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  1. I've been oddly thinking since I'm playing RE titles, that the outfits or clothing of RE characters should be implemented into the game. I mean who wouldn't like to be a BSAA agent or a FOS agent like Leon & Chris. I personally think becoming a BSAA agent could really amp up the game. RE titles really depend on trust in the game, an what other than a perfect title to implement the customizable clothing used in RE.
  2. Got my password back after sever...many attempts to put in memorable passwords that came to mind. The new coop trailer an double barrel shotgun looks great. I mean it blew my mind a new one. I've about watch the trailer many times, and I'm like yeah! Nowhere is safe to just sit an wait for the night to be over. The safe house is the only capable thing of keeping you safe...for now. This really convinced me to nvr stay out late in this gaming world. I mean it's gonna be a huge scary thing if you do. Endless runners coming outta nowhere, while your options are thin as it is to escape. I love what's been added to the game. The wooden stock rifle such as the double barrel, is the cherry on top. Given that it's a 2 shot weapon, an easy to reload; this is gonna be my choice of weapon if I see any more survival guns such as the revolvers an different rifles.
  3. Ok so I've seen some pretty logic AI's that look the same and keep questioning myself that the enemies aren't all gonna look the same. Can u confirm this, because if the zombies or thugs all look the same, it's gonna feel like a lil dead island.
  4. I don't see anything silly about it. We don't know what the affects could have on other living creatures, plus humans were the start of it, so by now, their numbers have multiplied.
  5. So I'm guessing the outbreak happened in some villa, and based on the gameplay, that's where most of the zombies are, along with some intense item gear to suit up ur character. So I've been thinking and if it's possible to include wearable helmets, go for it. Making the screen fit the helmets view and other wearable materials that would make the game as realistic as it is. Plus I wouldn't mind using my helmet as a last resort weapon when my other things have broken. Now weight is something that's gonna be implemented, so carrying the littlest things will probably be better for you. Heavy weapons will only slow u down, while pistols are minimum, so it won't slow you down. I like what you guys and girls are adding into the game, It's unique!
  6. You know now that I think of the gorilla...It's just keep following you, hunting you until you kill it, or go in some water, to wash off your scent. The idea of animals lol it's crazy now that u think of it. Dogs, that can outrun you at an instance. The only way is to stick to the roof. Then the gorilla, it climbs people...What more can I say. The dam. Things gonna be behind you every step of the way. Looking back lol all ur gonna see is an angry face dead in your face. Your gonna get the chills to wonder what to do. You could lure it into a trap, where your group is sniping, and you come to getting bitten by the very last step, and 3 sniper bullets wiz past your body. One bullet manages to go through a shirt, and hits the target in the chest, while the other 2 bullets penetrate the body's weak points, crippling the beast to move fast. I see a trailer folks lol.
  7. Now I've been thinking abt the zoo...A gorilla that's infected, now that's something to be scared of. The intense roar and the pounding of the beast will attract more zombies. I'd be brave to go take a picture of it, but something that scary to get close too...Noooo way! The form of it might change. Now the birds! It'll be easy to kill them. Just say that they are affected by the high intensity of lights, and make them only come out at the dawn of day. Seeming that it sounds like Gears of wars here, make it to where birds will try to attack you. Or make some kind of district area where birds are only at this or that district. This game is gonna be beyond wicked, and it's gonna change the way we look at zombie titles.
  8. Particular weapons in state of decay...Just the snubies and the wooden stock bolt rifles...That's it. I'm using the same weapons in The Division when I get a chance. Wooden stock weapons add a classic title to ur weapon. I've seen that the game is also gonna be out for the oculus rift, can u tlk more about that or no?
  9. I'm back! I've seen some weird posts ups abt bow's which peps keep bragging abt. Just drop it folks. Animals caught my eye, and the game fits a monkeys(the last of us), bats,dogs,birds eye,and...That's abt it. Now range weapons are awesome and all but how abt adding a Hunter rifle in the game. It's better to scout out an area before you enter it. Bolt action snipers in any zombie outbreak is very common. If it's anyway to add the weapons found in State of decay, that would be good. Not all of them, but some of them.
  10. I see u used chupracabra in one of your late posts Han lol I don't kno what causes your words to make it sound like it, but it's weird. "Our" not your I think in outta ideas here. Everyone thought outside of the box and made any upcoming idea possible. I bit you all my farewells and I'll see you in the future folks. //__<(^0^)>__\\. . (S) . () () . n n
  11. No new ideals...What! Well, while the Mc is here folks, lets tlk about animation. I love the mechanics where your character does self movement to environments such as the door part. It's awesome, and we love it. Now I've seen the trailer once more so that I can see the AI's facial expression and I see less in it. The AI's look like they need more facial depth in their face to really capture their emotion. That's what you gotta bring to the plate. Plus better movement when it comes to AI movement. I love the hang gestures he's throwing out at Spike, but he eventually sits back in his chair when explaining things to the protagonist.
  12. Yes! The team vs team multiplayer coop. 4 players is gonna be boring like the multiplayer of RE6. The coop campaign was heaven, but multiplayer had people on the downside.
  13. It'll only take about 3 days or so of hard work to implement it into the copy. Or it could be an update or so in the future. A DLC or so.
  14. Since it's on xbox1, don't you think a 4 man team is a lil outdated for the new consoles. Weather it's a 5 man team or not, make it where it sounds like if you need a leader in certain outcomes, we'll provide one. Zombies are greater in numbers, strength, and control; while players are greater in skill, mind, and situational awareness at times. The fifth wheel can be implemented to only stay at the base and fortify the area until their return. The fith charachter could provide intel, drop locations, food sources, closest power exzilleratiors, and or new locations to set up base. I personally think of this as a commander system where you can video cam in on one of the runners and guide them through tough situations. If the areas too got, then I'll tell them to find another route that's less safer to them.
  15. Woot! So I never went to sleep. The comments are impressive. So I'm watching world war z and this is how the zombies are...at nite. It's great to see some similar zombie like action in view. So let's talk abt strength. I kno certain zeds have this overwhelming strength pattern that we noobs can never beat. Are their gonna be weapons that can somehow overpower them. I'm tlking abt house old items such as: THE WHOLE BUILDING COLLASPING ON IT...I mean I'll do whatever it takes to take down a brute. When it comes to saving people, I'm the hero in my group. I saw how weapons affect a players status when getting hit by blunt/sharp objects; when fighting thugs on the bridge.that was crazy in a way that they looked and seemed stronger than us. I can understand a zeds chupacabra strength hendering my movement, but normal people...Naw. It depends on speed and manuverbility to dodge on going punches that swing towards you. Oh! I know we get tired when fighting, so does the AI also have the same traits or no? Is it my curse to say chupracabra in everyone of my post lol why......Oh! The zombie moans. I think we players wanna get scared like the Godzilla roar. I mean if it's something bold such as that. I'm buying 2 copies of this title for my friend and I.