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  1. umm does any of you ever had it in mind that those weapon might be for new games only to give noobs a chance? o.O like most weapon dlc from all the games out there... for my part am only happy to get my ninja outfit:P
  2. when you guys say gold you mean Orange weapons? i have so many of those its almost sad lol
  3. really? i went Hard and NG+ 6 times over and did not lose anything from past games well aside for Story/side quest progression which is pretty normal:P stats and inventory remained intact.
  4. it is on Psn store... its called Survival Bundle , as for the other feature they are simply not released yet silly!
  5. cool last time i saw something similar was back in Skyrim lol
  6. No you don't have too.. and its Grey weapons so guess you could call them Tier 0.5 lol bunch of new outfits too!
  7. All worked number 1 aside for some achevements which are now fix! til i hit Ng+ and got side quest glitch and stuff.. good thing i clear at 100% on the first run! lets hope dead island 2 will be bug/glitch proof.
  8. On the last update (PS4) my ''the whole story'' Achevement unlocked out of the blue! am at 100% now XD hope it did for you guys too!
  9. same here it work! the dlc with x2 Quanrantine zone was a let down though:P (man i really am expecting too much out of Dying Light.. kinda hoping Dead Island 2 will be better)
  10. huh? was it from Ultimate edition or did you buy the actual season pass?
  11. funny first time am hearing this type of glitch, and i've cleared the game 6 times over:P
  12. feels like Assassin creed unity 2.0
  13. you're missing Duelist and berserker in there. both purple.
  14. you get the last outfit along with story progression.
  15. how about getting a refund since its physical?