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  1. first of i want to congratulate techland for providing us with a awesome game.... since i have seen trailer and gameplay videos of Dying light i am been mad about this game ... i am waiting for this game from the day i have seen the trailer ..but as i watch some gameplay videos i have seen that this game can be modified into many positive ways..few things which i want to see in Dying light are as follow .. 1. from the day i start playing zombie survival games , i never found enough reality in any of them to have a feeling of that i am not playing the game but actually inside the world of Zombies ... I want to see a open world with all most all of the houses, buildings and every infrastructrure open for player to hide and make it a safe place for himself , for example , if i have been chasing by bunch of zombies and i have no ammo or my weapons are not that in good condition , so i should have a option to go into a house or building to protect myself. 2. I want to see varity of Guns in Dying light with better graphics , Dead island guns were not that good .. i hope you guys will improve the weapons graphics . 3. I wanted to see more Zombies on Streets so for a player it gets harder to fight all of them , in order to get away ... and also the damage given by zombies should be more than what we saw in dead island series .. 4. I wish to see many sub missions in dying light , rescue and surviver missions ..and this time please put the option to protect the surviver until he reach on some safe house . 5. please dont let soft drinks , water , food stuff regenerate health , make it more realistic .. .and bring the idea of pills , in that case survival will be more hard , if someone is hurt than he has to look for pills in order to survive . that will make game more interesting and hard .