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  1. Good idea! I'm sure everyone here would love to see highlights from the matches! I know I do!
  2. Yea, that's too bad about the event timing I look forward to checking it out next weekend though! Also, we've been working hard on something that might interest people on this forum... should be able to share some details soon!
  3. You can get it here!
  4. Good news! If you're seeing that message, it's because you already have it! Content drop #0 and #1 that is. If you are asking about the Gemly weapons, you can pick up those free weapons by creating an account here:
  5. Awesome! Great idea. I'll check it out!
  6. Need to ask Microsoft about that one
  7. That sounds pretty cool! I like it!
  8. No one said this. What I did say is you have to be intelligent about where you use it. Again, the video I posted above shows many good examples if you watch the whole thing through...
  9. My claims are based on stats...compiled from 1000's of games. Since the latest changes, the Hunter is stronger than it's ever been. This is a fact. I still appreciate your guys' opinions about how you feel about the game balance. Like chickeninja said (I'm paraphrasing here) it is important that a character feel fun, or attractive to play. This requires careful balance in a PVP game though: What might make one character fun to play, could possibly make the other side frustrating and less fun to play. Both sides need to be considered at all times. Here are some stats for those of you that are interested. These are only since the latest tuning on PC (when iTackle was removed). This is for top tier, evenly matched games: 1v1: Survivors win 45% 2v1: Survivors win 56% 3v1: Survivors win 49% 4v1: Survivors win 57% P.S. Survivor sense issues should be fixed now. Reload bug needs to wait for a patch.
  10. I'm sure some of you are better at the game than I am.... this doesn't prove anything (Also, I am a pretty terrible survivor player). Winning or losing versus anyone here will not prove the game is broken/balanced. I'm sure I will see you many of you online. I've probably already played many of you. Let's keep these forum discussions constructive.
  11. We did play (after you aborted the first game when I invaded you alone). It was down to 1 nest and 1 life remaining... I guess that's not close? Der GroƟmann is a very skilled survivor. I have played him many times. I have no problem saying he is better at this game then I am (I have never claimed to be the best Hunter). Even so....the game came down to me attempting a poorly timed pounce and losing because of it.
  12. This was a concern of ours as well. Players are gifted flares and medkits on respawn in btz...perhaps it's not enough? Maybe we just need to gift more? The gold weapons are primarily an incentive for new players. I'm sure you can remember playing your first few BTZ matches.... Invasions can have a bit of a learning curve. That can dissuade some players from attempting to play. We hoped dangling a carrot like this would help new players play long enough to understand the game mechanics. By the time they get their gold weapon they should understand the basics, and we have hopefully won over a new player to our BTZ/Invasion community!
  13. Changes are made based on a combination of 3 things. Feedback from our players (like all of you in this forum) Feedback from our own team Stats (we gather a multitude of stats we can break down in many ways... maps/team sizes/skill ratings/versions of the game/ etc.) Changes are not made based on just one of the three...
  14. iTackle takes 0 skill and was an exploit. It is not coming back. Visceral is used here as an example. This video has many skilled uses of the tackle. He understood the game well and people can learn a lot from him if they choose to (minus the GP spit-stick)
  15. Footage may be old be this was specifically in response to tackle questions. You want to know how tackle should be used? Watch the video. All of the "tackle tactics" he used are still 100% valid . And yes, this video also shows why GP-Spit was adjusted. It can still be done with skill...but it is not a guarantee after a GP.