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  1. Another Idea that I have is that the Night Hunter should have Heightened Awareness. He can sense the Direction of Gunfire and other Projectiles coming towards him. This could be achieved by Screen Edge glow for near misses and Crescent Markers for Direct Hits.
  2. My Idea is when the Night Hunter is facing a Team of 4. Survivor Sense should be Disabled. This would promote Teamwork. The Survivors would have to rely on Sight and Sound to detect the Night Hunter. Dying Light has ample Graphics and Sound Design to allow such a change to be Implemented reliably IMO. Even if this was Implemented as a Trial Initially to Quantify Statistical Data. For Matches that have 3 or less Players allow Survivor Sense but increase the Delay between Uses for each additional Player. I feel these changes would ratchet up the Tension and make the Nigh Hunter a Truly Fearsome Beast.
  3. Hello all. Just a Quick Update. The Forums Config has been adjusted to combat the spam. It should stop or be lessened a great Deal. In the event that some does get through please Flag it and we will remove it. Thanks for the help.
  4. Sadly its a manual process. Please Flag any Spam that You see and I will Purge the Spam and Post Block the User. The Majority of the Spammers from what I can tell are Bots. But the way that they post makes it very easy for anyone to spot. If you could Flag any spam that You see it will be appreciated. Thank You.
  5. Hello All As a Moderator we have to be Impartial and treat all Forum Members the same way. If there is Post that Breaks the Community Guidelines or is Antagonistic in Nature. Then please Report it instead of taking it upon Yourselves to Argue Publicly on the Forum or via Private Messaging. When You Flag Content it is very easy for Techland and Moderators to see and take Action upon. Thank You for Your time. Aaron.
  6. Can You all please post constructively, A difference of opinion is to be expected and is welcome. But please do not make it Personal against any Forum User, Thank You.
  7. The sad fact is that with every change comes imbalance. A Game like this is a Logistical Nightmare to Balance Correctly because it is Asymmetric PVP. The same can be said for other Asymetric PVP Games, Evolve comes to mind. Especially since going FREE2PLAY.
  8. Can You keep the Discussion Civil, Its Fine to have a Difference of Opinion but I Draw a Line Between [Difference of Opinion | Personal Insults] I don't want to use the Hammer of Judgement and Play whack a Mole but I will if this Continues.
  9. Techland could Balance "Be The Zombie" like this. Give each Player a Preset Amount of Medpacks, and Lockout the Excess as well as Medpack Crafting. Allow Players to Trade Medpacks during the Game should they wish to. Buff the Night Hunter in accordance with Human Legendary Levels and Number of Human Players present. This would promote more Team Work and make the Night Hunter more Formidable.
  10. Here is an Interesting concept for Multiplayer. The Corrupt Government has covered up the Outbreak of Harran. But has a Testing Facility in an Irradiated and Abandoned City. The Concept is: Survivors are Unleashed into the Abandoned City after being Injected with an Experimental Immunization. The catch is they have to be Bitten out in the Field to see if the Immunization Works. And Survive long enough to reach the Checkpoint and Safety. Lots of potential for something like this. * Stealth Elements * Dog Type Enemies that can Smell the Humans. * Mini Checkpoints that give You Time to Heal and Restock but not Camp. Survivors and Zombie Mobs can be Controlled by Human Players.
  11. Can we please tone down the Hostility in Here. A difference of Opinion is Fine, But drop the Personal Attacks. I leave this here for Your Reference:
  12. I think what would be Beneficial in the Case of Buffs and Debuffs. Is that the Players are made aware of any changes with a Visual HUD Representation.
  13. Good Point Raceystorm3124. A Game is only fun when it presents a Challenge. When I first started Playing BTZ. I used to get Chills when I got Invaded. That doesn't happen any more.
  14. Be The Zombie is a Great Mode but has much room for Improvement. This however I understand is no easy Task to Achieve. When the Night Hunter is against 2 or more Humans. Cooperation should be a Key Factor in whether You Win or Lose. What I mean by this is, going after The Night Hunter Solo should generally be Suicide. He is a Mutant Super Zombie, that is Faster and Stronger than any Human. So Logic would suggest that going Toe to Toe with the Beast Alone should be a Difficult if not near Impossible Battle. This would promote Closer more Coordinated Team Work. An Example of this would be trying to take on the "Tank" from Left 4 Dead Solo. This Enemy required the whole Team to Attack at the same time. Players that tried to go against the "Tank" Solo were often Dealt a Swift Demise. And once You Died, You was Eliminated until the next Safe House. The Night Hunter should retain His Ability to Climb when Drained of Energy. So He can Retreat and Recharge. As once He is Drained, He is almost always Dead. This is even more of an Issue in 4 VS 1 Games, as more UV Lights keep Him Crippled for longer. Any other Feedback welcome. Please Keep it Constructive though and No Flaming of other Users Please.
  15. The Ability for the Night Hunter to Tackle after Tendrilling to the Floor is Intentional. This will not change.