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  1. The one million dollar question....
  2. I would expect a non-finished product be this buggy.... not a final retail copy. Next time consider open a beta program... Posted on wrong section... could someone move this to the proper area? Wrong section... my mistake. Could someone move it to general?
  3. This. I need to know THIS.
  4. I think he did... "Save file Corruption" . Need a more clarified description..but its there.
  5. how the hell did you guys managed to understand what he was saying?
  6. Really, don´t say "coming real soon"... need a real date. I didn´t buy this game on day one to have to wait til a week later to be able to play it.
  7. Yeah, i´ll start a new game... and store my saves in a usb stick until they release a fix for this. That´s a shame, the game is really fun.
  8. Like everyone else ... i also lost everything. Happened early in the game... about 5 ou 6 hours of playing. Went to sleep and left the game properly. When i came back, everything was lost. OK, i´m aware this is a bug ( a very NASTY one ) , and it will be adressed in the upcoming patch. But what i don´t know is: Am i going to recover all my stuff back? Yes or No! Please DEV´s , i bet everyone here want to know this answer. I need to know that before i start a new game. Sorry about any mistyping or grammatical error...english is not my first language.
  9. Yep. Another one here for the list.... But mine crashed around 10 or 12% ... can´t recall the mission, but i was over to meet someone in a tunnel , just threatened an old man for money... Happened after sleeping and exiting... Everything i want to know is: Is this "Save Game" patch going to retrieve all my itens and abilities back? In my case it wasn´t a great loss anyway... but i was wondering. Anyway, i´m not playing/recomending this game until this bug is properly fixed.
  10. Easy? Are you nuts? I´m having a hard time running from those damn super incredible and deadly night army zombies... Everytime it gets dark and i can´t reach a safehouse, i hide myself in a tight corner and cry till morning. ;P That may be a little exagerated... lol but yes, i think it´s pretty good the way it is.