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  1. I had a similar issue . i was painting the terrain with some default texture and each time i was building the terrain (it automatically locks terrain blocks), the trash texture was replacing all the areas i painted before. So, i painted the whole terrain (no need to paint the whole terrain) with some default texture (can ´t remember which one) and then builded terrain again ( under build map options, check terrain) and then, the new overwriting texture was staying on the terrain so i could paint any new texture layer without loosing it again. I guess some textures are cleaning all color channel layers. So you could test to overwrite your texture that disappear with other textures until it keep your paintings . Ps: you can increase the brush size beyond the max scale by deleting the value then put a bigger value than the default and press enter. (be careful cause it could crash the tools if you paint a huge terrain area in a row also if you drag the center of the brush out of terrain while painting, so paint smaller areas then release the mouse button then hold it again to paint the rest ...) Not sure if it could fix your issue.
  2. wip

    I see you're not dead keep going. And i wonder what's in the misterious shop. Maybe some beers?
  3. scripting

    I don ´t have the time to test and i downloaded : Wsa 0.7 fix for steam 1.12 cause other mods were not scanned. i saw the placeholder , you should remove it. Now if there ´s things that cause problems, try to remove mod folders one by one and test each time ingame then you ´ll probably find where ´s the problem. and for the turning effect i don ´t know how it is made , i don't even know what it is and what you mean? in the developer tools, the player infection is started with The quest code and player effect sensor or varlist effect. but this is only a visual effect.
  4. Try to locate those strings in the full game data with agent ransack. make a full copy of the game folder somewhere and extract all data0.1.2.pak with a zip archive extractor (merge all data paks) then type some loading screen text you ´ve seen in agent ransack and you may found where it is located in the game folders. also look inside data speech folders. ( i mean the data pl, data de, data fr... localized language folders and paks)
  5. scripting

    I don ´t know why their empty inventory give them the "inventory is full prompt". make sure they installed the mod correctly. also there was some zombiefest event that techland made recently by modifying the game scripts, maybe it affected some users who installed your mod. i don ´t know what differs between the english and russian game versions except for the dataSpeech paks. so you could try to set steam language settings as English to test the mod. and there ´s a better forum to ask this (if someone still would answer) also add the link to your mod so that somebody could download and test.
  6. It seems that the local portal is containing such function to clear player's inventory.
  7. wip

    It is really well done!
  8. Also i saw your comment on youtube, i don ´t know if you saw my answer so. There should be a presets folder in your project/data/presets and the "HumanAI.pre" (the script that control npc presets). But if you don ´t have it in your map, maybe the map was created before the devs added this script or maybe the latest update removed it, anyway, you can copy the presets folder under : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light Developer Tools\Template\data\presets then, paste it in your project/data folder. Make sure it is not under read only in file properties. Also that windows folder options settings are showing file extentions. Cause the HumanAI.pre have a "pre" extention but it is a readable scripting language. Also you can edit it manually by browsing all strings and figure out all Variables and methods with changeable values. Also (easier) , you can use the devtool's preset tool window to edit this script via buttons. But just reading the script while using the presets tool gives you all stuff.
  9. It seems that it is controlled by the quest code ´s ,kill phase associated with a boss to kill. but now for objects i don ´t know. there ´s the damagerecievier class who can check object damage but it seems that melee and guns can ´t affect it. I saw some generator turned off when you shoot on near gas cylinders, when the player shoot the can, it explodes and turn the generator off. i saw this in Darkness below custom map on this video: It is at 3 minutes 15 sec in the video, maybe you ´ll find it useful.
  10. Yeah, it is beta because the light shaft is smaller than the default light but there ´s a light attached to the player that Is not realistic and not scary. Also because there ´s too much scripts and it is confusing When you mod. But it should not harm the mod or map. I hope this is what you wanted to change in your map. For my map i want some kind of alan wake flashlight Effect also a smaller light shatf so that there ´s more jump scares when you are in the dark, also more tension.
  11. Yeah, inside your project there ´s only the inventory_gen_workshop.scr but you need to take the game files into your project. So find the dying light /dw/data0.pak and extract it somewhere with 7zip then, copy the data/scripts/inventory Folder into your project folder. Then find the inventory.scr and edit the first flashlight in the script (Flashlight_Basic)and change the light angle and range. But the game ´s scripts folder is full of files that the mod Don ´t need. I already made the beta mod but i need to remove all files That don't affect the flashlight to keep the project directory As clean as possible. I modified those lines into the Inventory.scr FullLightAngle(15.0); DimLightAngle(15.0); FullLightRange(15.0); DimLightRange(25.0); There's the link for the mod i made:!09BGSB5T!Av5Mob3pIfHdxxDBLCo201KWrFQC-iqCUcRrF20MuOs4 (this is a beta mod so it needs to be cleaned until there's only needed files in it) Look inside red dead planet, how techland devs added The gravity mod during their gamejam because the map creators asked them to apply the mod in custom maps. They added the whole odephysics folder (odephysics game folder) inside the project/data folder of the custom map Then they edited the physicsWalkfly.scr or some script. I mean there ´s only one or two files they modified for the mod but the files are linked with some methods or include And import functions . This is why modding custom maps need all the files that are linked to be applied in the map. Not just one file like in game mods cause game mods Are installed in the game path where all the game files are stored. I mean that we can mod custom maps and add any file we want to modify anything but we need to add all related files That will link our mod to the game or the custom map Player will read the data0.pak files instead of our mod And this will not work when you test.
  12. For the flashlight you can modify it but you need to add new files into the project/data folder. I ´m making a mod exactly for the same reason, i feel like the default flashlight is like a lighthouse . So i managed to modify it in the inventory.scr but you need other files to apply it in custom maps. So it ´s not finished yet but i can confirm it is working.
  13. Did the player is falling under map? Seems like when you spawn under map. I saw some checkbox in the spawnpoint attributes, UseNavMesh for more precise spawns. Also if the player is falling underground, i noticed it never Happen with terrain, only with floor objects.
  14. 1: no 2: Debugpos is always spawning the player at the same point. But you can add many debugpos and then choose Where to spawn in the play with invoke window. And yes, the game should be connected with the tools. compile (generate) the code again then press play and go back to the tools Once the game is running and you should be able the select some phase then press the little guy 's invoke button.
  15. Until the tools get fixed or not, i uploaded all the assets previews for dying light , dlc and data folder. Here: