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  1. I use my DL as a coaster 4 my beers
  2. then y where the uk ps4 players still able to do the duplication glitchs and had alot of old bugs while these had been fixd in the usa?and had to wait alot longer for the new weapons to come out ... because we were a patch behind thats y ... no need to lie techland
  3. Yeah i wish they had a infection bar & a hunger bar otherwise the food bits are a waist of game data
  4. I love guns on hardmode ... well i love the shotgun at least never use the riffels.. i like killing a cuple zombies to attract the hoards i just wish more zombies would come 2 the noise
  5. How would u beat the missions where u have to kill the demolisher... with just ur fists....i call bs on that
  6. Trainin should only take u 30 mins and thats with you draggin your feet .
  7. To the people who say they hate this game or hate techland do 2 some minor buggs.. im glad your not playing the game you didnt deserve to play it anyway .. and im glad i never ran in to your sorry as$ in co-op . Ps i hope ur console breaks and catches you house on fire
  8. Trophys/achievment all work for my xbox and ps4
  9. I realy realy dont think ur gana find a gold under lvl 20 .
  10. ???
  11. Were is she dont think iv seen i have the gun still so ill try
  12. Omg ... cant belive that just happend ... got me all exsited
  13. No patch at all
  14. They might have ment pacific standerd time cuz i got on at 12:01 pm and it was there
  15. Well its actualy here ... if you like killing every thing with 0% challeng the this is going to make you happy ... unfortunatily i dont like insta killing every thing : (