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  1. Chris_Of_Big

    Crop suggestions

    This game was a great introduction to the genre for me, I’ve not played a farm sim before and spent a decent number of very enjoyable hours on it. I have switched to playing FS17 now as I got that on a great deal on psn, and wanted a bit more variety than PF is currently offering. That and the bugs. I’m keeping it installed and waiting for the next PS4 update though as I’m looking forward to see how it develops.
  2. Chris_Of_Big

    Game Suggestions

    I agree with everything here. Everything about the potato harvest seems to take longer than necessary.
  3. Chris_Of_Big

    Pig food

    On PS4 I’ve noticed this is a big buggy too. I started filling the pigsty and it stopped filling after a while before it was full, so I tried to finish filling it and my trailer instantly emptied and the potatoes didn’t go anywhere!
  4. Chris_Of_Big

    fodder storage

    I’d love to know how that silage trailer can be used (other than as a regular trailer!) there is only bulk grass storage that can be filled using the metaltech foraging trailer. It doesn’t turn to silage over time though. The other option is to bale hay and grass and then wrap some of the grass to make silage. You’ll probably end up with bales everywhere, they seem to have a life of their own, moving around every time you drive past!
  5. Chris_Of_Big

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    Can you use the cloud save functionality and share it that way?
  6. Chris_Of_Big

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    But he’s asking Gabrielmpf to send a save file to the support email address of the developers... seems like a developer type thing to do!
  7. Chris_Of_Big

    Crop Wither

    I agree, that one helped me out to get my bearings. The sapphire location guide is good too, if you can be bothered to get them all!!
  8. Chris_Of_Big

    Crop Wither

    I don’t think you can disable crop wither but you can slow down time so it gives you enough time to harvest everything. i haven’t found a manual yet!
  9. Chris_Of_Big

    Some suggestions

    I agree with these but I think auto save is a must! I’d like to see some more options with potato harvesting in the form of a self propelled harvester as the capacity of the current trailer is so small it’s annoying.
  10. Chris_Of_Big

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    That’s interesting. I don’t own much in Italy other than a greenhouse and wind turbines so you might be right about the orchards. I’ll have to buy some and see...
  11. Chris_Of_Big

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    Yeah, no problems so far. I only have the standard game so can’t say about Germany but I’ve got had any problems globetrotting to Italy, Colombia or Japan. Can you give me a walkthrough of what you are doing when it crashes and I’ll try and match what you do and see, maybe we can isolate the issue?
  12. Chris_Of_Big

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    I’m a PS4 player and haven’t found any ‘game breaker’ bugs (yet?). The seeming lack of people talking about the game does worry me that that may mean there aren’t many players, so updates may cease soon. This game has so much potential I hope it continues to be improved for some time to come!
  13. Chris_Of_Big

    Console update 1.1.4 out now

    Having worked in software development, ‘endless fixing business’ is a pretty good name for it!
  14. Chris_Of_Big

    Can this even be fixed?

    It’s pretty easy to make a rubbish looking water spray but more difficult to make a decent looking one! I am surprised it was something missed before release however. I think fundamentally it’s a great game, I’ve been playing for a few weeks and it’s still kept me coming back. It’s just there are those annoying little things like the greenhouse (2 or 3 can’t remember) that won’t upgrade and how some stores sometimes show they are 100% full when they are not. ...and jumping tractors after using vehicle select. ...and the fact that the AI struggles with caterpillar tractors. ...and how when you load manure into a trailer it sounds like loading apples. Anyway, im pleased they fixed my two biggest issues though (poor worker field coverage and underpowered tractors after travel) so I’m optimistic that other issues will be fixed soon.
  15. Chris_Of_Big

    Console update 1.1.4 out now

    Thanks for the update but what exactly does ‘improved game balance’ mean?