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  1. Each time I go back to the Tower, there's always an ! mark next to Blake. No matter how many times I listen to him about "have you seen the house with the smoke coming out of it?", there's always an ! next to him next time I'm at the Tower and he says it all over again, like the game doesn't know I've already listened to him. All other ! areas/missions/dialogue go away after you activate it once. On PS4, on the latest patch.
  2. I am fairly early in the game, struggling a lot with garbage, weak, melee weapons. I avoided "Kill the Bandits" because of being outnumbered and outgunned. Now, I was able to acquire a Police Rifle from the gas station shootout and a pistol from a Police van. But my ammo is limited. Would you recommend saving the guns for human enemies? I actually try to avoid getting into combat with the undead, if possible. Seems like a waste of resources and often results in death and losing points. Also, where do you get more ammo? Will I need a blueprint to craft ammo or will I find it? Thanks...
  3. Yes, I get that but sneaking in this one is very hard. Enemies guarding the entrance. It's a miracle I was able to open it and there's a huge goon blocking my way. I have no cloaks or whatnot...just my crappy starting melee weapons.
  4. I just signed up here today and the forum "GENERAL DISCUSSIONS" is greyed out as an option and I can't post there. Maybe a mod can place this post in that forum. In any case, maybe someone can help me in the meantime. I'm playing on HARD difficulty. I don't know if I am not playing the game correctly, but hordes of undead surround each objective, like the current one....the Rais antenna one. The melee weapons you have at the start of the game are more or less useless and weak. There are at least a half dozen surrounding the base of the first antenna shed. If that's not enough, that idiot vomiting creature appears on the roof. The distraction/firecrackers only cause a couple of them to move away for a few seconds and that's about it. Am I missing something here? I am far underleveled/underpowered and even though I know it's HARD difficulty, I see no way of getting this done...with garbage weapons and being totally surrounded. Thanks...