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  1. Great, you found a workaround for this, some more tweaks and this will be realistic, good job Doom and thank you very much to explain and sharing you knowledge and work, you are a geat guy!
  2. wip

    it is easy to have good ideas , i feel this for myself. But making them alive is another thing. Also considering the amount of time you have to spend on it accordingly with constant motivation is important. I like your sketches, keep em simpleand remember what was your first idea or motivation. Don ´t be scary to remove some stuff cause creation is evolving with time. Also i had some nice idea, i was thinking of Dying Light game quests and i thought that devs did not go deep in quest enough, i mean once you have the pitch, you have to kill someone or trigger something then, the quest is done and you never felt any emotion. So my idea is to start a quest as an adventure, a single adventure, short but really detailed and immersive as a man asking you help and you accept but you have to face something , you want to know this man, you want to help him, you want to go deeper. So my idea is kind of a qalking dead episode where you meet the black guy with traps everywhere and he is a little bit angry and...
  3. Also, you need to make sure any quest code is in the good quest pxsl script. I mean, when you have a quest on the terrain map , check in the quest assist window on the right side of the screen where quests with star icons are visible , check the quest script name on the very right side of the quest assist ´s quest lines, you should see which quest is in which pxsl script. So all terrain quests should be in the terrain pxsl script and all site map quests should be in the site pxsl script. Then , for the quest order, all is done by parenting the quests with the -parent= parameter also -final=false for the very first quest of all maps and -final=true for the very last quest of all maps in your project.
  4. Assuming there ´s a new objective phase like kill or goto once the player is on the other side of the portal. Leading portal is set within the quest parameters of the second map path or objective. And you can write the code without leading portal , it ´s up to you. Sorry but the forum is glitching, i had to post this on two posts because of the embedded code that was deleting the text below the code.
  5. The last bit of quest code of the first map should look like ,goto _ MapPortal PortalToHellTrainStadium -distance=5 ,door MapPortal PortalToHellTrainStadium (,door phase may not be necessary ) and the code should be like this on the next map on the other side of the portal quest LoadingScreen -level=hell_training -leading_portal=PortalToHellTrainStadium -parent=FindThePortal -final=false
  6. It seems that the quarantine zone icon is only visible on the map but not on the minimap hud. So the map menu is disabled in custom maps and i guess you need it to show quarantine zones. There ´s sorta challenge hint that could be showed on screen : But i don ´t know how to show this hint, maybe with some quest phase? Maybe there ´s a way to activate the map in modded custom map but this should be complicated also if this feature is hardcoded in some dll, this is reserved for advanced programmers or hackers.
  7. Yeah, i understand now why you needed two maps. Can you test a underground spawn fix? Just open any spawnpoint and quest hub respawners (black flag) then in their attributes, check use navmesh. Now the spawners will use navmesh to spawn the player and this should fix underground falling player. If it works, you can use the site map for both terrain and site locations. Cause even if you make two maps to fix the underground falling glitch, this will not fix player respawn when the player dies. But if you want to keep two maps, look how i set portal objectives and add new ones to tell the player to go trough portals from terrain to site then terrain. I set the first map as site map so you need to change map order in the campaign script (campaign_custom_workshop.scr) located in your project /data folder. Put the terrain map on top of the map list.
  8. Never make two or more maps in one project! Except if you need to optimize the maps because they are huge with a lot of objects and the map gets laggy. why, because it is hard to work on two maps with the tools and loading the other map within the tools make the tools crashing often. Also making map portals is a unnecessary painful task and linking the quest with portals make things even harder. so stick with one map with local portals if you really need portals .
  9. Just to explain to users. Now your project have two maps in it. so each map needs at lest one different pxsl quest script dedicated to each map. (you can add multiple scripts for one map but it makes things less clear). For example, the first map is called map1 and the second, map2. Make sure to place two folders into your project /data/quests directory. one folder named as map1 (your exact first map name) and the other folder, named as map2 ( your exact second map name). now, in the tool ´s quest assist (star icon) , right click and add a new pxsl script and save it into the data/quests/map1 then add another Pxsl script into the data/quests/map2. (when you create pxsl files, make sure to Click on refresh in the bottom of the browse folder ´s window to make sure you don ´t save scripts in the wrong project location, data/quests of your active project). (make sure to delete this default code "-source or =source " in the quest code window to avoid an error). then, save the project and reload the tools. once you restart the tools, click on the yellow star icon then double click on the quests to open the code window then edit. You could compare your project quests as pages of a book. one quest = one page, and if you have two maps in the same project, this is chapters of the book. now, the first page of the book (first quest) should have the -final=false parameter. now place the -final=true in the last page of the book , not at the end of a chapter. so if you have two maps, the first map ´s quest is set as -final=false and the last map ´s quest of the project ´s gameplay will have the -final=true. so the first quest is inside the first map ´s quest script and the final quest is in the last map ´s quest script, this is another script but it is the continuation of the first map, it is the chapter 2 in the data/quests/map2 "myLastMap".pxsl file. Now if you want to make the tome 2 of this book serie, create a new project. Book =project page =quest chapters =maps in the same project.(each map need to have his own script inside data/quests/ map1 or 2 /map1 or 2 .pxsl). tomes = new projects in a serie. Don ´t get me wrong, you can make chapters in a single quest or for each quest, a new chapter. I just tried to compare a book with the quest tool cause developers (programmers) wanted it like a book but on the other hand, quest designers have to deal with game engine limitations that ´s why they use workarounds in the code, they change the book structure so that it fits with the game cause there ´s other rules in the game. In the gameplay, this is more like huge quests, not like a book with short pages, they use 30 or 60 pages for one quest. So you will never see a book with one page that contains 3 chapters in it. this is where the comparison of the book and quest code ends.
  10. The teleportation was blocked because some quest was set as -final=true and another earlier quest was parented with it and not as a side quest. so when making quests in code , always make sure that the very first quest have no parent and never set it as -final=true if there ´s other quests after this one. then, always set the last quest as -final=true . now if you want to add a new quest, make sure to not break the quests order and check if the first quest have the -final=false setting and that the last quest have the -final=true setting. Also be careful when you set the -parent= parameter , always set the parent as the previous quest. the second quest is a child and the first quest is the parent. you can also make side quests when you set the same parent in many quests.
  11. When DL got updated? Also if it was updated, it could have replaced the data3.pak with the default empty placeholder one. Try to put the data3.pak mod again in the game folder.
  12. Hey, there ´s buggy scripts into your project data folder under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop\My_Project\data/presets And: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop\My_Project\data/scripts/vehicles You can modify them with a notepad. if your project folder does not contain those scripts, look here, under Dev Note for the developer tools buggy update : Into this map, there ´s a sort of refuel feature, but not like into a race. in this other map, you have triggers to respawn buggys like in many other maps . he used a dead pigeon model for the trigger but it works . Now i know all this stuff does not do exactly what you want to achieve but this could help. Also those maps have a buggy race that is more realistic than other buggy maps: (cute creative girl ) Also maybe you could find some interesting details on buggys in custom maps:
  13. I wish i could help you but i ´m missing time. Call me on steam sometimes so that i don ´t forget and i ´ll try to help you when i have some time. we need to start the teleportation code and portals from scratch .
  14. I know how to make a safe zone that shows the green house icon on the minimap ´s hud. Now, for the quarantine zone, i don ´t know cause i never been inside ingame , i don ´t know what is the difference with safe zones. But you can put a marker flag and set any icon (red biohazard) in the marker ´s attributes then, find a zonebox or area that have the quarantine zone settings. Maybe dig into Dying Light ´s xml quest files to find the quarantine zones they hided in the quest code? How to make a safe zone : (install this project in your tools) I hope you ´ll find the answer
  15. Pawel Zawodny, the development director of Dying Light said they would love to add the tools on console: Who knows, maybe this could be true for Dying Light 2 DevTools ?
  16. I never noticed this but maybe the jumping dialog's duration is too short and change the camera angle too fast or therés some setting that is different from other dialog settings? maybe deleting the jump dialog and put a new one with the same settings as the others?
  17. Maybe try to delete the mesh visibility params script? or set it in the mesh visibility params window in the devtools under optimisation or another menu.
  18. He made object groups so, For selecting one object, open the object list window then right click on the group then select open group. now you can select any object in the group. now for light shaft or ray, i guess they are 2d textures as you said but it ´s working fine once you set the good angle.
  19. Hey, bonjour. For animations to trigger, you can also use movies to play animations. also for enemies animation or set the start animation in spawnboxnumber attributes. for the sound, check techland tutorials again or use a boxobjectenabler that enable a sound marker or another option in the boxobject or any sound area sensor like ambient, music or soundEmitter... now some area that would start actions, you could use , boxobjectEnabler or collisionrecievier object class , switch, or the most complete tool for actions is the quest code . now for the light, type shaft in the assets browser. maybe some doomguy's example in the link above could let you enable a radio without quest code but .
  20. I had a similar issue . i was painting the terrain with some default texture and each time i was building the terrain (it automatically locks terrain blocks), the trash texture was replacing all the areas i painted before. So, i painted the whole terrain (no need to paint the whole terrain) with some default texture (can ´t remember which one) and then builded terrain again ( under build map options, check terrain) and then, the new overwriting texture was staying on the terrain so i could paint any new texture layer without loosing it again. I guess some textures are cleaning all color channel layers. So you could test to overwrite your texture that disappear with other textures until it keep your paintings . Ps: you can increase the brush size beyond the max scale by deleting the value then put a bigger value than the default and press enter. (be careful cause it could crash the tools if you paint a huge terrain area in a row also if you drag the center of the brush out of terrain while painting, so paint smaller areas then release the mouse button then hold it again to paint the rest ...) Not sure if it could fix your issue.
  21. wip

    I see you're not dead keep going. And i wonder what's in the misterious shop. Maybe some beers?
  22. scripting

    I don ´t have the time to test and i downloaded : Wsa 0.7 fix for steam 1.12 cause other mods were not scanned. i saw the placeholder , you should remove it. Now if there ´s things that cause problems, try to remove mod folders one by one and test each time ingame then you ´ll probably find where ´s the problem. and for the turning effect i don ´t know how it is made , i don't even know what it is and what you mean? in the developer tools, the player infection is started with The quest code and player effect sensor or varlist effect. but this is only a visual effect.
  23. Try to locate those strings in the full game data with agent ransack. make a full copy of the game folder somewhere and extract all data0.1.2.pak with a zip archive extractor (merge all data paks) then type some loading screen text you ´ve seen in agent ransack and you may found where it is located in the game folders. also look inside data speech folders. ( i mean the data pl, data de, data fr... localized language folders and paks)
  24. scripting

    I don ´t know why their empty inventory give them the "inventory is full prompt". make sure they installed the mod correctly. also there was some zombiefest event that techland made recently by modifying the game scripts, maybe it affected some users who installed your mod. i don ´t know what differs between the english and russian game versions except for the dataSpeech paks. so you could try to set steam language settings as English to test the mod. and there ´s a better forum to ask this (if someone still would answer) also add the link to your mod so that somebody could download and test.
  25. It seems that the local portal is containing such function to clear player's inventory.