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  1. Decided I will follow up. I killed her and at the end it looked easy. In order to do that I had to rack up 105 legendary levels, majority of which I invested into health-related legendary skills. It took me several months to level up on top of work, family and study time. To get the idea how much effort did it take, at the end I had 303 bolter tissue samples and up to 1000 demolisher kills. With that much health I was able to kill her easily.
  2. I play on nightmare and understand that it is supposed to be difficult. Main game is actually not that difficult and the Following wouldn't be, besides just one thing. Everything is fine, the game is playable, not that difficult actually. The only problem is the "Mother" boss. I figured that the best tactic is to stay on the top and kick her down, regenerate health and occasionally punch her in the face when you don't mind to get punched back. Decent tactic and with any luck you can put her health level down to like 35-45%. After that it becomes significantly harder as she screams all the time and each scream is ~50 HP and jumps on you. Running away from screams is even worse than waiting patiently nearby as she teleports and each time she does that she screams so running away is a very robust way to kill yourself. My char is maxed of course and has a dozen legendary levels, almost half of which are in hand-to-hand and another in firearms and 2 in health (pathetic +6 HP). HtH should boost my damage x60 (or x75?) but it doesn't seem to be working well or limited in some way... punching or even dropkicking a regular zombie takes a very long time. Not sure if this even works against bosses. I'm a pretty seasoned fighter I can tell, I can survive for whole night in old town killing tens of volatiles/advanced volatiles and self-exploding screaming yellow dudes meanwhile using cars and other traps. And yet... Hard to tell how many times I've tried, surely several hundred fights, maybe even 1000+ -- still can't beat her. Has anyone ever beaten her on nightmare? What am I doing wrong here? I play on xbox if it makes any difference.
  3. One of old town side quests to clear Rais' outpost -- Radio building. Can't find entrance. Anyone can share how to find it? I've searched everything including nearby buildings, canal and nearby construction site. No luck. Found a flag on a cellular tower on top of the building and that's it.
  4. Thanks man, I'll try that.
  5. Nope. That was business office building from twin quest. Radio building is the one with a cellular tower on it and large writing "RADIO" on the roof.
  6. Okay, the game is nice, I love it so far. Been playing for 4 days. But it's damn too hard. First several missions were easy and okay. Then I started chupacabra dying. Every chupacabra noise I make brings vultures that kill me in no time. I try to kill big guy with a rebar, he is killable, but he crashes everything all the time including all the barrels and firefighters with some gas on their back, everything blows up, vultures come and kill me. All the chupacabra time. As of now I can't chupacabra complete any chupacabra quest without chupacabra dying like ten times. There was a side quest where I was supposed to test a uber weapon, electric superknife. When I was given this quest I was informed that it is easy to kill 40 zombies. chupacabra 'easy'. So I did around 100 attempts before I passed. Something is definitely wrong, or with me, or with the game. I play on xbox one and of course controller sucks compared to mouse+keyboard. Maybe it's because of lame controller I can't proceed without dying. I'm not totally stupid, I learned some tricks like dodging, double leg kicking but it doesn't help much against vultures. It's just too hard to play! I even suggested that I picked skills wrong and missed some side quests therefore missing some experience points that I'm to have in order to survive. Nope. I chupacabra die. All the time. And my survival points got lost. All the time. Please advise on how to proceed.
  7. Yeah, to keep you informed about my progress... So the key, I believe, was not to take hard and medium difficulty quests and try to accomplish them. Instead do parkour basics and tune up parkour & dodge skills in various 'challenge' type quests to feel comfortable and fast enough. As of now I learned some cool new skills, such as deadly stomps on those who climb while standing on the roof -- this solves fast climbing zombies problem 100%. I also bought a nice axe, with two hits I can slice any of those fast zombies. Made life MUCH easier, before I died like 10 times trying to accomplish some subtask of some quest, now I don't die that often
  8. Yep. For an hour of real time before you kill it with kicks. All right, you seem to know how to solve my problems. I have main quest figuring out what happened to Rais' patrol. They get shot by a guy who sits on a fenced roof and shoots everything around him. I'm supposed to find envelop there. But I can't cause he kills me approaching the area, plus, after shooting there are vultures. I died like 50 times and still can't find this envelop. Ideas?