or an electric wouldnt make sense to not include a bow considering you just bend a stick, tie 2 strings to each end to create a simple bow
  3. as well add an ability like 'Adrenaline mode' where it seems like everything slows down for just like 5 seconds similar to F.E.A.R but with a fairly long cooldown (5 mins as an example) so players cant spam it
  4. crafting imo should be more realistic. Fire sword, electric axe, acid spraying shot gun and whatever else they might have implemented is a bit too far fetch for a surreal zombie apocalypse. If it was something like taping a tazer to a gun to create a mini rail-gun, that I could accept. Im also hoping for dual wielding weapons
  5. For an apocalyptic style zombie survival, there NEEDS to be a huge emphasis on TEAMWORK, COMMUNICATION and an urgent sense of SURVIVAL. Please add a hunger bar into the game as well, the more you move around n fight, it slowly depletes thus requires the players to run around even if its at night to find food for the team. This would add some realism to the game, a new level of challenge, a strong reason to explore and venture out rather than just waiting at the safe house till morning. As well make it so the food that players pick up slowly rots over time, so there's no point in stocking up food to have a near unlimited supply and not care about looking for food again. There should be a penalty of some sort for dying whether it be all your supplies drop to where you die thus requires the player to run back to pick it up before it despawns to losing a portion of their hunger or to find medicine to heal themselves otherwise suffer from a movement penalty ie. half speed movement