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  1. You should make a topic with all those questions in it to get them answered
  2. There's no need to write this post, a admin responded.
  3. Nice to see the new gameplay, especially the players getting hunted by the preorder bonus zombies, love it! And HEY! I also have the skull bandana (see my picture) like the multiplayer character has! That's pretty awesome!
  4. You want to make it a challange to get that gun, huh? I like that, great idea.
  5. I like to see the KSG. The KSG is a shotgun, but you can call it a unscoped sniper rifle. It's very accurate and you can use this to kill multiple zombies with one shot if they're standing behind eachother.
  6. What do you guys think about a Remote Ejection Gun? Real life: This gun is used in real life to paralyze for a short period so they can transport the bear. In-game: This gun will paralyze the zombies' legs. The zombie tries to get up, but his legs aren't working. Shoot him another time with the gun and the zombie will die. Can hold 3 darts in a clip. Use the darts wisely!
  7. Thanks for your input on my ideas You have the same taste as me! I'll keep that post updated.
  8. Some games allows users to play their own music in the background from a playlist on PS3. Does Dying Light also allows this feature?
  9. What about a Flashbang Knife: Once a zombie is knifed, he won't be able to see anything for 5 seconds.
  10. In the following video on 7:00, you see a beautiful view. Is this background or can you actually go to the houses you see? ( How will Techland prohibit us to go out of the map? Will there be like a invincible barrier wall, will there be a big wall which you can't climb or will there be a "Leaving Game Zone - Respawn in 3,2,1" message when you leave the game zone? I got also another question, will we be able to customize our co-op character and singleplayer character, like being able to wear a bandana? I've seen in a trailer that the guy was walking for 2 seconds on a wall to take a zombie down. Will we be able to do this all the time or is it only a special trailer effect thingy?
  11. I GOT IT! The ultimate weapon! The UZI. Craft a suppressor and you're done! Lightweight, handy and powerful! I think most of you guys already know how the weapon looks like, but here is a picture, just in case: And the Spring Knife. Very silent but oh so deathly knife. Press the button and flatsh! The knife will be popped right in the zombies' head. Great for stealth attacks! Here's a picture how it could look like: And Techland, don't forget about the (cross)bow, please Just modify the model of the knife abit and change the name to Spring Knife and Techland should be protected against copyright. -------------- I updated my previous post with these ideas posted here.
  12. Keep the grappling hook -- I've seen the E3 gameplay and it really fits with this game.
  13. I know that Dying Light will be 740p on last-gen and 1040p on next-gen. It that the only difference or is the last-gen very limited?
  14. Agreed, I think there should be a bow in Dying Light. It's just a must-have weapon for this game!
  15. I think it's cool to have a zombie dog, but that's about it. No more please!