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  1. I've seen some gameplay and my ps3 can handle it just well, like come on look at GTA V and Advanced warfare. Great graphics and it runs well too, dying lights graphics aren't all that good. Why can't they just degrade the textures a bit and there?
  2. Just wondering after the release will there be spinoffs, or any sequel's,season pass, DLC? Also as your reading this i would like a spinoff on mobile devices. Maybe an endless first person runner with the parkour elements? Please tell me what you think of my idea and add in yours if you have one!
  3. Even though its closed, I'm still really mad for what you Techland guys did, I gave you some ideas earlier, then I get news that it won't be on my console, so then i have to go Cough up some change. It was a pleasure to help though...I never thought this would happen... 😡
  4. What happened??? At first, this was more of the freerunning spirit or the parkour spirit Now it's a hack and slash Its as if they threw away the parkour elements Focus on the parkour, The ,"Run boy Run" trailer is a perfect example they put a good use in freerunning Also I'd like to see a feature from the 12 minute gameplay back So new dying light videos come out and I see when the main character/protagonist(Kyle Crane) climbs a wall with his weapons the weapons disappear and all you see his hands slap the wall and he climbs it As what I suggest is that he has his weapon on his right hand and you see his left hand pulling him up from the wall So if you climb with an axe, the axe will still be shown on the right hand but you see the left hand pulling him up I know, it's the small things that get me...
  5. Umm idk make up with a mobile version
  6. Just don't, at all, add in sexual content Or atleast block it or nudity I picked the wrong ending in far cry 3 Horrible it was first person too, horrible, just horrible. Just don't, at all, add in sexual content Or atleast block it or no nudity I picked the wrong ending in far cry 3 Horrible it was first person too, horrible, just horrible.
  7. I know right they got me hyped until the last minute like I was literally going to pre order like in 2 weeks
  8. Just add a small map like as large as a whole island thats somewhere near where dying light took place and then your a different guy(for example) Antoine (yes cool guy here) from the run boy run trailer or maybe make it like vector where you don't explore just non stop running but first person so it's like living the "Run Boy Run" trailer experience it would be awesome like slide up to jump or vault or climb an you can choose what side ou want to go and tap different spots per each level while running to do something as seen in the run boy run trailer where he gets the wrench whilst in the game, you tap the wrench, you do a trick and do the special move on the zombie, killing him and meanwhile your running you can tap( pick up) little parts and craft to your weapon your holding but you can't do the jump over the zombie thing And if possible, add an endless mode just endless, use strategy to your survival is what dying light mobile is about and the original dying light. It's like half Into the Dead with parkour which it never got I really hope there is a mobile version of this game
  9. I wa just wondering... Maybe a demo for ps3 I mean demo not full game you know so us ps3/xbox360 people can get a taste of what dying light really is so we can feel it of course release it with ps4/Xbox one version too but they get the full version
  10. Exactly like gameplay just like dying light but a difference character part from the dying light universe
  11. But they could "squeeze the juice" and look at what they could run by now example: Gangstar Vegas large map so much missions and soo much weapons Dying light mobile would be like that just smaller map and parkour stuff and first person Mobile games need a first person perspective instead of first person shooters
  12. I just want a way of playing dying light somehow Ps3-Unsupported Laptop- cant even run mirrors edge Mobile device- Runs everything perfectly and I still have some change in my iTunes account-Iphone 5S MAKE A MOBILE PORT LOOK HELLRAID DID IT!!!
  13. So they cancelled the last gen yes I'm pissed but they should make it up with a mobile version keep the first person stuff(nothing's better than first person) play as a different character in the dying light world. And keep free roam and physics just imagine your on the bus, you have the crave to bash some heads, or the crave to run and feel free, or the crave to beat up people so you just pull out your phone and start playing This is the best idea it should be like for new devices : Ipod 6 (it'll come out by the time this is started) ipad air- mini-and other iPads iPhone 5s &C and 5 an new Samsung stuff I don't know them sorry but this would be excellent and the memory should be 3GB featuring •All new character______! •7 MISSIONS!!! •Large OPEN WORLD MAP!( not really but as big as GTA vice city 10th anniversary •+50 weapons! •Same parkour elements • Same first person perspective •same zombies What's reduced Graphics Lighting Objects/NPC's shown Missions Of course Textures Effects Weapons NOTE if +50 weapons can't be added whatever scréw weapons just add like 10 who cares Axe knife sledgehammer hammer idk some stuff Of course, this should be made after dying lights release so you guys can get an idea I hope you guys make it