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  1. RushMePlease

    Dissapointed Already!

    I am not weird, but you sound a lot like butthurt fanboys. The preOrder and all its problems are bullshit. I like the game, ill buy it eventually after release, or on a cheap sale. Or maybe i won't after you fanboys get so hurt and dissapointed by it that will go crying with red letters in your review section. There is a saying about the bird raised in a cage who thinks flying is a disease. You got so used to being fed with bullshit from game developers that you think its normal and you should not complain. I bet you are from Poland also and you are so found of your game developers that it prevents you from thinking straight. Those games: Dragon Age and Deadlight were just an example based on the value difference that came up when i was calculating. Anyway i will explain my opinion a bit more in depth: If on 27th of January GTA5 will be released, i will have no time to play this game on 30th. Then, 10 days later, Evolve is going live, which is a game i have played in Alpha and i truly love. So after i am done with those, i will probably buy this one too, if it doesnt prove to be a piece of chupacabra like many other triple A games. I only speak for myself and what i think its wrong. Sorry to give you the pains. My message was anyway aimed at developers, not at fanboys. I WAS JUST SAYING, I AM NOT MOTIVATED ENOUGH TO SPEND MY MONEY ON PRE-ORDERING THIS GAME!
  2. RushMePlease

    Dissapointed Already!

    I was about to pre order the game but there are so many issues with it so far that just should not be there. You want us to pre-order for a full price and you offer 1 weapon + a game mod for trolling other ppl's game, so basically a pre order makes you a jackass wannabe player who simply wants to pester other ppl's games. We've seen that in Watch Dogs, wasn't that good, just something that will become boring after 2-3 fights. But everybody can simply turn off the port and never be intruded by other players. That is pure fail from start. Im not convinced that i want to pre order for this mod alone. About the "Punk Queen" ... in a game that has around 100 weapons with mods and all sort of stuff, having one ultimate weapon from start is basically removing the pleasure of getting new weapons and upgrades. On the other hand, if it is not the best weapon, it will not be used as much by players in the first place. So, again, big fail. I am usually buying my games on steam so i have checked the pre Order deals there. For the game alone, i have to pay 49.99 eur, for DLC i get a -40% discount and it costs 11.99 so together they cost 61.98 eur. And also you have listed a Package that includes Dying Light + Season Pass that has a -10% discount, it is called Ultimate Edition and costs 62.99 Eur. Even the mathematics listed there are wrong, the package is listed as 69.99 with a 10% discount when the items together cost 69.98 (19.99 + 49.99). So basically with the Ultimate Edition Package you are trying to con us first with 0.01 Eur and then with 1.01 Eur. The correct price for Ultimate Edition should be: 49.99 + 11.99 (the Season Pass with the applied -40% discount) and the sum of 61.98 should have a -10% discount as listed there that would put the price at 55.78 eur. It is not a big difference, but i have just paid 4.99 eur for Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate edition with addon and all 9 DLCs included. So i guess 5 eur difference matters after all. 61.98 - 55.78 = 6.2 Eur. Well, Deadlight has just been on sale for 1.19 eur with a -90% discount. So, you are ripping us off with exactly the sum that we can use for 2 exceptional games. Not very nice of you! Really not appreciated! I would keep in mind that Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to be released on steam on 27th of January so people who buy that will have their hands full till Dying Light will be released and a lot after, too. And on 10th of February Evolve will be released also. And they already let us play Evolve and it felt amazing! About the gameplay footage i have seen on youtube from Angryjoeshow and theRadBrad it feels more dangerous to run and jump on top of rooftops than it is to be on the ground and actually run around zombies. And parkour is the only thing that feels different from Dead Island (which is a game i love and and it is one of the reasons i am interrested in playing Dying Light in the first place) And to talk about parkour: you are like a super athlete, yet you cannot climb trees?!? WTF?!? I know you took a lot of chupacabra because your game looks exactly like Dead Island combined with some parkour taken from Mirror's Edge but even so, the game looks amazing. Chrome Engine 6 delivers! I really loved the developer's walkthrough with the night mission, when you could sense those zombies through the walls. That part of the game felt really exciting and those zombies looked like they could follow you on top of the roofs and all around. Fighting the hordes of zombies: AngryJoe does something stupid and aggroes like 10 zombies at once, then he is trying to fight them, decapitates 2.. they overwhelm him and suddenly he is caught by one of the zombies.. game prompts him to tap a key fast and he breaks loose. Another zombie grabs him and he taps again and breaks loose, and another one grabs him and he breaks loose and runs away. So these armies of zombies cannot grab a guy all together and chew on his limbs? Despite all that i have said, i really like your game and i will eventually buy it. For me this is like the sequel to Dead Island. Please fix the pricing issues and also stop the bullshit with Be the zombie and Punk Queen preOrder prizes. You have already failed the launch in my opinion. Most people that think the same as me, don't even bother to come here and give you a rant, they just look the other way.