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  1. My expectations are through the roof with this game!! I can't wait haha!!
  2. Some awesome ideas here guys. The community of this game really knows what they want! Loving it!!
  3. All very awesome points! I never understood those games that heal you over time.
  4. Yea play styles def vary. I'm all about melee with sharp weapons.
  5. I like the mods on all the weapons. Shooting Zombies through doors would be epic though!!
  6. HAHA! After seeing the trailer, I can't wait to see what sick moves we can do on the zombies! I'm really hoping this game focuses more on survival than just being another hack n slash game!
  7. Which game did you like better and why? WHat are some features from these titles, that you hope they carry over into Dying Light?
  8. I may be the only one that feels this way, but avoiding the infected looks to be a huge part of Dying Light. I hope if attacked, that we the human players don't take a lot to die. I love playing games that aren't "too easy" and a challenge. If bitten once or twice, I feel as though maybe life could slowly be drained?