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  1. Yeah it seems the last thing they care is the custom maps Community, even if it is small, so much effort was put into creating hundreds of maps in more than 50'000 hours of work or even more. So if you plan to update the game to let people play custom maps, fix the map list window (just two lines of code) and make this window available from game menu too so that thousand of people will know they can download and play hundred of custom maps instead of 4 of the best maps. And thanks Gedsher to explain how to start custom maps.
  2. Sorry but the closed beta tools are not available anymore cause it was a steam key and now it ´s not downable anymore i should have made a backup but the tools are way better than before just some features were removed like fbx exporter and minimap but for other things it is better now. Now for rpack archives they seems to be zlib type but the only partial unpacker was made for dead island and you could not extract msh models with it, just textures and scripts and maybe some sounds. There ´s many free models to pickup on the net so maybe this will be easier than ripping Dying Light meshes. But one day will come when you learned ue4 when you will need to make or buy meshes if you want to sell a game cause many free meshes are stolen from games and all your efforts could be ruined if one day your team would sell a game that contain such models. So as i heard, once you become skilled in ue4 you probably will need to work with a team if you plan to create a game then make other better games that could be sold. So it is a good idea to pickup meshes and learn ue4 for now
  3. Hi, 3: There was some fbx export plugin in the beta tools but i don ´t know if rigged meshes were exportable with this pluging, maybe just basic meshes. Now the tools doesn’t have this exporter anymore. Someone exported Kyle Crane and Jade into L4 Dead but i don ´t know how. There ´s no possibilities to export meshes easily from Dying Light. Also Models creation cost a lot of money so Game studios don ´t want that users export assets into other games. When you install any game you accept the agreement licence so those materials are copyrighted. But you can extract models with rippers or with photogrammetry techniques if there ´s no other way of doing it but don ´t share any asset that you extracted since this is not legal. Except if the company allowed this.
  4. I can confirm that the ,pvp phase , as you mention above Yoko, is responsible of the infinite ammo glitch. It seems that when you place this pvp phase at the begining of a quest, the glitch appear ingame . Also the code below in the quest code is greyed out when the pvp phase is placed in the wrong place. Just need to know where to place it so that pvp works fine when needed?
  5. If you mean that you don ´t want the pause while in the menu , maybe this is possible to apply the nighmare mode in custom maps with a mod?
  6. I ´m affraid that height map textures were used in old engines. Not sure if this technology still work in DL engine. Can anyone check if you can see this texture and if it is a flat texture? This is a normal texture that was used in old engine iterations, you had to edit your terrain in the tools then the build process was saving the terrain height map in a normal texture and you were able to export your terrain in a new map. But now, the new terrain tool is different, there ´s terrain blocks that are not necessary seamless ( connected) so this new terrain is no more homogenous and each terrain block groups should have his own height map texture. But there ´s only one height map texture for each map terrain under the level attributes in the terrain field. I guess the new terrain tool have to deal with huge terrain surfaces because the old engine ´s terrain was limited in scale. I mean that the following dlc needed a huge terrain but the old technology was not capable of doing this. But maybe i ´m wrong so you can try to load some height map then restart the tools to see if it works but test this in an empty map cause this could break your map.
  7. It ´s great, you found that you can add other techniques that are not listed in the blending materials. Good job. Now this will be very useful for decals and other meshes textures
  8. Yeah, you can ´t access game meshes materials. But you can see the material techniques in the attributes window under info tab. Open the object group then select the object and open the attributes window then, info tab and look all techniques. Also i saw some smooth alpha or soft alpha setting in the material editor, maybe this does something.
  9. I know that if you make a hard shaped texture with some parts that are textured and other parts as alpha channel (background) , it works when you set the good blending option. No need to modify other settings than the blending technique. But this is not a gradient transparency texture. Also at a certain level of opacity , the texture simply disappear when you test in the tools. But i was able to add gradient transparency textures to some mesh and i can ´t remember if i just edited the material blending or something more in the material settings. This engine have problems with transparent gradient when you look the sky, it is invisible, i guess this is because the sky is not a sky box with texture, this is a dynamic weather system with decal layers that move and scale. Also the sun is causing problems. There ´s useful informations in Dying Light meshes. Put some mesh on the map and open the attributes window then, go to info tab and expand the materials. You ´ll see materials and in a small window on the left, you ´ll see material techniques used. This is hard to know which technique is used but maybe you can notice the differences when some technique is used. I know that some glasses or windows (game models) have smooth transparency textures so looking in the material info could help to identify the technique that is applied on the mesh material.
  10. Hi, you found two of the most problematic features in the tools. 1: for the transparency, import a custom mesh then, open the material editor, double click on the material name. 2: There ´s no technique to make this directly. I know it sucks. but there ´s maybe custom fx emitters if you can add your own textures to it. (Never managed to add custom textures into fx but maybe i should have to to restart the tools at the end of the tutorial to see if they were reloading)? Also the material editor should let you switch images on a surface like in the game asset screen, you can change the tv skin and you can see jade and other images appearing one after one. But on custom meshes only cause game assets are locked in rpacks. Also maybe with the quest code phase, if i remember there is a code phase to change object skins or this is in the boxobjectenabler (sensor) class or in the collisionrecievier object class (place a modelobject then change his class into collisionrecievier. Or make a movie (bik i guess ) and replace it from the game intro movie. Or maybe there ´s another way to trigger real (divx) movie when you want but maybe this is hardcoded ?
  11. I can ´t remember the name of that object but i added one in stranded map. It is really dark inside this box. I placed this under the wooden flood of the room that is on the left side of the asylum building. If you are in front of the asylum building, there ´s an open door at the left and under the floor, you have this dark area. So take a look in stranded map.
  12. Try to add the whole skills content (files inside the skills folder) to your mod, it works with custom maps, maybe this will work with game mods. I used 7zip to extract data0.pak
  13. This is sad if Techland blocked some files modding. Seems you are right like in this post:
  14. Hi, use the data3.pak way . You mean the default_levels.xml file? I did not find the weapon duration variable here. You can disable the repair weapon in the inventory_gen.scr or other inventory scripts, it depends which weapon you want to edit. Change this variable : Reparable(true); into false. So the weapon will have infinite duration but the damage will decrease slowly. And you ´ll have to change this variable for all weapons , one by one. But maybe there ´s another way to change this for any weapon. And the default_levels may not be used when the player have changed his level or skills?
  15. No. but i found another way of adding a custom flashlight with the uv light but it uses the "use item" button like the uv light. I modded this n the inventory.scr, not in the inventory_gen_workshop.scr. I added the inventory.scr in my project then added a new uv light item (ID). I set it with the flashlight variables and added the battery draining from the uv light variables. Then, i modded the keyboard and gamepad inputs to change the button. But this mod will not be good if you need throwable knives or any usable item. So , if you want a custom flashlight, you need to use the mod i shared above. It works but there ´s many scripts that are not useful. I was not able to remove the light halo around the player but you can set the light color, size, range... So for the uv light, you just need to add the modded inventory.scr in your project. But for the flashlight mod, you need the "full" mod or the default flashlight will be used ingame.
  16. Add the whole folder that contains your modded file into your project, within the same directory. I mean the folder extracted from data.paks and all the files inside. Cause modding custom maps is different than modding the game so all files connected with include function or other variable connections nedd to be included to make the mod to work. But as i said this could be a long research...
  17. I know that a part of this process is handled by the fx_emitter and particle_fx scripts. And the chance is that "all" (a lot of the) fx and particle scripts are available in the data paks. But i don ´t know if the blood decal fx ´s duration is hardcoded or if his duration variable is available in any script that we can have access to. So you could try to dig into fx folder to find which blood fx is used for zombie death or wounds. Extract the fx folder from the data0.pak and search for some words in the whole folder with agent ransack. Maybe this is better to extract all data.paks (merge them and overwrite) somewhere to search with agent ransack , any word or file that could be related to blood decals. Like searching for blood word (many matches) or hit, death, wound... I know this is complicated so maybe this is better to let it as it is?
  18. I saw butterflies in this map, maybe this is the same system or it is fx emitters for the butterflies. Install this map and take a look in the tools:
  19. Those are lod objects and they are used for background models. Also they have collision meshes that does not match nessessary with their shape and you can ´t change the collision mesh, you can just add invisible barriers to create a custom collision box. You can add a lod object (grey lod icon object) linked with them and find some better model for close distance and then, the low poly object will appear only when the player is far from it.
  20. Because the preview generator is broken since one of the latest tool ´s update. I guess it never ´ll be fixed. There you can find some previews : Make sure to place all your previews there: Ps: I shared all mesh previews but steam erased the link.
  21. Yes thanks, flag spam:
  22. Those spammers found a way to infect the techland subforums, damnation!!!
  23. The logs are here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop\My_Project\out Maybe try to backup your project folder located there: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop\My_Project And keep the project somewhere in case if this trick have failed. And then, delete your navmesh folder here : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop\My_Project\data\maps\navmesh Now, restart the tools and load your project (with no navmesh) then, generate navmesh from the navmesh window, (not within the build map options), Uncheck the navmesh Under build options ,temporary or for ever cause it is more stable when you generate the navmesh in the navmesh tool, separately from the map build but you need to generate navmesh often or it will take a while to build navmesh cache. But it may not fix the navmesh and if so, a map migration could be the last resort but you ´ll have to create terrain and terrain brushes from scratch.
  24. I think the problem is that you are far from the objects you want to activate. Whenever this is due to object physics and collision that are changing state when you are far from them, this is not working. But if they are hided by walls, you could activate the movies just before the player enter the room where the puzzle is, i mean to enable those objects when the player is right behind the door and he will think he have activated this stuff from far away but in fact he will just activate them when close. I think you need to draw a plan of the puzzle or actions that the player need to do, as simple as possible. (i mean a top down view sketch of the scene) Then find ways to do it by cheating. According with your knowledge of the tools and maybe changing the scenario a little bit so that the player need to use a trigger . The result would be almost the same but with different approaches about how he need to achieve this missiion or puzzle.
  25. I had a problem with a boxobjectenabler that was activating movies only when i was out of the box and i never tried to fix this but i wonder if the boxobjectenabler behaves differently with some actions that you add into it? Anyway, i ´m not sure to understand why you need a floating object also why the distance is great? Maybe find a workaround with distance like some small box to activate a huge box or i don ´t know. And with the quest code the only thing that could be hard to do is to define when the player would trigger those objects but on the other hand, there ´s simple phases to do that but again , i don ´t know what you need to do and why. So if i think about this, i would say to code this as ; > ,goto_ marker floatAndMovie -distance=200 ,wait_ 2.0 ,enable _ floatingObject (or start movie that fakes the floating object to fall) ,wait_ 1.0 ,movie_ mySpecialFloatingMovie But i trust you to find some fix or workaround without using the quest.