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  1. I would love to see the ability to build or board up a safe house in the coop gameplay... that way you and your 3 friends can roam around find a good building and then hunker down... and then zombies attack your base at night... if it isn't strongly built then they have a chance to get in... at that point you have too fight them off or run... Maybe have a sewer system exit as a get away? Traps just in case they get in? that kind of thing, makes the coop game-play more team oriented... 3 people go out in the day time 1 stands guard they have too pick up supply's to re-enforce the base... At night if one of your guys gets caught out and makes a break for the safe house but ends up attracting a horde... he gets in the safe house but the horde starts attacking the safe house to which you then have too hope your safe house holds (unlikely) or you all escape... Would this be possible?