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  1. devtools

    1: airdrops seems really complicated to create . So if i woul make some airdrop, i would create a movie to move the aircraft and drop a parachute then make appear some crate with red smoke. Because spending days to figure out how to create live airdrops would make me waste my time. 2: ? 3: i never seen driving Ais but i didn’t finished the following dlc so i guess it exist. A think this they created the illusion that some ai is driving , i mean ais can’t drive any car in this game , this would be a great feature but i guess they faked this event with some trick or movie. Did you have a link to a video showing this? I would be happy to see this.
  2. custom map

    Voice 2d is when you want to make the player to speek instead of some npc. » ,radio-dialog _ voice2d Talkingplayer notice it uses the voice2d not an npc name ......... because there is no npc its you! Talkingplayer will be whatever group name you used for player » Try to install this map in your tools and see how he did the radio dialog:
  3. Hi, coj gunslinger was on chrome engine 5. And it seems that the msh file format have evolved in the chrome engine 6. So maybe this is just a few details in the msh file that are different.
  4. crash

    Did you fixed the problem ?
  5. crash

    Maybe make a backup of your map then delete all movies from the map to check if it crashes. Also maybe try to delete the xml quest file and generate a new one. Also try to export those movies into another map to test if some movie is broken.
  6. crash

    Did you added some movie actor into a group? If so, remove any actor that is used in movies from any group. You mean that someone else is having the same issue? Is this happening only when you add a movie phase then refresh? Did you checked the crash log?
  7. Hi, edit the default_player_setup.scr in your project/data folder.
  8. Maybe this could be the answer:
  9. Maybe try with a humanAi and set his type as volatile then, use the move or escort phase so that you can control his path. Or use an attractor.
  10. Hi, could you open this group (selection object) then check the materials from a single object. There ´s many materials in this group. And is this a group you made with custom meshes?
  11. To change fov, you can modify the default_levels.xml file and add it into data3.pak as when you mod dying light. Or if you want to change the fov in a custom map, add the modded default_levels.xml file into your project. Now when you modify the fov, the weapon sight will not be aligned. You can change the weapon alignement into the inventory_gen_workshop.scr but you will need to create all weapon ids for a custom map. Now, you can mod the inventory_gen.scr and other inventory scripts to move the weapon. Or find another way to mod all weapon positions accordingly with the fov.
  12. Np, the problem is that we can’t access to the files, the tools can read them in the rpacks but . So maybe I’m wrong and there’s scripts in data paks for this but all i know is that the older engine iterations had anno files to control the lips animations but i guess the devs changed this technology ? Did the eye controller works, just to know.
  13. You need to use existing animations that have lips animation , not all animations have lips animation. Also we don’t know how to create custom ones or we don’t have the 3ds max import plugin (if they are made with 3ds m)
  14. Oh and map.bak and exp.bak are automatic backups that the tools is creating when you close them. So there is a chance that they are intact. Make a backup of your and myMap.exp file, delete them from the map folder then, rename the myMap.bak as and myMap.exp.bak as myMap.exp. bak1 bak2 and bak3 mean that bak3 is the latest backup and bak is the older so bak could be cleaner than bak3 if the last backup is corrupted too.