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  1. First go through the game again on a new difficulty level and then start playing The Following. I can do that?
  2. Hi guys. In General I have set myself a new video card - GTX 970, and my monitor stopped displaying the game, so only the words "Input not supported". In all other games fine. Has anyone encountered this? P.S In advance excuse me, I badly know English
  3. Simply put, to add another difficulty mode, incredibly complex. Waiting for a new difficulty mode.
  4. You mean nerf weapons in the game?
  5. Considering the first addition Cuisine & Cargo, to wait for something special would be foolish.
  6. Does anyone know, are there any options to change the color scheme of the game? Don't like monochrome color, which was added by the developers. I would like to make a game colors like in this clip -
  7. what?
  8. Hi. I really want to see a new difficulty mode, where there will be a limited amount of respawns after death. As more aggression infected, in General, more hardcore. Reducing weapon damage, not very fun to kill everyone in one hit. Thank you for your attention.
  9. Hi all. Is it possible to reset some statistics of the game? I want to pass on hardcore again, but without death. Thank you in advance for your reply.
  10. Hi guys. I must say that I don't speak English very well, so just excuse me I want to touch on a topic, as a hardcore game mode. In my opinion, the hardcore mode was too easy. Promised by the developers stealth is absolutely not necessary, at night easily to escape from the infected, which is not good. The game has no sense of survival, there is no atmosphere of survival. When you are killed , the loss is not too large. I really hope that the developers will not focus only on one hardcore mode, and create something more, where indeed it would be difficult to survive and where will fear for their own lives.
  11. Hah, volatiles to the sound of the shot and the flashlight does not react, and you're talking about the voices say.
  12. Hello all. Who knows how to unlock the dirty clothes from the main menu of the game? Is it even possible?